The Happiness Challenge Plan

What is The Happiness Challenge Plan – a plan to help you achieve more happiness…update 11-12-23

The Happiness Challenge Plan is a series of challenges that we are creating to help people find their happiest happiness. We will suggest important ways to become happier. These challenges are designed to help you change your mindset and bring you into a more positive state of mind.

Every soul needs to find more happiness and live within their full capacity of being joyful even when life sends those curve balls that also challenge their happiness.

This Happiness Challenge Plan is an experiment that is designed to explore the meaning of happiness and how to improve our happiness level. We hope you will join in our conversations to let us know if you are committed to making yourself happy and exploring what it really means to be happy.

A Guide To More Happiness 

Happiness Comes From Within
Happiness Is…

For the sake of saying so, we know that no one method fits all. Each human has their own concept of happiness. However, it could be due to the fact they have not even thought about their level of happiness.

Happiness is a state of mind. It is a feeling that we can control and it doesn’t depend on external factors. There are many ways to achieve more happiness, from meditation/prayer to exercise, from spending more valuable time with your family, and friends, or volunteering.

The first step towards happiness is finding out what makes you happy and how you can be happier in your life. In order to have a happier life, one must self-evaluate to determine if they are living within their full capacity of happiness.

The Challenges of a World Full of Instant Gratification Is What Exists Today

Instant gratification is not a new concept. It has been around for decades. But the world of instant gratification is changing and evolving, with the rise of social media, smartphones, and video games. The average American spends 9 hours a day on their smartphone. We have to challenge that and see if that produces the happiness level that is needed.

This challenge of this world appears to make us unhappy and less productive. We need to find ways to balance our time between social media, video games, and other forms of entertainment with other activities that are more meaningful – like spending time with family or friends or reading books.

Why Challenge Yourself For More Happiness?

One of the reasons we don’t challenge ourselves is that we’re afraid of failure. But if we don’t try, we’ll never know what could have been or where we could be in the future. If you’re not sure about something, just give it a try!

Challenging yourself for more happiness may not be a cure-all for life, but it can enhance your life. It’s not just about challenging yourself to be better or do better. It’s about challenging yourself to be happy with who you are and what you have.


Do something that will make you happy, even if it’s just for a few minutes, and then do it again the next day the next day, and the next day until it becomes a habit. That is a simple strategy for challenging yourself to improve in most things in life.

Many Humans Are Always Seeking More Happiness In All The Wrong Places

Seeking HappinessMany people are always seeking happiness. They search for it in many places and keep maneuvering to find it. Very often search in all of the wrong places thinking it will bring that satisfaction. A few names here:

  • Becoming the wealthiest person alive will not generate happiness. It will probably just add to your problems and you will always desire more. It buys things that either get old, fade, break, decay, or become dissatisfied with it. It cannot give you a true relationship, friend, or a long life. The one thing about wealth that is important – it can bring satisfaction and give you consolation by helping someone who is in need. It can also relieve worrying about paying the bills but it still cannot give lasting happiness.
  • Buying things will not be a lasting peaceful feeling in one’s happiness level. Things fade, get old, and the human desires change. Fads change and it creates the constant desire to “buy more.”
  • Some individuals are so competitive and focus on trying to be first or the best at everything. Being the best at all things is pretty much an impossible effort. There is always someone, somewhere who can do something better than the last person. No one is an expert in all things. That is not a productive way to live life for complete happiness.
  • Building too many air castles, and not working for any of them. No one should ever stop dreaming of good things to come, however, to make a dream come true, one must start the project before it can end.

But…what if I told you that happiness is right there, waiting for you to grab it?

Challenge yourself to be happier if you need to. Push your limits by thinking about the thoughts that bring a good feeling to your heart. When was the last time that you had a good laugh? Think about who has made you laugh the most. What was it, and how did it make you feel?

Laugh and Be HappyLaugh at yourself when you do something you could have done differently and had better results. So not degrade yourself. You are human, and humans have lessons, mistakes, and sometimes falter. Just laugh…laughter is medicine for the soul.

Once you do that, your energy level will be higher and you will feel more alive than ever before. Your desires will change too. You’ll want to do more of the things that make you happy, like spending time with friends or taking a vacation somewhere new and exciting!

Hey, it’s okay, no one is watching, and so what if they are?

Happiness Challenge 

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