The Attainable-Charles Krauthammer

The Attainable-Charles Krauthammer- a man fit to be king…

Mr. Krauthammer died from cancer. He was only 68 years of age. Updated- On June 21st, 2018

If you are feeling like it is impossible to obtain your deepest desires, this post is definitely for you. Grab his book, read his own words, and obtain, the attainable.

This is one of my favorite people, not because he was a famous journalist, Fox commentator, columnist, or Doctor of Psychology. It is how he became all of these titles and had the grit, courage, and stamina that he forced himself to have. He has a brilliant mind, and did not settle for “I can’t.”

Charles Krauthammer is one of the most outstanding examples of attainable goals, wishes, dreams, and proof; nothing should stand in the way of a final destination.

The attainable is quite different from obtainable; meaning that which is obtainable is that which we can get, acquire, or procure through an effort or by request. It is already there. The attainable is to achieve or accomplish; to reach or arrive at in space or time….especially after labor or tedium, or reaching. If we reach for it enough, work for it enough; study enough, then we gain the knowledge to attain our goals. RE: Dictionary; Paraphrased.

Charles Krauthammer Success Story

Things That Matter

Charles Krauthammer is definitely a success story and one most of us would like to close our eyes to imagine our success similar to his. At some level, but not with the same journey, only proclaiming the same results.

Currently, he is all of the titles mentioned above and the author of “Things That Matter.”  It is no question that he has knowledge of what really matters in life. Mr. Krauthammer does not dwell long upon the injury that he was dealt with since he was in his twenties. In fact, he didn’t fret, complain, or to any extent discuss the full details of the horrors of his experience.

He mentioned some of it in the special program on Fox News a few years ago, but there is no evidence or signs of disappointment in his life. He, in fact, seemed to feel more motivated by it, in the way he explains this terrible, unforeseen accident which by all means caused a postponement but not an end to his life plans.

It is evident from his success that at some point, he had to change his thoughts. The accident was a dive into a pool, and the top of his head hit the bottom of the pool. He was paralyzed from his waist down.

When the reporter in the Fox News special asked when he knew his permanent condition, he replied that he immediately knew he was paralyzed. He was out having a little fun as he began his first year of medical school at Harvard, in New York. He first attended McGill University and in 1970 he obtained a degree in political science and economics in Montreal before returning to the States.

Charles Krauthammer Let Nothing Stand in Front but his Desire and Profound Determination and a Final Result

Mr. Krauthammer was unable to attend his classes for a long period of time, but nothing stopped him when he regained the ability to think, study, read, and continue his life plan.

He would have them turn his bed upside down so that he could read, and study.  In 1975 he graduated from Harvard with his original class having earned his M.D. He went on to be a Board Certified Doctor of Psychiatry.

He married his girlfriend before the accident; who was Robyn Trethewey.  They have a son.

After he decided to move to Washington, D.C.; his career slightly took another turn as he became well known, if not famous for his ability to be an editor and writer for a D.C. newspaper. He was also a speechwriter for Vice President Mondale.  He also began writing for The Washington Post where he won the Pulitzer Prize for commentary.

There Was This Great Ability to Expound His Knowledge

If you have ever watched cable TV, you have probably seen Mr. Krauthammer.  His communication is astounding and genuine and he possesses the knowledge which would only seem appropriate for two or three people.

You can listen to his words flow without much or any effort, and you can tell by the attention of the individuals on the panel; that he knows exactly what he is talking about.

He doesn’t take over the conversation or raise his voice; he simply expounds what he has to say about the subject clearly and concisely, with much confidence.

It appears from watching him, that his mind stores a lot about everything. Not just the introduction, or chapter one, but the entire book on each subject.  He can analyze it from what is logical, not just from one popular party’s view, but from all views.  How could he not when he has obtained the American Pulitzer Prize award for his special ability as a commentator?

He gained much more than this award as a syndicated columnist and political commentator, and the fact he also is a board-certified medical doctor, but he has the respect of most of Washington, D.C. He has a strong ability to influence others in more than just his words.

He has proven that with focus it is possible to make life goals attainable with determination. For everyone, where there is a mind, heart, and soul within the human body.

It is possible and proven that anyone can obtain the attainable!

Elaboration of the Meanings of Attainable is required to attain that which we desire

From a review of the definitions, both words (attainable – attain) are similar, but we know they have different final meanings. Is the attainable that which is only visible with the naked eye? We know that isn’t true. It is that force that is from within, even after our plight has been shot down by the unknown. In other words, it doesn’t matter what the outside appears to be or looks like, it is what lies within.

It is that which we have left when there is nothing else and we dare have anyone or anything tell us differently.  Does it have anything to do with “what the mind can believe, the mind can achieve?”

What is required to attain (reach, achieve, accomplish, gain, or arrive) at what gives us the most satisfaction in life? What are the odds, conflicts, sets backs, bridges to cross, disappointments, valleys, byways, and highways that we must cross or overcome?

Mr. Krauthammer and his powers within, determined “world” success.  He did strive for the outcome of “world” success.

It is doubtful he wanted to show the world proof of anything. More than likely he was just interested in proving to one person (himself),  that all things are attainable.

If we desire something without wavering, quitting, or giving up, the end results change the unattainable to attainable.

Make your dreams attainable…

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