Forget and Leave The Past Behind

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Forget and Leave The Past Behind

Forget and Leave The Past Behind so that your life will be better…as you must progress into a better life…

In life, we all have moments that linger in our memories, holding us back from embracing the present and future with open arms. But what if I told you that it’s possible to break free from the chains of the past and walk toward a brighter tomorrow?

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make, including myself, is dwelling on the past. Let me give you some first-hand advice; thinking about your worst decisions, mistakes, or prior faults will not change anything. Accept your mental health if you keep thinking and wishing you could do it over.

Accepting the fact that what is done is done is your path to freedom again in your life.  You have become wiser, and stronger, and learned some lessons. Be proud of your self-growth and keep moving forward with that wisdom you have gained.

Growing From Our Life Lessons

Real life is a contentious lesson. If you never made any mistakes, you would be the smartest person on the planet. However, that is not life as all humans have lessons from which they learn.

We learn from those lessons what we must do differently. Very often our lessons come from the way we make our decisions. Did we take the time to be sure our decision was appropriate for the situation at hand? Were we thinking about the consequences should things go downhill?

However, dwelling on those decisions changes nothing. The present is where you have to begin with making sure you have thought things through before jumping in full force on any endeavor.

This includes career, relationships, family, children, parents, and all life things that matter.

Strategies To Forget Past Mistakes and Move Forward

How To Make Better Life Decisions

“Think before you leap.” Yes, this sounds like a cliche. However, we can certainly put this another way and explain why.

Many times humans are bombarded with thinking in the moment and when the moment passes, doom hits. The truth is revealed instead of the infatuation.

An example is:

Someone who has never experienced the following:  being praised for their accomplishment. They have never felt good about themselves and lack confidence. Then all of a sudden they receive compliments from an admirer. These compliments send chill bumps up the spine. Yet, the human who is sending these chills has other commitments.

The receiver is about to make an unconscious decision to let those compliments sink in and think this is just what they need and have been looking for. They lose their ethical thinking and indulge further.

When the truth hit, and reality stepped in the receiver realized they did not contemplate reviewing all of the facts of the situation. Their ethics hid behind that feel-good feeling. Where they stood, or how they might stand within the situation never came to mind. They just let it happen because it felt good. This is when they ask themselves -“What was I thinking?” A little bit too late.

I am sure you need no further explanation for the above. There are many other examples we could give to include simple things like making bad decisions about your financial life, and your career changes, all life things that matter. Think before you leap!

Thinking Before You Leap Does Not Have to Amount to Procrastination

Life is busy and you may be thinking that you do not have time to contemplate every decision that you make. If I took the time to go in-depth with my decisions I would be putting off every decision in my life.

Weighing the consequences of your life decisions does not have to become a matter of procrastination. We will never suggest that you should put off the important facets of living a normal life. However, we are suggesting that you take the time to think about the results of your decisions and weigh the options.

When you make wiser decisions, they may not all be what you desire, however, you will have fewer regrets and know that you can learn from the experience.

Things to Consider in Decision-Making to Help Eliminate Bad Decisions

1. Define the problem or issues
2. Research the matter
3. Discuss with respected individuals with similar circumstances
4. Consider at least two alternatives
5. Select the best decisions, based on your value system
6. Move on and accept any consequences

Letting Go of Prior Thoughts and Solutions

You must stay in the now, not yesterday. What happened five years ago cannot be undone. You must let the thoughts and prior decisions die. We all have made decisions that were not in our best interest.

Instead of thinking about yesterday, think about how you have overcome those obstacles that past decisions sent your way. Failure is part of life, getting up and landing on your feet again, must be your motto.

Summing Up

You must not let your prior mistakes and decisions define you. You can overcome anything you set your mind to. How do I know that? I have been there and done that. I have admitted my mistakes and beat myself up many times. I accomplished nothing by doing that.

The present is where you begin again. We can all learn something from our past, and even the begger on the bench in NYC Park. Yeah, that’s right. I have been there, worked there, and yes there are people on the streets who have probably beat themselves up for where they are now.

Don’t let that happen to you…keep moving and leave the past behind.


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