Self-Doubt Will Sabotage Your Strengths

Self-Doubt Will Sabotage Your Strengths

Self-Doubt With Sabotage Your Strengths…you must control your own destiny

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”Self-Doubt Will Sabotage Your Strengths, weaken your drive, and derail the ability to take charge of your life.”

There is probably not a human who has not felt self-doubt once in their lifetime. However, it is important and paramount to let those negative doubts go as self-doubt will sabotage your strengths and give you a sense of not being enough.

Success is not for the faint of heart is what we hear over and over. That seems true, and right behind that is; “you” must believe in yourself, your strengths, abilities, and your desires.”

Self-doubt will sabotage your strengths if you allow it. You must listen to the music within, and claim your space in life.

Your Success Is Based Upon Your Principles of Hard Work, Being Positive, and Grit

Your success in life is based upon the fact that you must believe in yourself from within.  Be it a desire to get your Ph.D., a well-known artist to paint a similar Mona Lisa, or be a self-motived emotionally intelligent leader of a corporation. No, this is not a detailed list of exceptional desires and choices that exist in this universe.

If you want to succeed, you must persevere, be persistent, seek more wisdom, keep navigating the possibilities, and pray a lot. Mainly you must not doubt yourself, your strengths, or your abilities, and remember that you are human.

The Right Mindset Is Essential

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No, you cannot be lazy, have a mindset that is always negative, or depend upon another to do it for you. Nor will anyone give you the details or hold your hand while you do it. You just have to draw from your own inner passion, and purpose with the confidence that you have what it takes to do what needs to be done.

Life does not, and will not hand you anything but a lack of accomplishments if you do nothing. If you do not believe you deserve something good within your life and work to obtain it, it will not happen.

You have to be determined and often take chances to prove to yourself, that you have it.

You just need to mind the details, make sure you understand what your long-term goals are, and step up to the plate.

You Must Learn To Trust Your Own Abilities

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Life consists of many projects, we all have hundreds of ideas within us. Often our list is too full. We are busy people, however, to accomplish anything in life; you must trust yourself,  and your abilities. It is wise to not let your self-doubt sabotage your strengths.

You cannot wait for someone to give the best perspective, you must figure it out. Not even your best friend. They can encourage you, and tell you how smart you are, but you must still do the work.

My Story


How do I know? I started life kind of slow. I did not dream about what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go. However, one day when my life needed something important and I could not find it where I was; I packed a trunk (yes, a trunk, and it was blue). I got into my car and drove about 400 miles to accomplish what I needed. I needed a job that paid money.

No one held my hand, and a few thought it would not last. I fooled them and probably myself a little. However, I made the move that I needed at the time when I went to get the job that I needed for my family’s survival.

It was the best career move I could have ever made. Within one week’s time, I landed a job with one of the largest mortgage investment banking institutions in America, “Freddie Mac.”

I not only almost doubled my salary, but my career also bloomed from there to 30 years in the industry.

Now To The Core of Motivation

“Never doubt yourself, remember until you make the first baby-steps you will never know how far you can go.”

Believe In yourself

It really does not matter who you are, what your credentials are, how old you are, or what your outer appearance resembles. It does not matter how long you have been stagnant, without motivation, or feeling less than, (if you are). I have been there and done that also.

What matters is that you have a desire to be more, do more, and become more. The first step is to start the process even if you have a lump in your throat, your heart is beating fast and the sweat is flowing. You must stifle self-doubt. Based on your abilities, stamina, and determination then your desired results can happen. You can begin now.

There is no one that has learned all there is to know. On any project, there is a starting point. There are learning curves and processes, and a time to reflect on how to do something well.


“There is too much in the world to know, to know it all.”

What Are The Most Beneficial Formats To Gain More Success?

Bill Gates states on that to have patience in your desires and ideas believe in your visions, learn from others, and change is sometimes necessary.

Be RealOne of the most important assets to a sweet life is to be real, sincere, and genuine to the core. Nothing artificial should be existent in your life. Perfect no, but real.

We all know that we must keep learnings new and better things to progress appropriately. To gain knowledge we search for better formats, we read, implement, and often re-evaluate. A person gains strength when they have someone tell them; “Hey that is a job well done.” However, we learn more when they tell us “let me tell you about this idea.” Listening to other constructive ideas is important.

If every endeavor were a polished outcome the first time, it would be a nonhuman act. I do not see any of these people walking around, do you?

You Cannot Mimic or Desire to Do Things Exactly Like Anyone Else

Be You

An example of the above statement is similar to the medication or treatment that a doctor can give you for an illness. He has given it to many other patients, and it worked for some. However, it probably did not work for everyone.

There is no certainty that a doctor can know that every medicine that he/she prescribes will work, treat, or cure the same ailment for all patients. It is often by trial and error. Every human body, genetics, etc., benefits from different methods of treatment.

If I were to try and mimic a best friend’s way of life, I would probably fail due to the fact that we are each unique individuals.  No two people are exactly alike or have the same abilities, assets, or proficiencies.

Speaking for myself, I am just one of those people who does not compete with any other human. I am very human, and I can admit that I have been far from perfect. However, I must make my own path, and my own mistakes, and learn from those in my own method.

“Being honest with yourself is key, but carrying on just the same gets to an end result. “

You must realize that you have the expertise that belongs to you, only. Self-doubt will sabotage your strengths if you let it.

We Are Not Limited to Making Our Life Work Just Once…

“You have no limitations unless you set them yourself.”

Unless you are trying to do something that you are not meant to do, that is. We all know what our limitations and capabilities are.

This is the whole idea of succeeding for the first, second, or seventh time. You must not keep the criticism flowing in your mind, you must proceed, albeit, with caution.

You Cannot Compare Your Abilities to Another

There is nothing wrong with admiring another soul who has exceeded its limits. You should, that is a part of emotional intelligence and wisdom.

The real sin is focusing on their successes, how they obtained them, and thinking that is how you can get to your success. It simply does not work the same for all.

You Have Gifts Within You

If you have a gift that is within you, cultivate it if you want to do more, be more, and go places with it. You probably have a gift you have not recognized yet. Search for it. If you love something strongly enough, find a way to make it happen for you.

You can do it

I have a small talent for playing the piano. I can read music, (or at least, I did at one time), and my natural ability was handed down from generations. However, I am not a professional or even excellent at it. My ability is not as proficient as it could have been, had I desired to make it better.

My parents gave me piano lessons. However, I went back to the easy part of playing with my natural gift of playing by ear. I would certainly never think I could play at Carnegie Hall.

What’s The Point Here?

As you have read over, and over again, it all comes down to what is inside of you. Something is inside of you, let it come to the surface, let it be known, and use that something to make yourself total.

If you want to learn something that is far beyond what you have ever done, get on it. You have the ability to push yourself beyond the norm. You know what it takes, so I am not going to remind you again here.

We all do, I have proven to myself many times over that you can do things that you may have thought impossible. It will make you feel real happiness, and self-content, and give you the peace you desire.

Is There a Secret Path to Obtaining Your Greatest Desires and Overcoming Self-Doubt?

Our knowledge is that a secret would not stay a secret currently with the leaks that occur in the government.

No secret path

There is no secret path to letting go of your self-doubt, and being successful…believe this and take it upon yourself to follow the pursuit of common knowledge. You are smart, you know what it takes already…

However, I choose to simply state –

“Knowledge is known as awareness or familiarity gained by experience of a fact or situation.  Using that knowledge you must have a vision, goals, passion, persistence, and the ability to being.”

Let us not forget to add falling down a few times is a part of life. However, always getting up, starting over, re-vamping the situation, and beginning again is mandatory.

These words are simple, yet simplicity is why some people never start to make their dreams a reality. They allow their self-doubt to sabotage their strengths.

Tony Robbins-How To Overcome Self Doubt

My motto is…

I am too stubborn to let anyone tell me that I can’t do anything. Nor, can they tell me that I do not have the right elements, or that I have missed my calling. It is “I” who decides what my capabilities are.

Shall we smile and keep plugging…sure…?





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