How to Stay Motivated on Monday Morning

How to Stay Motivated on Monday Morning…changing your mindset…is one way- post updated 02-04-23

It is very easy to lose motivation and get distracted when we start our work week. The distractions from the weekend and life things can interrupt our self-consciousness. But, there are a few ways to stay motivated and not let the Monday blues crush us. We do not try to tell you that one shoe fits all but these How To Stay Motivated On Monday Morning will help you learn what is best for you.

We can start by setting goals for ourselves. It is important to set small, achievable goals that we can easily accomplish on a daily basis. These goals should be specific and measurable so that we know when they are completed. It is also important to reward ourselves with something that we enjoy after completing these small tasks.

We can also try to make Mondays more enjoyable by doing something new each day or by getting involved in some kind of activity with our coworkers. We can also spend time with friends or family members on Mondays and do something fun together like going out for dinner or watching a movie together at home.

How to Keep Smiling When You’re Feeling Down

People always say “smile” when you feel down. But sometimes, it is hard to smile when you don’t feel like it. Sometimes, the best way to get back on your feet is to find something that will make you smile.

The first step is to recognize what makes you happy and what doesn’t. When we are feeling down, we may not be able to control our emotions and thoughts as well as we would like. So it can be difficult to know how we should react in a situation that would make us happy or sad or angry or any other emotion. One way around this difficulty is recognizing what doesn’t make us happy and avoiding those things, because they won’t help us get out of our current mood (e.g., watching TV).

What Makes You Smile For No Reason

a woman sitting at a table in front of a windowThink about someone or something that has brought you recent joy. Who was it and what made you want to laugh your head off? Was it your dad who told you how wonderful you are? Could it be your mom who asked you why you came to see her every other day? Was it your child who told you that you were the best mom in the world? Could it be your spouse who brought you flowers for no reason? Think about it.

Monday Motivation Tips for a Successful Week Ahead

We know that Monday is the most dreaded day of the week. It often seems like the whole world is against you and you just want to stay in bed all day. But don’t give up! Here are some Monday motivation tips that will help you get through this tough day.

1. Wake up early:

Waking up early on a Monday helps to set your mood for the day and gives you time to prepare for what’s ahead. Try to wake up at least 30 minutes earlier than usual, it will make a huge difference in your mood and productivity levels.

2. Drink some coffee:

The first thing that people crave on a Monday is their morning coffee, so why not start your morning with it? There are plenty of benefits of drinking coffee including increased alertness. Also, start the day with some fruit that you love, don’t go to work without having some nourishment. You need the energy.

3. Start With A Calm Mindset of Success:

A calm mind is a healthy mind. Keeping your mind calm is of key importance. If let your mind ramble about your biggest problem, you will get off track.  To achieve most of life’s accomplishments, one must have the ability to take one moment at a time, with calmness of thought.

You know in your heart that you are blessed just to wake up (which you are). It is time to count your blessings. That alone will give you some momentum to keep a smile on your face and a thankful heart. There are individuals all over the world who are suffering from hunger, illness, death, lack of sufficient income, and much more.  If you and your family can get out of bed, have a great breakfast, get into your car, and get to work (or work from home)…you are blessed.

So What Should We Tell Ourselves Just to Get Started

Stay Inspired

Motivation: We have the opportunity to make another person smile by being motivated ourselves. It is always a blessing to see someone else happy even in the midst of trouble. Try thinking about how another person views you.

Try not to be negative about anything and especially work. If you want to impress your manager, try being consistently and sincerely motivated. Always be willing to perform and help those around you, if needed. Companies want to promote individuals who:

“Have the ability to stand out from the crowd and that is how to influence people and win friends. Being genuine, sincere, and having conquered the art of listening to others. Knowing yourself, and being conscious of your actions, and mindful of other people is essential.”


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