Life Things-The Life Of The Leaf

Life Things-The Life Of The Leaf

In Life Things-The Life of The Leaf, we hope to show you that our life usually has more chances for survival…

We as humans often forget that we have such wonderful blessings, and many chances to live a good inspirational, and quality life. As blessed as we are, we often tend to minimize all of the good and feel sorry for ourselves. However, in America, we have so many opportunities to make the seasons of life (our life), exceptional.

The Life of The Leaf

In the fall, the leaves change their color and start to fall, more in some places than others and we hate to rake them up. Until they fall, they start changing their color to crimson, brown tones, yellow, orange, and somewhere in between. These colorful leaves fall or the wind blows them to the ground to rot or be raked into piles and put in the trash. This is where we know in Life Things-The Life of the Leaf has ended.

It is something they do once and for all, and they cannot and do not come back next year to do it over again. The leaves change, and die each and every year, with a whole new set of green leaves for the flower, tree, or plants.

In Life Things-The Life Of The Leaf

We know how fortunate we are that the leaf’s life is not like our life, they do not get that second, third, or fourth chance.  We do, we get many second chances to become the beautiful person we are meant to be.

When the season of our life begins and we start brushing off all the dead stuff that we have been carrying the entire year, we should try to let go of the negative. Then we can share with family and friends the gratitude for having life things that matter.  Most of us have more good things which are better than we want to admit.

In the fall we start preparing for the joyous season ahead, and we begin to think about the new year and how we can make our life less complicated, less busy, less stressful, and more productive than the past year was. That is one important step to help make our next year easier to live and more joyous.

What If We Only Had One Season of Life To Get It Right?

We definitely are not like the life of the leaf in that, if we screwed up the last year, or believed we did, we do get another chance, another jab at it, another time, and another season. Aren’t we lucky?

We get to go green again and feel the winds blow and a chance to enjoy the sunshine, feel the mist of the rain, and do damage control. There is another chance to make something unfavorable, more favorable.

What is important to remember is that since we are born to die, just like the leaf, it is important how we live each and every day.  We should be thankful God gives us more than one season to get it right.

No one knows how many seasons we will have to get things right, make the right choices, or light the path for another soul.

We do not like to think about it, however, we should remember our life existence is on call. We do not know when we might get that call. Living our life seasons with purpose and poise is essential. It is important that we grow personally in each season of our life.

With that said, Life Things should always be done by a set of rules that includes integrity, kindness, and love.  Oh yea, things come our way that we have no control over and sometimes they come often.  We know that nothing can overcome us if we do not allow it. We must have faith in God, and ourselves to know we are strong and that nothing will kill us. Most living things have already been born and overcome by another human.

Thoughts to ponder:

“Life does not always bring us what we want, however, it still brings opportunity. Opportunity to be something “more.” We should make the best of each opportunity and make sure if we do not benefit, someone else does.”

“Life Things are all for a reason and a season, they come and they go, we live, learn, and become a better person when we make the best of all “life things.”

“Someone said, life is taking a toll on me. They should be saying, I am taking responsibility for my life things so that I learn which roads are best traveled, even though not easy.”  by the author of this post



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