Dare To Be Yourself And Find Your Purpose

Dare To Be Yourself And Find Your Purpose

Dare To Be Yourself And Find Your Purpose-let Your Light Shine post updated 11-16-2023

Finding your purpose in life is essential for growth in a confusing world. Being true to who you are and living your life with courage and strength is one of the most important facets of life. You cannot be afraid to believe in your desires, or afraid to seek your own unique lane in life. It is time to let your confidence soar, and you must dare to be yourself in your efforts.

This seems to be a big problem with a lot of people in the world today. Some individuals seem to think they must issue their approval of your stance about life, your dreams, desires, and goals. They seem to think you should change and become more like them or you are not as up-to-date on the changes that are existent.

Well, we beg to disagree. This is not acceptable for your life. It is always time for you to be yourself and seek what is right and the path for your life. You are not behind times, you are in your own lane.

The World and People Around you Do Not Own You

It is easy to let something slay your confidence in who you are, and who the people around you want you to be. It is occurring all over the world as I re-write this post. The American dream, values, and freedom seem to be going out the door. Freedom to be who you authentically are is your right, and unless you are your authentic self, you will not find “your” purpose. 

There is absolutely no excuse for trying to hide your deepest characterizations, ideas, thoughts, provocations, or explicit knowledge. Are you sure you want to bypass the chances of becoming the next person who finishes their goals, and then can tell the people around you: “See, I made it happen.” No, I did not think so!

Today Is Your Day To Walk Into Your Best Ideas And Find Your True Purpose

 There is one person who knows you better than anyone, and this person can help you become more defined as who you are intended to be or become. That person is you.

Authentically daring to be yourself, making no excuses, achieving your goals, and finding your life purpose is how to live your life fully. Why not, and why not you?

Your thoughts may be that “I don’t want to make history; I just want to feel good about myself. (There is nothing wrong with not making history). But, I am not like so and so. I just do not have any special skills or abilities. (Not true). I am different and I am not sure I can make it happen.”

You do not have to be like anyone, but you do have special skills and abilities that belong only to you. The answer here is yes, you are you, and that is what we are conveying. Authentically, dare to be yourself.

You can excel and accomplish your desires when you begin self-reflection, and let yourself shine from within. With one step at a time, you will begin to feel your worth, capabilities, knowledge, and potential, and start the process of designing your life

You do not have to do what someone else has done. Your own inner abilities will come to fruition when you seek your inner desires that you may have hidden even from yourself. You may have thought that you could not achieve your inner heart’s desire. You can if you develop the right mindset to make it happen.

You Are Cheating Yourself- And You Know It!

You are essential to the world. God did not make you so that you could sit on your derriere and only dream. You have to look within yourself, seek to find the passion within you and get over looking at the characteristics of other individuals. 

Within you, there is something that is “distinctive.” You have what it takes, it is ready to flow and you have the authority to make a profound life for yourself.

Many people who are working to be the greatest in their pursuit, have yet to feel they have reached their goals. Often, making changes here and there from where they started. It is a normal process, but it occurs when you believe in your authentic self.

You begin, and then you may begin again one has all of the golden rules for getting to the end results. However, one must become motivated to even get started.

Then There Are Those Individuals Who Get Too Carried Away – And They Leave Common Sense Behind

Some people will tell you that when they began a new project for themselves they found a pattern that worked, and then overdid it. They thought I could do this so I am going to give it my all, and got carried away.

When going overboard, they decide to put all of their eggs into one basket, or too many baskets…and lose more than they expected. Why? Because they got too excited and failed to check in with common sense.

Staying Humble After The Rise

There must be certain wholesome tactics, ideas, and standards when dealing with what you are trying to accomplish. You should not lose sight of where you started.

An example of this is anyone who starts out with high ideals, ethics, and character. They are trying to benefit and serve other people but lose their focus. They are caught up in the idea that it feels good to be in power (after a little success hits).

They begin to feel that power and want more, but somewhere along the way, they forget their principles. That is when the desire goes too far and is never enough.

Typically We Listen For Human Kindness Toward Everyone..*even if we are daring to be our authentic self

When you are in a position to have a powerful influence on the entire world, it seems there should be a code of ethics. It seems some politicians have adopted the stance their way is the right way. We defer not to mention names but calling people “deplorable,” is not attributable to someone who has a code of ethics. 

To have a good influence on other people, especially in a leadership position, it is always wise not to disparage another human.

While we know that most people believe in what is right, just, and true, for all people. It appears that some believe those in “power,” can be, say, or do whatever they desire over what is right, just, and true.

Think About These Things

You Are Unique and you can become who you are meant to be while Finding Your Purpose.

• You must dare to be yourself, however, if you are lacking something in your character, your expertise, or your experience, be willing to admit it, and amend it. Get more education about what ignites that spark of passion.

• Get help with what you feel you need to make yourself a better human. Once you feel more adequately capable of making wise decisions…you will be more confident to go with the flow.

• Establish your own ideas, and ideals, and establish your own worth one step at a time. This does not mean that you do not listen to constructive help from another human. Wise people listen to and learn something from everyone. You just have to learn how to decipher the good from the not-so-good.

• Look within yourself and find that specific talent that you have, push it to the front, study it, flourish it, become enthused about it, and find a way to open it to the outside. 

• Find your confidence. This is highly important, but do not take it too far and become the one who knows everything.

Your question may be “What if there is nothing there?” There is something deep in your soul, and you must find it. You can’t be lazy or feel defeated before you start. You have got to push yourself to greater heights.

Here Are Some Thoughts to Ponder 

• Is there a desire in your heart to write, play music, sew, become a graphic designer, write a book, have a blog, travel, and learn about other famous places? The list can go on and on.

• Do you desire to help other people more than you do now, and become a mentor, a nurse, a doctor, a minister, or a Life Coach? Can you speak more than one language? Do you want to? What are your technical skills?

• Do you love photography? Can you draw? Have you thought about being an artist? Do you love English and want to teach it? What about caring for children and having Childcare at home so that you can stay at home with your children?

• What specific opportunities exist within your location? Do you have the ability to attend night classes?

Think about all of your desires, your special talents, and those talents you need to work on and find the time to do so.

Let fear be gone. Fear is not a good match for success. However, do not overdo it by being completely fearless and get too obsessed with yourself. 

Some of The Do’s and Don’t of Finding Your Purpose

You should never compare your success to someone else. Their circumstances are different. You have an opportunity to do something great with your own potential. Competition is not your friend. 

• Your success will not be measured by the amount of money you make. It will come from the peace, joy, and enthusiasm that come from making it.

• Do not expect anything from anyone else. If you are waiting for someone else to approve, you can forget it. If they do, you are lucky.

• Learn from your mistakes, and never let them stop you.

• Be consistent, work hard, and speak good things to yourself. “I can do this, I have sufficient knowledge, and I will train myself to do it right.”

• Stay humble, give praise to others who have accomplished something good, exercise simplicity, and work for excellence without wanting perfection.

• Dare to be human, because you are.

One Last Piece Of Hopefully Sound Advice…

Never get too big for your britches. (Don’t you just love my ability to be my Southern self)?

Take credit when it is due, give credit to others as well, and it is okay to feel good about your accomplishments. Say, “thank you” a lot, and “would you please do this or that,” and be kind to everyone.

Remember to never let the sun go down on your wrath.

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