Core Values To Live By And Examples

Core Values to Live By And Examples

Core Values To Live By And Examples…post updated 08-04-23

What are your core values in life? We easily say that our values in life are what we believe is important in the way we live our lives and perform our work. Do you think about how you are living your life? Are you truly living up to what your core values in your life are?

What Are Examples of Values…

Examples of Values


Standing Up For Your Core Values of Life Often Takes A Lot of Courage

Having the courage to stand up for your core values is more important than being the best of the pack. This is when you know your strengths.

“Life is sometimes like broadway, a playhouse where we get off-script or make it up as we go. However, we learn about human values and know that life is not a playhouse. We know that life is not a game, it is serious business, and it must be lived with courage, repentance, compassion, and love.” Linda

What is needed for human survival in our life’s playhouse? It is the ability to play by the rules, make sure you aren’t hurting someone else, and keep your core values as a priority. Most of the time, not always, most people learn from some hard life lessons where they forgot or failed to remember what their core values were.

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Important Points That Encourage Growth

1. Don’t Get Stuck With Just Your Point of View …People often get stuck in their own perspective and point of view and stop themselves from seeing the bigger picture. This is the easier path they consider instead of seeing the real.

You must and need to learn to put yourself in other people’s shoes and take a step back before you make any judgments. It’s important to understand that everyone deserves the same amount of love, care, and happiness in their lives. Oh, but you knew that already-so why do you have to be reminded? Right?

2. Embrace Your Individuality and Succeed in Your Own Way

Success is different for everyone. There are many ways to see success, and there are no two people who see it in the same way. It is not about being the best at everything you do, and certainly not being better than another.

In the world today you must take the time to reflect on what defines your own personal successes. Everyone has abilities that may even be tucked away deep inside. If that is the issue, then it is time to reflect on those God-given talents inside of you.

This will help you start focusing on what’s important, and that is you. What is inside of you? No, that does not mean that you must always prioritize yourself over others in your endeavors. It simply means you should focus on your best qualities and abilities.

What is it about you that is unique to the world? What do you do well? It is inside, there is something in you that is of great value to nurture and focus on. When you stop and think about your knowledge, your abilities, and your talents, it will allow you to be better versions of yourself.

3. It’s Okay to Have The Courage to Stand Up For Your Core Values

It is true that every human is not going to like you or your personality. Not everyone is true to being genuine. Some people are more enthused with becoming the best performer, the best boss, and the best at telling others how to perform.

Full transparency and truth are that many people are only interested in themselves and their accomplishments. They are not worried about promoting others. Some are just naturally obsessed with themself. This is when you must accept their way, but keep going your way and keep your core values.

However, there are some who will respect you because of your values, and they will acknowledge that by the way they treat you. They see the good, they see the authenticity and value, and they respect what they see.

They probably will not voice that to you, but down inside they acknowledge your worth.

It is wise to never let another human try to destroy the good in you. If they do, it is clearly okay to let them know what your values are and that you will not compromise your standards for anyone or anything.

It is better to be the lowest person on the ladder than lose your dignity and self-respect.

4. Hard Work and Persistence Will Eventually Pay Off

We all know the saying – “If at first, you don’t succeed, try and try again.” This quote is very accurate as it applies to many things in life. For example, if you want to learn how to perform a certain activity or skill, you need to keep practicing it. You must be persistent and not give up until you can do it.

Determination is another name that goes with persistence. Determination will push you down the road when nothing else will. This is why we need to always persist and never give up on anything that we want to accomplish in life. No, that does not mean that we do not recognize our limitations.

There will be times when we will fail but we need to keep going because this just means that we’re getting closer and closer every time.

5. You Are Not The Universe-However You Can Determine Your Path By Your Actions

You begin your life with a body, a mind, and a soul, some call the latter, the heart. It is what you do with these marvelous gifts, that determine who you are. The body is yours to nourish and keep in shape, which no one else can or will do for you.

Our soul/heart is the richest part of our blessings as this is where we decide who we are, how we will live, and what we will acquire in life. It is left up to us to make our path in life a reputable one.

How you live each moment counts. When we take life’s lessons and put them into perspective, we are growing into being our better selves. “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood.”

6. Mistakes Are Only Opportunities to Learn/ Change Ourselves for the Better

If everything in life were lived without any obstacles, we would become stagnant and without initiative. Everything would seem okay to do, but everything we did would be less than true. It would all be a lie.

The best way to learn from our so-called mistakes is by looking at them as an opportunity. When we view mistakes in a positive light, we can improve and grow in areas that need improvement.

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We Also Have Life Lessons to Learn From…it is part of life as we live it…we begin to bloom with each lesson in a different way…

We get up each day with the mindset on things going well. The day in the process can and does sometimes change our outlook into gloom.

It can be anything from a co-worker’s rudeness to a family crisis or just a plain annoyance. It is sometimes alarming, but not always unsuitable, because we have some lesson that is good, beneficial, and helps us to grow.

However, it is still a lesson that we all will continue to have from birth to death. We must accept that life is sometimes like a play…but it is not a game.

EndNote for Core Values To Live By And Examples

With our efforts to express some of the core values that we have learned to live by. We realize that- No one enjoys making wrong decisions…but we often do.

Not all decisions are right, and not all decisions are wrong. You must stop to ask the question, did you observe your core values while trying to make the decision?

When you stop to contemplate the consequences of making a decision where you did not stick with your core values of life… you have learned a life lesson. This is when you learn and have progressed in your ability to wait for the right answers. That is how you grow into more knowledge and tranquility.

Sometimes your decisions cost you a mere moment, sometimes they cost you a career, a spouse, or a friend, and then again they can often cost your future.

If a person can live each moment without excessive fear, but in a thoughtful, and balanced hemisphere of more self-awareness, and remember what their core values are; it can be momentary.

If you strive for more self-consciousness, you will be more aware of your actions, and reactions and have less conflict. Lessons we learn are sometimes too don’t waste your time…be aware of the pitfalls of life.

Hey, I am just a person who has had a lot of opportunities to grow…and man some of it really hurt my feelings. No, I probably did not stick to my core values in every situation. Honesty and integrity are always at the top of the list. Let’s just say that I am still learning, and hopefully will continue.       Smiley Free StockLinda

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