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The Symbols of Real Life is an Emphasis About Life Faith & Truth:

Life Faith & Truth was originally Life Chats and it began as a place for writing about “real-life subjects.”  Our motto now is “A Good Life.” The purpose of this blog is to encourage people of all ages to realize their full potential, which is called self-actualization, and live a good life.

The Symbols of Real Life Include- but are not limited to:

Trees Are Sanctuaries of Wisdom: Throughout human history, trees have been revered as profound symbols of life, growth, and interconnectedness. Their roots delve deep into the earth, their branches reach skyward, and their leaves dance in the wind, reminding us of the cyclical nature of existence.

Trees symbolize essential notions of truth, beauty, belonging, and happiness.

Rivers: Rivers are like life itself: constantly flowing, changing, and adapting. Here are some symbolic meanings associated with rivers:

 Rivers symbolize life’s journey. Just as a river twists and turns, life takes unexpected paths. The origin of a river mirrors human birth, while its endpoint signifies death.

In some cultures, rivers meeting the sea represent the soul transitioning to a new body or ascending to heaven.

Mountains:  Mountains evoke strength, stability, and permanence. They stand tall and unyielding, representing resilience in the face of challenges.

Symbolically: Inner Strength- Mountains symbolize the inner strength needed to overcome life’s obstacles. Just as mountains endure, we find resilience within ourselves.

Majestic and Immovable: Mountains inspire awe and remind us of our steadfastness. They teach us to stand firm even when faced with adversity.

Waterfalls: Waterfalls are captivating and hold their symbolism of :

Change- Waterfalls represent change due to their constant flow and movement. Like life, they adapt, transforming from a river to a cascade. Saints and holy figures use waterfalls to inspire humans to embrace change rather than fear it.

In Real Life And A Good Life

We hope you join us. Authenticity is very important, and this characteristic is a great asset to any life, and this is part of Life Faith, & Truth, and the most important part of living “real life.”


This is me, Linda- Administration, Author, and anything that needs to be done!!! Just in case you need to know…I left a small town went to the city, and found out what living a large, busy life was. Yea, the same state of the union as Oprah, and the same city as Morgan Freeman. Since the latter names have had such success…you might hope that I, too, shall “rise.” ?

My Experience:

I have studied Life Coaching, Basic Psychiatric Nursing, Human Basic Needs, and Emotional Development. Much of what I know is from “real-life experiences.” 

I have worked in health care, went to nursing school, owned a daycare center, co-owned a clothing store, and ended a long career in finance re: mortgage lending. This included underwriting of financials, money-saving strategies, tax returns, and their financial capacity for approval or denial. I also worked for “Freddie Mac,” in Atlanta and other major Mortgage Bankers. 

After progressing in my career to SVP over operations later,  leadership, emotional intelligence, and how important it is to be a team player, not just the boss was an emphasis. Having traveled within the United States in my career, while auditing Banking Institution’s mortgage portfolio-team work became a real focus.

I started writing in 2009 online with websites in Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Happiness, and more.

One of my slogans is: “Never Give Up.”

I believe in God, His son Jesus, and give credit to Him for all of my blessings. We write about Faith, which is how we try to live a life that controls our actions, reactions, and performances.



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Having worked in management and groups with different personalities, life lessons were easy. Many subjects we write about are those things which are common practices of a healthy and balanced life. *We also consult with professionals when needed.