Happiness for Today and Every Day

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Happiness for Today and Every Day

Happiness is a need that every person has. It is essential to feel that little bit of glow within the heart when you become overjoyed about something that makes you feel exuberant and filled with glee. You are about to learn a few things about happiness for today and every day.

When life is full of happiness, it usually shows in your outward appearance. It is such a beautiful place to be simply because happiness flows over to other people. Smile, the world smiles with you.

So, how do we make our day…not tomorrow……not next week, or month; but how do you make today happy? One day at a time…

By Eliminating Misconceptions…

First, one must eliminate the misconceptions about being happy on a day-to-day basis. They must realize what happiness is not. It is also wise and important that you understand the difference between true happiness and fake made-up happiness.

What Happiness for Today and Every Day Is Not…

  • Perfection
  • Beauty
  • Having lots of things
  • Being rich
  • Outperforming others, and
  • It has nothing to do with anyone other than you

Starting Your Day Means Watching What You Think

These freaky little words will set the day for disaster:

  • Oh well the traffic is already backed up I am sure
  • This time of the day drives me insane and I do not want to get dressed
  • I know something at work today will cause problems
  • There is too much to do before I leave the house
  • I deserve more salary
  • My job stinks and it is no fun
  • I hate my life and wish I did not have to work
  • There are so many lazy people at work

What this actually sounds like, is someone who is a bit unhappy period, with life, work, and themselves, right? However, any mindset will change with help from the individual.

Some Thoughtful Questions To Ponder

What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? Oh, I am not talking about going to the loo. I am referring to what is on your mind. Your initial mindset for the day can be whatever you want it to be. If you change, change your mindset to think positive thoughts and happy ones.

  • What is your mood when you rise in the morning?
  • Are you moody? Do you want to change from moody to happy?
  • If you are a perfectionist deep down inside do you expect life to be perfect all the time? Hopefully, you aren’t and do not feel that way; you will have a hard time getting to the happiness you deserve.

Perfection Is Not What I Strive For To Have A Happy Day

When I wake up in the morning, I do not ask God to make me perfect. That is not possible for me. I ask Him to make me genuine, trustworthy, and more thankful. There is little hope for total perfection or happiness within the world as we live it.

Life will be moments of imperfections and less happiness. However, most of the time if we are living with the right perspective- happiness outweighs unhappiness.

Want To Be Happy -Stop Striving For Perfectionism

Perfectionism is a lost cause simply because someone, somewhere is going to see your perfectionism very differently than you do. That of course means that what is perfect to you, is probably not perfect to someone else.

If you want to be happy, it is time you stopped playing with the idea that you have to be perfect in the eyes of other people, or your own eyes. You will never make it. What might be perfect today may be an absolute failure at another time, place, or event.

What is Perfectionism?

Perfectionism is – labeled as a meticulous drive to attain excellence. A perfectionist is one who has this characteristic.

Perfectionism in psychology- is a personality trait characterized by a person’s striving for flawlessness and setting excessively high-performance standards, accompanied by overly critical self-evaluations and concerns regarding others’ evaluation. Wikipedia

Some people in our world believe that perfectionism is a good standard, and desirable while imperfection is deemed as bad or negative. There are people who think that everyone else needs perfection, yet they know it does not exist within them.

Bosses want their employees to be flawless on the job. Parents want their kids to be the best and outshine their neighbors.

Perfectionists want their work and themselves to be perfect.

With the idea that this is positive, is perfectionism really an absolute or universal value?

I have friends that are the best food preparers, cooks, or chefs in the world. They can make the best desserts with great perfection. Many of them make beautiful cakes, pies, and casseroles that will melt in your mouth.

I Am Not The Perfect Chef

I am not the perfect cake, pie, or casserole chief. If they turn out well, I am pleased, if they do not; I am not embarrassed or throw it in the garbage. My family will eat them if they are edible.

There is nothing wrong with being a wonderful cook. It is a talent, and yes, there are many praises for those people. However, this is not my best talent. When my family does not complain, I am happy and that is what is important.

I do try to prepare something that I know will turn out well when we have an event at church. Sometimes what I prepare does well, and a few times, it has not. I have learned what I can prepare that will fit right in. It may be a crockpot of smoked sausage.

There are other talents I feel good about; they are not perfect, but, they give me satisfaction.

Perfection Depends upon Who Is Looking

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder, and it is an idea. It will not help you to be happy. When you look at life with the perception that you must try to be perfect, you are diminishing your happiness.

Actually, perfection means satisfaction. You feel good about what you have done, and if you are satisfied with yourself; that should be enough. The next project will not turn out with perfection.

Perfection And Imperfection Are Therefore Merely Attached Values

The narrative here does not suggest that perfectionism is necessarily a trait not to have. However, perhaps perfectionism can cast a controlling net over your expression of happiness. There should be a balance as with all things in life.

One can reach their required goals with or without being a perfectionist. To be a perfectionist, on the other hand, leaves very little room for one to accept and love oneself unconditionally when the desired goal is lost.

In addition, when your desires fail, you will feel unhappy or cannot be fully satisfied.

The Truth…

By being a perfectionist, your mind will be forever planning and thinking about the future or lamenting about what went wrong in the past.

Because of these tendencies, many perfectionists are unable to feel satisfaction. It is because in their perception they never seem to do things good enough to warrant that feeling of contentment.

How To Start Your Morning With a Happy Mindset

Try a Happy Song, and get the feel-good…

When People Try To Have Happiness for Today and Every Day

People who seem the happiest appear to accept life for what it is. Life is never dull; it is full of all kinds of actions, reactions, and sometimes difficult. By focusing on the good, not the bad, these individuals turn on the smile and get through the difficult parts with more ease.

They may not be the best at knowing how to make today a happy day, but they indulge themselves in the efforts.

When a person decides to take the difficult moments, learn something from them, and move forward, they thrive better. They realize their life is better than most. When a person learns to accept, instead of feeling sorry for themselves, their life can turn into something more profound.

They feel blessed to have a job to go to, and that their happy song will play while they wait for the traffic to move.

Here is another example of a happy person who enjoys their family responsibilities, their work, and their life in general:
  • Oh, I feel good today, and I can’t wait to get this day moving
  • I am so thankful for my life, family, and work
  • Let me get to work to get the issues from yesterday resolved
  • I am thankful for my health and I am lucky to have what I have
  • Today is going to be a great day, and I am so blessed

What Studies Show About Happy People Who Have Somewhat Learned How To Make Today and Every Day a Happy Day

Studies indicate that happy people have included themselves in social groups that have the same values, feelings, thinking, and do things as they do. They mingle and belong, and keep themselves positive.

Some lifestyles carry heavy burdens, however, if you constantly express the negative things aloud, they will become prominent. That will be the focus, and then the outcome, regardless of what does or does not occur.

Traits Of Happy People Who Know How To Have Happiness 

Mindful of others is associated with happiness. Some people love to give gifts to make other people happy. They expect nothing in return.

Gratitude is essential to life, if a person is not grateful for waking up, one more day, how will they live many tomorrows? When you look at the bright side of life, you are having faith that whatever transpires today, you will survive.

Just For The Record

The mind is a terrible thing to waste on unpleasant things, memories, and those things we have no control over. When you caress what makes your life good, and how fortunate you actually are, you can feel the happiness you are longing for.

You cannot obtain happiness from outside sources; you must be happy from within, irrelevant of your surroundings. Is this possible, look around you, find someone who is suffering, and worse off than you are, and you will then see the meaning.

“There is no greater gift than the happiness, that you can give to yourself.”

this author * also see quotes by Oprah here

Simply give it up and learn “Happiness for Today and Every Day.”


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