Determination – The Firmness of Purpose

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What Is Determination

Being a determined person involves setting a goal and stopping at nothing to achieve it. It is the motivating force between stating something and taking persistent action. Sure, obstacles may get in the way. However, determined individuals don’t let those small excuses prevent them from reaching their dreams.

“Determination is a firmness of purpose.”

History is filled with examples of determined people who overcame severe challenges. There are many impactful examples to refer to.

Frequently, my mind goes to Charles Krauthammer, who was a Journalist as well as a columnist, and a Doctor of Psychology.  He was an authentic journalist who spoke truth to power.

Mr. Krauthammer, whom I have written about before here, was one of the most outstanding examples of attainable goals, wishes, dreams, and proof, that determination leads to the final results. He determined that a tragic accident of paralysis would not deter his efforts to finish his dreams, and he succeeded.

Why Does Determination Impact Success?

Determination is the blueprint for success. Without it, reaching your goals may be virtually impossible. Because this characteristic plays such a vital role in reaching new heights, it’s important to learn why it impacts success and how to cultivate it.

Everyone’s journey comes with personal challenges. Some may come in the form of discouragement from outsiders while others could be circumstantial. Much like Gandhi, do we have the strength to overcome these challenges and continue to persevere?

How to Effectively Overcome Challenges

Challenges come in many forms, and being determined to endure them and move forward is essential. You may not win them all, but if you keep trying, at some point, you will move to another level in your endeavors.

Another example of endurance and determination is Jon Morrow. He can only move his face, but he is one of the most sought-after internet marketing personalities. He has founded successful online businesses and teaches other people how to make their life successful.

Read his story here and is the founder of Smart Blogger.

Those people who do not have the challenges of the individuals mentioned here have an advantage. Yet, many are reluctant to even try as they see the challenges seem too great to manage.

Overcoming challenges with the hopes of elevating your determination is similar to stories of endurance. You have to get through the obstacles to reach the other side. This persistent spirit is achieved by not trying to control or change the situation.

Rather, this means focusing on what you can change; your actions. Develop a plan that helps you find solutions to your challenges. Once you’re able to effectively get through one obstacle, you’ll be able to get through the others.

Taking Action is The Deciding Factor

No matter the source, pursuing a determined spirit will help you sidestep those challenges and endure them like a champion. This is what separates people from stating their dreams and actually achieving them.

Determination relies on the action, and action leads to experiences, lessons, and more knowledge. You can’t reach your desired results by remaining still, you must move forward. Begin by setting a goal that you’ve always wanted to achieve. Then, slowly take the baby steps towards reaching that goal. Increase the force by building on what you learn each step of the way.

By setting small, easily achievable goals every day, you are creating the building blocks of determination.

“For any soul, at any age that needs to take another leap at life, and move past defeat, please note that determination is a key factor.  You and only you are in charge of it.”

Most People Will Feel Doubt At Some Point

Occasionally most people experience doubt about something they thought was conquered. They were sitting in the driver’s seat and were not too worried about much of anything.  Then, something happens within their life that changes everything, big and small. It makes you want to waste away, hang it up, stop trying, and say that maybe what you were seeking was not for you.

There could be a time when you may be looking in the wrong direction. If you discover that the direction is unacceptable, you move to another. However, it could be that you are doing the unacceptable act of “giving up.”

“It is important to ask yourself the question: what is there to give up to?”

Again, it truly does not matter what has happened behind you. It is what you do with the moment you are in, and what you do going forward.

Acknowledging Mistakes

Past mistakes, wrong turns, impractical decisions, forgetting to ponder the right results, and all the stress that comes with it – are all lessons. Taking responsibility for your mistakes is part of it, however, that is where we learn what not to do next.

It does not matter where you have been, how many mistakes you have made, or how many times you made them, you can overcome them. If you so desire to, you can begin again and move forward with the determination you have within you.

What Is Your Purpose

The purpose of something is defined as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Dictionary. If you have a purpose, it will then create meaning, while giving you a sense of direction. The purpose of your goals will help to distinguish which paths to take.

Just For Thought

When you get to the end of your life if you have not given it your very best, and taken some chances, you will look back and want to slap yourself. You will look in the mirror and scold yourself. Think that if only you had been determined to seek your life goals and purpose, your life would be different.

Make good things happen to you by exercising determination in the face of challenges. This will help you receive the things you deserve and build a life of purpose.

This post has been updated on 6-21-21

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