Determination Equals Personal Success

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Determination Equals Personal Success

Everyone wants to progress and attain a certain level of personal success. While stating your goals is a great start, there are supplementary characteristics that help you achieve those goals. One of the primary traits is that of determination.

What is Determination?

Wikipedia defines determination as a positive feeling that motivates people to persevere toward a difficult goal. It occurs before a goal is achieved and helps people achieve their goals by motivating their behavior.

Dictionary: firmness of purpose; resoluteness.

Determination is a positive approach-related emotion, while anger is a negative approach-related emotion. Determination and anger share a motivational direction but are opposite in valence. Re: National Library of Medicine

There is Power in Being a Determined Person

Being a determined person involves setting a goal and stopping at nothing to achieve it. It’s the motivating force between stating something and taking persistent action.
Sure, obstacles may get in the way. However, determined individuals don’t let those small excuses prevent them from reaching their dreams.

No, this does not mean that you do anything unethical or against the honest principles of a good life.

History is filled with examples of determined people who overcame severe challenges. One of the most impactful examples is that of Mahatma Gandhi.

When India was enslaved under the British Parliament, Gandhi made it his mission to promote liberation and peace for his homeland.

Facing such challenges as starvation, opposition, and jail time, Gandhi could have thrown in the towel and surrendered. However, his passion outweighed his physical limitations. He endured these harsh obstacles and finally reaped the efforts of his hard work when India gained freedom.

Throughout his life course, he did not falter from his goal. His inner determination was the fuel that ignited his journey.

Why Does Determination Impact Success?

Determination is the blueprint for success. Without it, reaching your goals may be virtually impossible. Because this characteristic plays such a vital role in reaching new heights, it’s important to learn why it impacts success and how to cultivate it.

Everyone’s journey comes with personal challenges. Some may come in the form of discouragement from outsiders while others could be circumstantial. Much like Gandhi, do we have the strength to overcome these challenges and continue to persevere?

How to Effectively Overcome Challenges



The best way to overcome challenges is to endure them and keep climbing. Individuals who suffer from crippling anxiety-related disorders are recommended cognitive behavioral therapy to help them overcome their fears. This service exposes the patient to their fears and forces them to sit in their anxiety.

Over time, the person will get used to managing that fear without trying to control it. By enduring their present situation, they are building their tolerance.

Overcoming challenges with the hopes of elevating your determination is similar. You have to get through the obstacles to reach the other side. This persistent spirit is achieved by not trying to control or change the situation.

Rather, this means focusing on what you can change; your actions. Develop a plan that helps you find solutions to your challenges. Once you’re able to effectively get through one obstacle, you’ll be able to get through the others.

Taking Action is the Deciding Factor

No matter the source, cultivating a determined spirit will help you dodge those challenges and endure them like a champ. This is what separates people from stating their dreams and achieving them.

Determination relies on action. You can’t reach your goals by remaining sedentary. Begin by setting a goal that you’ve always wanted to achieve. Then, slowly take the steps towards reaching that goal. By setting small, easily achievable goals every day, you are creating the building blocks of determination.

Former President Barack Obama stated,

“The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen to you. If you go out and make some good things happen, you will fill the world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.”

Make good things happen to you by exercising determination in the face of challenges. This will help you receive the things you deserve and build a life of purpose.

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