How to Become Your Best Self

How To Become Your Best Self

How To Become Your Best Self-  always try to see the good in everyone else…not only will this make you happier, it will make you feel more at peace with yourself. post update 05-23-23

When we think about improving ourselves our first thought should be about becoming our “best selves.” It is not hard if you want to change something that would help others see you differently. Usually, all humans could adjust something within their behavior to give themselves a greater approach to life and become happier.

To be honest, we all have our days when we are not our best selves. Do you agree? However, since our voice here is about becoming “our best self,” we want to try to emphasize the importance of looking at our inner self.  When you look at the inner self, it will give you insight into any negative emotions that you may need to let go of.

This is not about worrying about being as good as anyone else or even about thinking you are not good enough. You are good enough, however, examining yourself to make sure you are living your true self (for yourself), and others are the key to a happier life.

What Do We Emphasize In How To Become Your Best Self?

Be Real


To become your best self means; you are making sure you are authentic. You are confident in your abilities but know that all humans have and need the same things in life.

When you start being aware of the good in everyone while letting go of the messy things in life, you see yourself differently. Also living each day as a person that is mindful of how they are perceived by others, having kindness and compassion for those around them.

Not necessarily to impress others, remember that…mostly to be happy with yourself and the aforementioned will follow.

Life Can Be Challenging-even when you are trying to know how to become your best self…Overcome your challenges!

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One must also recognize that everyone’s life, no matter who they are or what they have in material things, or how well planned, can be challenging. You get off track sometimes and let things slip up that is not authentic, and true to who you actually are. Awareness and mindfulness are how one can grasp a more defined self.  

You cannot make it through life without some hindrances here and there. You cannot think that you are always right. However, what one dishes out each day can come back to haunt them if it is not peaceful living.

You must take the time to ponder how you are going to live your days in peace with others. You will be happier when you are more mindful of your actions, reactions, and how they make you feel inside.

This is where we can step back and give some reminders of the important options for a happier life…

“How To Become Your Best Self.”

Learn How To Be: The Best Version of Yourself

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  • Be mindful and be your best self when someone is watching, be your best self when no one is watching.
  •  Help others see the good in themselves while seeing the good in yourself.
  •  Learn to celebrate the small things; usually, the little things are that of authenticity.
  •  Ignore the things that do not matter, i.e. why someone may have looked the other way without speaking to you. They could have been looking but did not see. We have all been there and done that!
  • Always remember that money is not happiness, and happiness is not money, happiness can live in all circumstances. It is up to the soul to adjust to the circumstances. If you are not happy with yourself, you will not be happy with any amount of money.
  • Make yourself happy, no one else can. Happiness does not have to mean you are laughing every minute. It can mean that you are satisfied with the state in which you find yourself.
  • Do not wait to tell loved ones that you love them it could be too late.
  • Be prepared for the worst but expect only the best. This does not mean that you do not have faith that something is good, it means that you can accept whatever the results are. You can handle it.
  • Be strong when you want to be weak, listen to your soul, it will not lead you astray.
  • You do not need to be first. Being last is fine; it means that they are saving the best for last.
  • Cry if you want to, it will release the tension and then regain your composure. Crying is not a weakness; it is a sign that you have let something touch your spirit. It means you are able to let out emotions, let them flow, and then experience the renewal.
  •  Be prepared for criticism; use it for your gain. Correct something if it is wrong, and change what needs to be changed, it can only make you better.
  •  Do not expect roses without thorns, handle them with care and you will not bleed.
  •  Be your best self, be thankful, be genuine, be humble, be grateful, and just be something good.
  •  Apologize when necessary, do not let the sun go down on your wrath, and learn forgiveness.
  •  Listening is more important than speaking.
  •  Give everyone a chance as someone gave you one.
  •  Believe in something for no reason, you can always change your mind, but you might lose a chance to grow if you let it go by.
  •  Live in the moment, it is all you have.
  •  Some things are better when left unsaid.
  •  Examine your motives when doing something out of the ordinary; make sure they are for the right reasons.
  •  It is never too late to begin again, do not beat yourself up for making human mistakes, but we are sure the mistake was not intentional.
  •  Nothing is a sure thing; just make sure you have weighed other options.
  •  If you get to be a millionaire, remember how it is to have less. Do not become arrogant, untouchable, or without humility. This will lead to being miserable.
  •  Give credit to whom credit is due, everyone has his or her expertise, and somewhere, someday you may need that expertise.
  •   Be emotionally intelligent, that is the only way you will ever become a leader of significance.
  •   Do not criticize; what you pass out is what you get back.
  •   Look at others as you would have them see you do not guess who they are without knowing who they are.
  •   Let go of yesterday, it is gone, and will never return, and tomorrow is not a promise, so just live today as if it were the last day.
  •   Laugh more, laugh at anything, laugh at yourself, and laugh at imperfections within yourself. Laugh and then laugh some more.


How To Become Your Best Self- as we conclude…

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Become your best self by taking time out to enjoy the life you have. As Oprah Winfrey states:

Be thankful for what you have; you will end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, have enough.”

Know when to speak, and when to be silent. Before you speak, make sure your words do not condemn, criticize, or degrade. Speak with respect and kindness.

Know that every creature living has some kind of burden, at some point in his or her life or will have. No one is exempt from pain, grief, or sorrow, but neither he nor she is exempt from love, joy, and peace.

Tomorrow is another day, make it the best day of your life, and become your best self, your authentic best self.

Find your peace, live it, and be exceptional.




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