What Causes Stress

Stress in Life?

Stress can make you think you are sick, it can make you sick, and it can also give you a fatal heart attack or stroke according to Baptist Heart Foundation, UK. If you do not get the right care and realize that you are leading yourself into what can be a very unhealthy life.

Women’s hearts are more affected by stress-related issues and depression than men, re Mayo Clinic.

Stress is a Part of Life

Stress is a part of everyone’s life, and it is essential to good health to recognize when you are putting your life in danger.  We normally do not like to talk about it, but if not countered, it can cause physical harm to the body.

When it comes to the causes of stress, there are some distinct characteristics and some which are not-so-distinct ones. Evident stressors can be when a relationship goes bad, death, a job loss, illness, or those things that are painful situations.

Some other subdued causes of stress can be from having difficult relationships in the workplace, financial matters, and feelings of being less than adequate within our management of the stress that we feel.

While Discussing the Causes of Stress, It is Important to Review Exactly What Stress Is

Stress is not always a bad thing.  It actually can keep you guarded, and save your life. For example, the stress you feel as you begin to enter into the intersection and someone is texting and manages to run a red light.

It is paramount to your fast mind thinking and reaction – you slam on the brakes. Your body responds to this situation with a “fight or flight recovery,” which makes your human defenses pop to action and with great force.

Some categories of stress help you do a better job at work when faced with a much-needed presentation or competition.  Persisting or long-term stress, however, which is more than just an occasional experience here and there, can have an unfavorable effect on your health and emotions.  Sizing it up; stress is the body’s retaliation to extreme or arduous situations. Those situations can be sudden and distressing, or recurrent and subdued.

Stress Can Be Caused By…

Difficult relationships

Being “stuck or committed” in a difficult marriage or family connection, can be a much-stressed situation, and can become a source of ongoing – hardcore stress.

Divorce is sad for everyone usually and is said to be one of the most stressful times in any relationship situation. Especially notable when children are involved when they love both parents.


Retirement can make you stressed, according to many sources. Especially with the economy as it has been within the past nine or so years, and especially if you have worked in a long-term career that has almost disappeared.

You aren’t ready to retire, but your expertise is no longer appreciated, and you can’t find the salary range that you had grown into for a new job.  Also if a person is retired unexpectedly; stress symptoms can occur trying to get used to the relaxed mind frame or not working at all.

We know that the mind is a terrible thing to waste; at any age.


Long-term, ongoing illnesses like cancer are very stressful for the individual and those who are the caregivers. It brings doubts to a family that life is the way it should be, and regardless of how common this has gotten these days; there is always that “why.”


Often life brings in disappointment. Though it is a part of life that we must be willing to accept. However, when we fail to get something we desire. The job or promotion we thought was ours, or we have become disappointed in our child’s behavior, can bring about stress as well.

Anything to do with our children can lead us to doubt our parenting style.


Not everyone desires perfection.  If you do not, it is a good thing.  Some individuals go overboard and that is usually where it becomes stress-related. Wanting things to be normal is a lot better than wanting perfection.  Very few things in life are perfect.

Options for Stress Relief

When it comes to alleviating stress, the professionals give some options to help with the process.  It is always the best policy to talk with your health care doctor to suggest what might be the best plan for you.  Each individual has different genes. If taking prescription medication, it must always be considered before taking supplements or any other action.

Natural Treatment

Natural treatments come under the umbrella of exercise, body movements, meditation or prayer, and natural supplements.

Yoga has been shown to help relieve stress. Yoga is the stretching of and holding the body in postures, and often includes meditation.

Meditation or prayer for some individuals alone is an increasingly popular means of dealing with the stresses that come with life. Deep breathing, relaxing muscles, and a walk-in nature can help. The beauty thereof can help one realize that some things will always remain the same.

Supplements * You should consult your doctor when adding any kind of supplement

Natural supplements are known to some as stress reducers. Some natural health practitioners recommend finding help with flax oil or even primrose oil. These essential fatty acids are said to play a role in healthy brain function.  This is often recommended for those who feel depression over and above normal.

Other professionals also suggest a multi-vitamin with high amounts of B6, or perhaps a B-complex supplement or just B6 alone, and B3. Studies show that B vitamins play a key role in a person’s mood and emotions.

There are other herbs and natural supplements like vitamin C that may help stress.

Again, always consult your physician or locate a natural health practitioner or herbalist to help recommend something for you.

Medical Treatment

There is nothing wrong with getting medication, as long as it is under a doctor’s care and consultation. Medication is often the quickest and simple way for some individuals. Especially proficient in helping people cope with a harsh or sudden life situation or stress relating to those unexpected events that cause us so much pain.

Some people who have a lot of stress often find relief from stress-related headaches by taking medications.

The purpose of taking something OTC or prescribed by a doctor is to help the immediate situation become bearable. This is so that you can pursue getting medical attention, and find what is the overall- or possibly underlying cause of what is making a person stressed.


Diet is expressed as an un-lying cause of some types of stress.  It means that either you are not getting the right nutrition or too much of the wrong kind.

Most people know that vegetables are good for us.  We are also aware that sometimes too much caffeine will keep us up at night thereby bringing stress to the job from not enough sleep.

Peanut butter is reported as being supposedly a great bite for breakfast. Put it on a piece of bread (not necessarily wheat) for on the run when you are trying to eliminate too many carbohydrates that will take away your energy.

It is always good to include lots of fresh, whole foods in your endeavors for eliminating stress from your diet.  B-12 will give you a supplement that can give you energy also.


Anyone can find researched material online for just about anything you desire.  Yes, you often find different points of view and have to decipher what is best or what works the best for you.

Study about this subject is warranted, learning is valuable to you, your health, and living life to the fullest.


We are not professionals and do not pretend to give medical advice or remedies that are warranted when a person has become ill. We consider ourselves as giving you suggestions to prevent getting too stressed, and warning signs of needed professional help.

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Post updated 11-01-21

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