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The Symbols of Real Life-an Emphasis on-About Life Faith  Truth

Our Discovery of Life’s Meaning While Reaching Life’s Goals

The symbols of real life include rivers which are seen as life sources. Rivers carry great power and they can also represent life and death. It is known that in Hinduism- rivers represent purification. Trees are also a symbol of real life. 

They represent life through wholeness, harmony, power, strength, balance, healing, cleansing, and more. The mountains are another symbol of real life. Some of the things that a mountain or range of mountains can symbolize are obstacles, climbing over one, or passing through a range indicates overcoming obstacles or making progress.

Climbing up a mountain or other height often indicates spiritual or mental “rising” or improvement.  re: Symbol Fandom.com

About Life Faith & Truth

Life Faith & Truth was originally Life Chats and it began as a place for writing about “real-life subjects.”  The purpose of this blog is to encourage people of all ages to realize their full potential, which is called self-actualization. Our next goal is for individuals to come here for inspiration and encouragement.

There are mountains to climb and crossroads in life, but there is always strength to be found in the inner human. No one is without purpose. No one is void of potential or should feel they will never reach their self-actualization. Real-life topics are those topics that spell out our truth, reality, and straightforwardness. We are often blunt, and the truth is what makes us feel free.

Life Goals can be reached by all, however, one must know what their life goals are. We simply want to remind, encourage, and motivate you to think about our life things that often become obstacles to a better life. 

However, in real life, all humans face the good, and sometimes the bad with adversity and those life things we do not understand. Hey…it’s real life and it happens to all of us and in real life…we are overcomers. Our subjects include some of those life things we need to conquer to live our life to the fullest.

Please Join The Conversation

We hope you join us and talk to us as much as you want to. Let’s discuss The Life Things that matter. Authenticity is very important, and this characteristic is a great asset to any life, and this is part of Life Faith, and truth and definitely the most important part of living “real life.”

Most people have fallen down a time or two, however, it is important to get back up and keep going toward one’s goals. It is important to see what one might need to change, and separate the good from the bad, changing what needs to be changed.

Self-growth is always in style as it helps us to become more efficient at all “real” life things. Life Chats wants to give motivation and encouragement for “real” life subjects. We talk about happiness, challenges, life goals, moving forward, and building a strong, and balanced life at any age.

adminAdministration, Author, and anything that needs to be done!!! Just in case you need to know…I left a small town went to the city, and found out what living a large, busy life was. Yea, the same state of the union as Oprah, and the same city as Morgan Freeman. Since the latter names have had such success…you might hope that I, too, shall “rise.” 😁

My Experience:

I have studied Life Coaching, Basic Psychiatric Nursing, Human Basic Needs, and Emotional Development. Much of what I know is from “real-life experiences.” Life is a teacher with many lessons, we keep learning, growing, and becoming greater humans.

I have worked in health care, went to nursing school, owned a daycare center, co-owned a clothing store, and ended a long career in mortgage lending.

Well, almost… I started writing 12 years ago and started my studies in Life Coaching, Personal Growth, Happiness, and more. I  also learned a lot about human nature from studying nursing. Having traveled the United States and traveling with a crew…I even learned more about human nature and character. After progressing in my career to SVP over operations later, I learned a lot about leadership, emotional intelligence, and how important it is to be a team player, not just the boss.

Yes, I have had a full life of learning. After working with individuals in the corporate world, I learned a lot about myself, others, leadership, integrity, and what a successful leader actually is.

I am just another human trying to make a difference in the world we live in. Yes, I am someone who has lived a few years and learned many lessons through my own life decisions.  If you are looking for honesty and straightforwardness, about “Real Life,” you will find it here.

I believe in God, His son Jesus, and give credit to Him for all of my blessings. We write about Faith, which is how we try to live a life that controls our actions, reactions, and performances.

My favorite thing is trying to reach out to other souls to motivate, encourage, promote, and influence them toward a balanced and happy life. Lover of family, friends, and Jesus. My main goal in life is to help, motivate, and be genuine and sincere to everyone I meet. I want to make a difference in the lives of others and that is why we have this website.


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Disclosure:  Life Faith & Truth does not profess to be health experts for medical, or mental conditions or give professional therapy or counseling. We research and share what we have studied and what we have learned exploring professional evaluations of subjects. Our studies include Life Coaching and nursing school and having worked extensively in management with other humans. Many subjects we write about are those things which are common practices of a healthy and balanced life. *We also consult with professionals when needed. 

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