What Is The Best Approach to Life Decisions

What Is The Best Approach to Life Decisions

What Is The Best Approach to Life Decisions –We often live and learn what isn’t best, I think you will agree with that…updated 01-26-2024

Life decisions can change a life for better or for worse. The art is in knowing the choices you make, are made with a strong thought process and not with emotional desires. This is part of what is the best approach to life decisions.

To be human is to be subject to periods in life that cause contemplation of certain decisions. Those that can alter a comfortable lifestyle, safety zone, or complacent status and give a person uneasiness about their life decisions.

If you have not been in this situation, you may not have an answer to the above question. However, somehow I doubt that anyone has made all of the right decisions at all times. At some point, most have been in this situation.

Life sometimes gets very complicated. Often complications exist because of the lack of thinking through the processes and making quick, and inappropriate decisions. Those that we sometimes look back upon, and screech.

Life Decisions That Can Alter One’s Life Forever

Normally, those life decisions that involve our family are the toughest. It may be a new job living in another location, too far to commute. It means the children have to leave their school and friends, but it is something you feel is necessary for financial security reasons.

The hardest decisions can be those involving separation or divorce. These decisions can be real life-threatening to one of the other spouses. This is especially true for a wife or mother who has not had the responsibility of managing their finances.

Any decision in life that can alter your present and future state of well-being is of great importance and study. It can be for the better seemingly, for a while, but for the long haul, it can be for the worse. It is about learning when to let something go and when to proceed.

Too often, there is an insufficient thought pattern with such family decisions. Emotions come into play, and people lose their ability to think straight.

Most of the time those things can harm us the most, one knows from the very beginning they should not do it. Examples: Infidelity, drugs, alcohol, stealing, abuse, cheating on exams, bullying, lying, and so much more. Yes, some adults bully too.

A person becomes addicted to something because it felt good the first time, then the second time, possibly the third, and then the thought process is gone. Boom, they are hooked, that person who is vulnerable to something that gives them an emotional high, brings enjoyment, and a feel-good moment. It feels good so why not try it again, and again? That can make one ask the question again; What is The Best Approach to Life Decisions?

Life’s Menu

Some Decisions Are Sometimes About Being Wiser

Decisions in life come in all shapes and sizes, some are delicate, some are not life-threatening, but require a thought process, such as these:

  • Should you tell the boss that Charlie is goofing off for 7.5 hours every day?
  • Would it be wise for you to get involved in a work conversation about the boss?
  • Should you buy a new car; when the one you have is in great condition, but two years old?
  • When is it time and should you tell your young adult child to move out because he/she does not live by the household rules?
  • Should you tell your best friend to get a life, she/he is coming to your house every day?
  • Your married child is having marital problems, should you step in?
  • You want to buy a new home; your spouse is happy where you are, should you keep insisting?
  • Should you take the job offer that you did not search for but pays a lot more money?

Some of the above questions have quite simple answers, at least for anyone with common sense (not being disrespectful). Meaning the second question above, it would never be a good thing that could come from getting involved in a conversation about the boss.

Some Questions That Should be Answered

There are work-related decisions that cause us to wonder if we should move on, or stay where we have gained recognition from superiors with a higher level of authority, and friends, and feel a sense of establishment.

It is not every day that you feel a sense of accomplishment with a career or job, and when leaving a comfort zone the questions in the mind start to flow. Who can know what lies ahead? Yet, the new job offer is a climb on the ladder and a considerably higher salary.

All of these are very stressful, daunting, and hard decisions. Often with seemingly no answer that seems good for everyone involved.

What Is The Best Approach?

Ask yourself some questions like these:

  • Should you even be asking yourself these hard questions?
  • Do you already know the answer?
  • Ask yourself if you have to make this decision, or is this just an impulse?
  • Will your decision be what is best for all involved?
  • Can you conquer this with a temporary solution?
  • Is this decision a change for the better?
  • Will this alter your present state of comfort and be a blessing, or will it be a formidable action?
  • Have you brought this difficult decision to your life with your own inappropriate decisions?
  • And, have you considered the long-term consequences for yourself and the people you love?

The answers are yours and yours alone.

Examine The Motives- To Be Clear   Motives

Then after you have answered the above questions, here are some questions that are often a little more difficult to answer. Why? Because this is where the truth lies, one must fully examine their motives.

  • Are you searching for something that is not attainable?
  • Are you happy or do you even know what would make you happy?
  • Are you being selfish?
  • Are you being careless?
  • Are you being preyed upon by a needy person, and not looking at protecting your sense of security?
  • Are you acting with knowledge and wisdom?
  • Will your decision bring peace and contentment or frustration and destruction?
  • Are you sure that you about much of anything in your life?

Quote For Life

“Whatever peace you have in your life, try expanding it.”

Ways To Make Critical Life Decisions

Make Yourself a Priority List

  • Who is most important in your life?
  • What is most important in your life?
  • What is the worst that will happen if this is not the right decision?
  • Will the sacrifice of letting go of your desires for someone important to you, be worth it?

Look at your answers, and for the most part, you probably have your decision at least cornered in the right direction.

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