How To Stop Negative Thoughts

How To Stop Negative Thoughts

Why Are We Talking About How To Stop Negative Thoughts…post updated 5-21-23

One of the main reasons is that we have all had them at some point in our life. A negative thought can enter your mind without a moment’s notice. These thoughts can come and go for the following reasons:

You may be feeling down, or lonely, something has made your confidence go low, or feel angry at yourself or others. However, if negative thoughts are not temporary, it is time to take notes and change your negative thoughts.

Some Causes Of The Occasional Negative Thought:

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“A common cold, stress, exhaustion, hunger, and sleep deprivation, which can lead to depression, can cause negative thoughts.”

Other examples that can lead to a person’s negative thoughts can also be caused by grief and losing someone you love. Fear slips in and can become part of a person’s mindset from loss. One can become afraid of losing someone else close to them.

Life comes with defeat at times. Dwelling on the past where one feels they have failed can interfere with the present. Thinking about how successful other people have become can give a person with a defeated mindset too much stress.

All of these and more can get a grip on a person’s mindset and lead to unhealthy issues.

Why Negative Thoughts Should be Analyzed and Stopped

Negative thoughts are thoughts that are not helpful to the person. They can be thoughts about oneself, others, or the world in general.

We know from studying that negative thoughts can be the root of many issues. Some people have a hard time with self-confidence, others have a hard time with self-worth and some have a hard time with their relationships. Negative thoughts can affect the way we deal with ourselves and our relationships.

The best way to stop negative thoughts is by analyzing them when they happen and finding out what caused them. Once you have determined what caused the negative thoughts then you should take steps to push your mindset to eliminate the cause. At least press yourself to lessen the effects on you until you can laugh at why they were there, to begin with.

Always remember that laughter is medicine for the soul.

Negative Thoughts Examples

  1. I’m unlucky, and nothing works out for me
  2. My life does not include the benefits that other people have
  3. I am not lovable
  4. Why am I not as smart as…
  5. What is wrong with me
  6. I have more bad in my life than others…
  7. Why can’t I be as happy as…
  8. Tomorrow will be worse
  9. I am a failure
  10. How will I ever overcome my mistakes

How To Change Your Negative Thoughts To Positive Thoughts

  1. I will never give up on what is good and right for me.
  2. While I am not perfect, I love myself and my values and I know that I am admired.
  3. All people are natured differently, I am not a failure, I know how to begin again.
  4. I have many things to be thankful for which include a mind that is strong and can be changed for the better.
  5. The past is over and done, it cannot be undone or changed. I move forward with grace and courage.
  6. To become more intelligent, I will read, study, implement, make changes, and keep working at those things I feel I am lacking.
  7. I must be myself, and work to make myself better, more confident, and more determined.
  8. My life must be lived one day at a time, taking care of each day’s work, and knowing that there are opportunities in life for everyone.
  9. I can do anything that I set my mind to do as long as I have studied, applied, and worked hard.
  10. Lastly…I am only as good as “I” think I am, and I think that I have the grit, determination, and fortitude to make a difference in my life and others.

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Let’s Get A Little More Detailed

All humans fail at some point in something. Most have made mistakes they don’t want to talk about. However, dwelling on mistakes does not correct them or change them.

You only correct your mistakes by changing your thoughts, life, habits, and what you took for granted and re-charging your life experiences to something of higher value. Not all mistakes are the fault of a person, very often they are caused by other sources. However, making a decision to re-evaluate your life will help in the future.

Making decisions about our personal life, career, finances, and family can make or break the happiness level every human desire. It is important once you conquer something, not to forget to move forward with a little more strategy and balance.

Some Methods For How To Stop Negative Thoughts

Remember you are not alone, many people struggle with negative thoughts, but they don’t always know how to stop them. It is of course recommended here that if you have a serious problem and cannot control or lessen those thoughts, seek professional medical help.

Identify The Triggers

The first step is to identify what triggers your negative thoughts and take steps to avoid the trigger or change your thought pattern. In other words…element the problem if at all possible.

Recognize Habits That Are Producing The Negative Thoughts

Take the time to recognize unhealthy habits that steal your confidence, and lower your self-esteem. Value your own intelligence, and ways of thinking by focusing on your positives.

Do Not Compare Yourself To Others

It is important not to dwell on what you see in others that you feel outshines your abilities and actions. You have the ability within you, you can rise to whatever you desire with a firmness of purpose.

Believe In Yourself

What is the quote that states:

“If you do not believe in yourself, no one else will.”

“You are good enough, and you are the only person you have to be good enough for.”

“You can, if you think you can.”

Are Your Thoughts Self-Made Or From An Occurrence In Your Life

The question of whether or not our thoughts are a product of external stimulus is a subject that has been debated for many years. Some scientists believe that we cannot think without being exposed to information from the outside world. Others believe that our thoughts are generated internally and often rely on memories.

Those thoughts that are self-made can cause a lot of damage to a person’s mental state. Something is perceived; seen, heard, or done, not knowing if your perception was accurate, it must be either discussed or forgotten. Other people’s actions are not always as perceived. So, you cannot harbor those thoughts you have no answers for.

The negative thoughts about yourself…is within your power to change those thoughts to positive thoughts.

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Please remember that you and only you are in control of your life, and your thoughts. As with anything in life, if you desire the positives in life, you must reflect on those positives in your life. You can do this…it is within “your” power to change your thoughts that are negative.

Also, note that success does not come overnight for anyone. It takes a lot of work and thoughts, positive thoughts.

However, most importantly do not wait until you are so bogged down in your mind, soul, or body, that it is showing to other people. Depression if you have gotten that far, can make life miserable. You do not want to waste time trying to heal or help yourself if you are too deep. Get help immediately.

Disclosure: Life Chats does not offer or assert our writing as medical or mental help. We write for awareness and encouragement.

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