The Right Attitude Is Essential For Success

The Right Attitude is Essential For Success

“The right attitude is essential for success unless of course, you do not want to succeed.”

Updated 02-07-2024

Why is attitude so important in the endeavors to succeed? When trying to accomplish a goal, project, or lifestyle, requires a “can-do,” spirit. The right attitude gives a person more ideas, more clarity, and most of all more perspective.

Most people will be supportive of and follow a person who is positive and works well with others while promoting the success of others. Individuals with a long-term commitment to a project, and who see the possibility regardless of setbacks, will eventually win. These individuals work without being afraid to fail and they will usually finish and feel exuberant even if they had to start over five times.

When Things Go Negative

Most people have a dread of being connected to someone who is always negative. If they are ambivalent, anxious, and do not make decisions easily, it infiltrates into their actions.

A person who has an attitude that is lacking in thoughtfulness, sensitivity to other people’s needs, or professionalism will turn other people off.  When an individual has a demanding, arrogant, or oblivious attitude, it will determine their ability to influence others.

Major corporations now search beyond the résumé. They seek to find individuals who are skillful, but also highly compatible and can assimilate with all personalities. Managers now want to know how the person stacks up emotionally. They want to know what their attitude is about themselves, and others, and their method of putting the company’s goals ahead of their own.

Many now say that the “emotionally intelligent,” person is rated as highly as the technically qualified. In some instances, “above.”

The Right Attitude Is Essential For Success

The Right Attitude is Essential for Success! Repeat after me…

The right attitude is essential for success. How you ask others to assist you, saying “will you,”  “thank you,”  and “when you have time,” is all-important. 

An example: I knew a person who was a loving and generous individual. However, one of their problems was they somehow did not realize, they were very demanding. They did not ask a person to do something sensitively or with meekness. The person authoritatively always demanded, do this, do that, you need to do this or that.

They did not realize that it seemed they were being highly demanding. It was without consideration for another person’s capacity to perform their request at the moment they desired it.

There was no, could you do this or that, would you please do this or that? It was always a demand without any emotional consideration of the other person’s ability to accomplish what was needed.

A Brief Definition of Attitude

Derived from within…

Attitude:  mental outlook, demeanor, disposition, inclination, mindset, perspective, philosophy, mood, approach, belief, sensibility, and much, much more.

“A healthy attitude determines your outlook on life, how you treat others, and positions you to be successful.”

The Goals We Set – Our Life Plan For Personal Success

If we do not see that our attitude and actions determine how we reach our goals in life, we will come up lacking. Without consideration of others in our life, we will never master much of anything, except chaos.  Positive goals mean positive actions and are essential and significant for our success plan.

There is nothing that states success happens because our attitude shines above our intelligence.  It doesn’t. However, if a person is trying to lead people the requirement is simple. They need to be able to listen to those around them, promote ideas other than their own, and learn from everyone.

An individual can have all the intelligence they need but have the philosophy that they don’t have to be “nice.” This is when they will not get the full support of others. An attitude indicating ‘I am superior’ is going to turn people’s attention away from what they are trying to accomplish.

The people who need and want to be on their side of the aisle for success are going to retreat. They will turn their heads the other way and point their finger, curl their lip, and roll their eyes. Whispering that the other person needs an attitude adjustment.

Other People’s Confidence In Us Will Turn to Disdain

If the attitude is unpleasant it highlights insecurities. Most of us may not admit we have insecurities, however, usually, we have something we are not our best self at. If we allow it to surface, it can lower the confidence level that others have in our performance and designate us as weak.

This is where and why it is important to work on insecurities and be determined to gain confidence in ourselves by studying, working hard, and being open to change. If a person does not have confidence in themselves, they cannot expect anyone else to see it. If they are confident, it will be a positive reflection of who they are.

If they do not profess the desire and ability to work well with others, it will be significant that they are not confident in their own abilities.  A person may never achieve their goals to grow into a leadership role if they do not feel adequate, worthy, and secure in their present role.

When a person has a leadership role, their leading qualities must always be an attitude of success for the team, not just themselves. If it is otherwise, it will cause conflict which will be disruptive and cause insecurity for the team. This, in turn, will affect the overall performance and the job will not be done effectively.

If the latter exists, then it is conclusive that becoming a positive influence on others will be lacking.

What The Positive Attitude Brings To Any Person Who Seeks Success

Be A Good Person

If your attitude is positive, and you believe in everyone’s potential then your performance will be positive. Your attitude about life, work, and others must be genuine, ethical, and within acceptable boundaries. This reflection, it is about knowing how far one will go to achieve their desires without disregard for others.

“There is not a person on this earth that can out perform all others. You need other people and their skills to fully succeed.”

The rules for success can change with each person…everyone has different goals. The same pattern does not fit everyone. The pattern must be acceptable to each person. However, there must be a consideration for others and know that living a life of success often means letting someone else stand out. All of our circumstances are different and each individual has their own definition of success. If you cannot enjoy the success of others, you may be lacking in the ability to know that you cannot compare yourself to any other.

Success in life covers too many subjects, desires, passions, and goals. What my passions are might give you goosebumps. You might even think I had lost my mind. Our passions and goals are so varied, and it takes different steps for them. However, the rule of a positive attitude is still a part of the final results.

The Right Attitude Sets The Stage For Being a Positive Influence

Success is not about being rich or being the most intelligent person in the room. No rule states that only successful people are rich. Many professed individuals were first impoverished but had the drive to make their life something more. They persevered until they reached their goals, thereby influencing others to do the same.

Being a positive influence is when you achieve something out of the ordinary, under undue circumstances. This is when other people notice.  You can have success if you have an unfortunate past, a sad beginning, a slow start, and even when you are poor.  Any person has the opportunity to be successful.

Success can be mastered with – a significant amount of work and determination, built with one’s perception of success, and the right attitude about achieving it.

“Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled, under all circumstances.” Thomas Jefferson

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