Be Yourself And Be Confident

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Be Yourself And Be Confident

Be Yourself and Be Confident- you will not be confident if trying to hide or be like someone else…

You are intelligent, you have the qualities of a good person, and you are good to other people.  With that said, you do not bash anyone else’s ideas or ideals, but you have withdrawn from being free to be yourself. With that, we continue to discuss -be yourself and be confident that all is well.

You need to let go of whatever is holding you back and regain your confidence.  Maybe you have been sidelined by someone you trusted. However, you can’t stay that way and the only way to improve is just by being yourself.

So, what are you afraid of? Taking chances again might be hard but you will never know if you do not try.

Being yourself and being genuine is hard for some people whatever the reason for their current status. Especially when they are in a certain crowd. That is why the subject today is, to be yourself and be confident.

You would be surprised to know there are many women/people afraid to bear their true personalities confidently.

The World Around Us (at least in America) Has Become Judgemental, Hypocritical, and Self-Absorbed- don’t let it get to you…

The world we live in has become judgmental and overly obsessed with voicing its standards for a good life. Those who are indicative of how you are supposed to act are lacking something very important themselves, it seems. They have the inability to realize they were not given authority over any other human’s way of life, only their own.

So…many people do not want to be talked about for having their own opinions, thoughts, or high ideals, or be considered too aggressive. That is understandable, but a cop-out. Don’t let other people hold you back from being authentically you and aspiring to be who you deserve to be.

Why Are You Afraid of Just Being You?

When you do not speak your mind in a productive or professional way or give your authentic responses to ill behaviors, or shut people down when they need it, some people will take advantage of you. If your atmosphere has limited your responses even in your career, then you are not contributing to your own success.

This means that you are just letting your entire life slide by without trying to be disruptive. Why are you giving others the authority to think their lifestyle is the only style? Why are you cheating yourself?

Simple Truth…

If you are not comfortable being yourself with your friends, it could be that you are with the wrong crowd, and need to change your circle of friends. It would be better than living too much of your life, pleasing others, and not being true to yourself.

A Simple Journey to Know You Are Okay…

Many people take pride in being just like everyone else. The only problem with that is, not any human is exactly like another. Why pretend or try to act like someone else (the loudmouth) when you are an okay person without hypocritical behavior?

“You are actually making your good self, be someone you actually do not like or repsect.”

How do you know that someone else would not adore the real person in you? Have you stopped to think about how you are perceived without the pretense?

Doubting yourself and your worth and not staying true to your values, beliefs, and standards is doing yourself a disservice. The landscape of your life is how you were created and your gift to the world.

Most People Do Not Like a Fake…and that is why we are talking about Be Yourself And Be Confident

Our Best Sel.f

Have you ever set back and watched other people? Can you spot a fake when you see one? The answer is probably yes. Not many people admire fakeness in anything. You are hiding your own potential to soar…

You must see your own worth, and potential, and live without another’s set parameters to live. You must turn your thoughts to those things which are considered qualities of, and essential to living a good life.

This is not about being a weak person- It is about becoming your best self

You are not weak, you are just stuck. In fact, some people have strong intellectual abilities and also have emotional intelligence(EI). Yet, they are still letting everyone else run the show. The latter is a necessary component of great leadership.

They hide behind reservations about their knowledge (someone will have a better idea, and say it better), and do not have the confidence to speak up. If you can claim your worth by speaking what you know; it will be rewarded and people will value your ability to voice your knowledge.

The True Facts of Life Are: Real People Love Authentic Behaviors

Being authentic means that you give yourself permission to be confident in who you are. What you believe in, your values, and how you want to live your life is part of being authentic.

It gives you the strength to explore what seems illogical to someone else. We are not all made the same way, even though we have many of the same mental mechanisms and characteristics.

You have to choose what path you want to take in your life. Do not measure your life to any other individual. Do not judge your talent or keep quiet because you do not want to be judged. Give yourself permission to speak your knowledge and let it land where it may. If you make a mistake, so be it, everyone does.

You must believe in yourself, and your potential, and be determined to find the path that best suits you. It is inside of you, and it is something that no one can take away, but you.

The power within you will guide your life in the right direction, one little bitty step at a time. Little steps will help you keep from making big mistakes.

Do not rush yourself, take your time, and learn to compromise. Getting in a hurry to achieve your life goals will mean that you may not be giving yourself adequate time. Time to master the one step that could lead you toward your next best step.

You And Only You Have Your Experiences, Knowledge, Wisdom, And Abilities…

Decide to let go of your belief that anyone can do what you have the capability of doing. This is not necessarily true. Each person has their own set of boundaries. Yes, you must know those boundaries and pay close attention to your own talents. You may not have the ability to be an artist or a pianist; however, you may have the ability to sing like an angel.

You have some special ability within you..challenge yourself and find it!

Do You Feel Like You Have Failed Too Many Times?

Failure is a part of life that we cannot escape. It is without fail that we do not learn what to let go of, and what to keep. However, the best answer to failure is to think about why, or what you could have done differently, get up off the couch, and get to it again.

Why Does a Person Forget to Be Just Who They Really Are?

There are a lot of reasons that individuals sit back and let other people, friends, and yes, some foes take the show. It could be they have been dismissed before for one reason or the other.

Some people are just quiet, and no, we are not just talking about being a loudmouth. However, you must claim your spot in the world, be yourself, but be a little more aggressive and let someone notice your intelligence, your worth, and your strength.

People who are reserved think they may be judged for making a blunder and therefore they guard themselves against speaking their knowledge to others. No one has your exact experiences and knowledge. There is always someone who can learn something important from you. That does not mean you know more than anyone, but it means you have studied your game.

It Is Important To Always See The Need To Grow-While Working To Be Yourself And Be Confident

You can always learn something beneficial from someone else. Growing knowledge is an important key to being more influential to others so they can learn from you.  When you present what you know in a meek and professional manner, people enjoy listing and they take you seriously. What becomes a problem is when you or someone you know, feel they know more than anyone else.

Not any of us know all there is to know about any subject. You may have your degrees and years of experience, yet you may not have experienced all areas of that subject within your lifetime. Most of life things are updated regularly. One great aspect of knowing more and is the key to gaining even higher knowledge; is knowing you can always learn something more.

There is always more to learn. This is not disrespectful to anyone’s knowledge, hard work, or lifelong pursuit. Believe that you are awesome, and you have a lot of knowledge. However, if you stop learning, your experience might become obsolete.

EndNote With a Question- What Are The Characteristics of Insanely Authentic People

Have you noticed when in a crowd; those people who stand out are those who can have a conversation with every person they meet? They do not pick and choose who to talk to about anything. They are confident enough within themself to explore someone they have no clue about or who they are or what they know.

These people authentically want to converse with everyone. They listen to what is being said, they are not looking around the room to see what the other guys are doing. More importantly, they allow themselves to learn from every experience within their life; be it adversity, criticism, triumph, or failure.

Plain and simple, as we have expressly stated, no one likes a fake. You can and will accomplish much more within your life when you allow yourself to be the real, beautiful, original person you already are.

Please join us again and we are here…just to keep you focused on having a good life!!!

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