Monday Motivation Laughing Out Loud

Monday Motivation Laughing Out Loud

Monday Motivation Laughing Out Loud

“Laughing can be a release of pent-up annoyances. It can give you a new perspective, a different outlook, and make you realize that “laughter is the best medicine.”

We know that some days start with stress and get out of focus. We are aware that some things are not laughable. Therefore, we will not indicate that every day is a laughable day; however, it may be that on average, we do not laugh enough. Plus laughing out loud will give us more than it will take away.

Observing life things, we know that far too often we fail to renew our life by finding something good to laugh at. It does not have to be something that someone else finds hilarious, or even remotely funny. When we take the time to renew our inner being with a good feeling, it can only be good for us.

How is Laughter the Best Medicine?

Research scientists have spent considerable time investigating the effects of laughter. They have found that laughter can help patients:

  • Recover from illnesses because it tends to lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormone levels, and recharge the body’s immune system.
  • Laughter is known to release the body’s natural painkilling substances to provide an overall feeling of well-being. This is a result of stimulating blood flow and aiding the heart.
  • Laughing will help you to decrease the stress hormones and help bolster your immune cells, which fight against infections and disease resistance.
  • Laughter also helps to release the natural feel-good chemicals, known as endorphins. This chemical can also give you temporary relief from pain.

What Else Can Laughter Accomplish For Us?

  • It will help when a person is feeling guilty about being too stressed, has pain, and excessive conflict.
  • Laughing can ease the tension within your physical body.
  • Laughing can help to relax the muscles that may be tight.
  • Laughing can help prevent heart disease.

Laughter Can Help Your Strained Relationships

  • When an argument is getting a little too serious; the best medicine is a joke to enforce a laugh.
  • Laughter can help get your relationship back to something positive instead of negative.
  • Laughing can bring back memories of the good times and helps to relieve a rather negative or sad situation.
  • Laughing can help at work by helping others see that you are not all about a dispute, and it can improve other people’s responses to you.

Researchers Have Found:

It is said that laughter has about the same benefits as aerobic exercise, but it comes without the pain sometimes experienced with physical activity. Laughter also helps to control insulin levels and blood sugar levels, and while scientists do not recommend that patients quit their diets or exercise regimens, they do say that laughing helps.

Doctors have discovered that laughter also affects viruses, bacteria, cancer, and heart disease. They determined that their patients boosted their immune systems just by watching funny videos and movies.

Laughter is one of the first things we learn as babies. Scientists note that babies who smile the quickest indicate they were smiled at more in general. If parents are happy and smiling, it is a given that the baby is likely to smile quickly as well.

Much research on children has been performed, and scientists discovered that laughter helped with children’s ability to endure pain and was effective in the healing process. This is a valuable discovery for young cancer patients. Laughing relaxed patients who had to have painful procedures or who suffered from the anxiety of pain expectation.

Researchers have found that there are many positive effects from laughter, but no known negative effects. Laughter is the best medicine. Just thinking about something funny makes the hormones flow and the body has a positive and healthy response.

Let’s sum it up a little…

Experiencing stress without laughter reduces the ability of the body to fight disease because it suppresses the immune system. A stressed body cannot fight infections and other disorders. Your body responds to emotions and feelings, so it is good to laugh and release all the positive effects related to laughter. The immune system is linked to the positives resulting from laughter.

Stress levels can be reduced through daily exercise and having good eating habits, and when laughter is added, things get even better. People who laugh a lot have reduced stress levels, and reducing stress is a major step in fighting disease.

Laughter is not simply a silly option; it can be healthy for an individual when it is implemented at the right time. It can bring comfort and relief to a life that is struggling with something mundane.

I doubt that it would hurt any person’s quality of life; if they decided to laugh at something at least three times a day. Can’t hurt? Right?  Laughing at yourself if nothing else….will be just fine!

Start Laughing More! Laugh Out Loud…

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