Effective Communication Skills

Communication Skills

Effective Communication Skills- Do you have them?

Not anyone is born with all the skills needed to master all of life. Some skills must be adapted to make one become more proficient at all things, especially communication skills. So we talk today about Effective Communication Skills that will help us gain friends and be admired.

Most people need a little assistance to be spectacular at anything. All it takes is a little self-acknowledgment of what you need to focus on.

With that said, however, just how good are you at having effective communication skills? Are you sure you pay attention to the very important mechanisms that are now in place for handling and controlling conversations with others? Communication skills are one of the most important skills for dealing with other people.

Effective Communication Skills Include

• Listening

• Non-verbal communication

• Eye contact when speaking with someone

• Respect

• Confidence

• Empathy

• Friendliness

The Job Interview

Job Interview-CommunicationsIt starts with the job interview and continues even when you reach the top of the ladder in management. One must be able to converse with the interviewer, employer, or executive head and give solid, strong, and informative answers.

It is stated that most companies look more at emotional intelligence than IQ.  Why?  This means that by being emotionally intelligent you are well aware of your own emotions, as well as being able to recognize the emotions of those you are dealing with.

Communication Is Also The Ability to Listen to Yourself

…. to make sure you are understood…

Communication SkillsCommunication is more than just talking. It is also about knowing when to listen, and when to talk less. While listening, has much to do with understanding. Understanding what you may have said first, and then understanding what someone may have thought you said. While giving a full explanation for any misunderstanding without being sensitive or disapproving.

It is easy in any conversation to try too hard to make sure you are understood. However, it is important to focus on making sure you know there are no underlying meanings, words, or conjectures that imply something you have not said.

Working on the latter will increase one’s ability to make sure their words are words they actually meant to say.

Interpersonal Skills- Can you change?

Interpersonal SkillsMany older presumptions about personalities or interpersonal skills led people to believe you could not change your actions. They stated that you as a human being born with your sometimes-impossible attributes and cannot change what needs to be changed. That is definitely a misconception.

You have characteristics that some do not own, while others have certain skills and qualities that you do not have.  Anyone can work to change their interpersonal skills and increase their skills to become better at whatever they so desire. Changing your personality is not as easy.

You know that you have the ability to change your mindset and, therefore, improve your capacity for being better at whatever, whenever you need to.

If you choose, you can grow and strive to achieve better skills, communication, emotional intelligence, and academic skills if needed.

So let’s break down Interpersonal skills and personality.

Interpersonal Skills Include – but are not limited to…

• Listening

• Empathy -the ability to have concern for others

• Trustworthy manner

• Leadership abilities

• Teamwork -regardless of your position – you work as a team member

• Promoting people’s work, and learning something new for yourself

Personalities- Can you change your personality?

Notable professionals indicate this is the hardest part. But you often change some traits or characteristics that make up your personality when you must. It is stated that the basic personality is not changed.

Example: You usually change the necessary inconveniences to that of your employer, family, or friends if needed. 16 Personalities state that you can change with the environment you are in.

In other words, you do what you have to do….with the people you have to do it with and manage to be different than you ordinarily would.

Meaning you are actually a person who hates getting up in the morning and loves to stay up late at night. Since employment is essential to life, you change your inability to go to bed earlier at night so that you can punch the time clock come 8 or 9 a.m.

You do not like family gathering periods as they usually produce conversations you abhor. However, to please your loving parents, you attend with a smile on your face, and join in the conversation, and they usually enjoy the bonding.

Choosing Your Words Carefully…

All individuals go through the days speaking their minds and saying things without giving them much thought. Sometimes even holding things in and not speaking up for oneself only to berate yourself later on for doing so.

If you take a moment to recognize and record the words you use daily, it can help. It will help you come to realize that the words you choose might directly relate to the mindset you have.

What Is A Mindset?

A mindset is a mental attitude you adopt that dictates how you will or will not perceive, react, and respond to situations. Why is it important? Your mindset can and will determine your life from academics to your career and beyond. Can you improve your mindset? Yes, of course, one can.

Why Is It Important to Communicate Effectively With Yourself?

The way you interpret your situation communicates to your brain. When it comes to intelligence, you may have a long-standing belief that you are just normal. For example, you may feel that you are average.

You do not question that old, limiting, and long-standing belief that you cannot change how you are if you need to. Should you choose to, it is important to communicate effectively by choosing thoughts that will change the outcome.

If you desire to achieve something that seems beyond your abilities; one way to counter is by learning what you do not know. Proving to yourself you have the ability to move upward.

You can push yourself to achieve whatever your heart’s desire is, in many circumstances.

Your Thoughts Are Important Too…

Communication is so much more than the words you speak to yourself, it is also the thoughts you think. When you challenge your negative thoughts and achieve, you reset the communication bar in your mind.

You allow yourself to see that not only can you achieve more by learning new things and taking on more challenges, but you also get to see that you can take on a growth mindset instead of a limiting one.

Misunderstanding What Others Say- You Stop Listening

Too often, many people misinterpret another person’s words. They assume they are saying one thing, and actually, they are saying something very different.

You hear the word (s) that sounds like they are accusing you of something without listening to the entire sentence or conversation. You stop listening. This can leave bad feelings and misunderstandings.

When this occurs, one should politely ask if they could repeat what they were saying, and their intended meaning.

In all conversations or communication, listening is important. If you do not listen to the entire conversation and fit it all together appropriately, something of importance will be lost.

It is part of communication, and without listening the communication is broken.

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