Real Life-Are You Living Life in Reality

Real Life-Are Your Living In Reality

Real Life-Are You Living Life In Reality

We talk about A Good Life here a lot, and in doing so we think it is time to talk about the aspects of “Real Life.” Why, because many humans, including myself, have gotten caught up in what is not “real.”

It is often what makes us feel good at the moment, instead of being something to help lead us through the rest of our life, whatever that may be.

What is “Real Life”?

My first research gave me this explanation:  Real life is the everyday life we live, as opposed to the one we dream of.  Some say that there is no correct answer to what makes a way of life more real than another, as all ways of living are real. Others say that simplicity is purity and that it involves facing the true nature of things.

existing or occurring in realitydrawn from or drawing on actual events or situations

What Is Living In Reality?

Living life in reality means acknowledging and accepting the truths and circumstances of our existence, both positive and negative. It involves recognizing the realities of life without denial or avoidance and making choices based on these realities.

This includes understanding our limitations, accepting responsibility for our actions, and embracing the challenges and opportunities that life presents.

Living in reality also means being aware of the world around us and engaging with it in a meaningful way, rather than escaping into fantasies or illusions. Ultimately, living life in reality allows us to grow, learn, and find fulfillment in our experiences.

Living Life Real

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Real life is being who you are, owning what you stand for, and not being afraid to be yourself. However, real life is also knowing that life is not a playhouse.

Life must be lived with great conviction, clarity, courage, thought, patience, and balance. Real life is living in reality with a mindset of knowing what is “real,” and what is “fake.” Real life is what will carry you to the finish line, and what will derail you before you reach your intended purpose.

Self-Growth/Personal Growth Are Needed to Combat Real Life and Reality

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The Tree of Life is a symbol of personal development, uniqueness, and individual beauty.

Some people seem to flench when they hear personal growth and development. To be honest and it is sad to say, but these may be the individuals who need it most. We all need personal growth in our world of confusion today.

“We cannot become what we are meant to be, by remaining what we are.” Max Depree



It has been evident in my life that faith is something that keeps me going when nothing seems to fit into place. Faith will keep you afloat when you feel like the ship is sinking.

By having faith you know there is a Savior who takes care of you and makes those awful moments sustainable.  You may not believe as I do, and that is okay, however, you might find something to change your mind and heart with the Stand Life Mountain Flow Like Water book.

“Man has no Body distinct from his Soul for that called Body is a portion of the soul discerned by the five senses.” —William Blake re: Dr. Peter Shepherd *Transforming The Mind

A Life That Stands Out

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How To Influence People and Win Friends-

Being genuine, sincere, and having conquered the art of listening to others is an exceptional quality.  Knowing yourself, being conscious of your actions, and being mindful of other people’s needs are essential to standing out.

This includes standing out as a leader, an example to follow, or just an ordinary human.

Never underestimate what you have in your life that people are attracted to.  You would be surprised to know who might be watching and admiring your life.

It is evident in today’s world, companies are looking for individuals who rate high in emotional intelligence.


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Happiness is a sense of well-being, joy, or contentment. When people are successful, safe, contented, and peaceful they feel happiness. The “pursuit of happiness” is something this country is based on, and different people feel happiness for different reasons. re:


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Family is the most important part of any life.  They should be the best part of every life, and every day. Family gives us something to look forward to.

The holidays, the birthdays, the birth of a new family member, the weddings, and even the surprises of family life.

Healthy Living

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Living a healthy life is essential for a happy life. This includes the body, mind, and soul. Taking precautions about one’s health, listening to a medical specialist, and keeping our bodies in shape is important.

Remembering That No Man Is An Island

island 3542290 1280 -No one is self-sufficient; everyone relies on others. This saying comes from a sermon by the seventeenth-century English author John Donne.


We can learn something valuable from everyone! Even from the beggar lying on the bench in the park. That in essence helps us to know we are blessed.

To Summerise

Real Life-Living in Reality is when we accept the things we cannot change; our failures, and mistakes, (we are human and those things will happen), but get up after the fall and keep moving to reach higher ground. All while being authentic, sincere, trusted, and doing what is ethical regardless of the consequences.

Reality Quotes- Everyday Power

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