Daily Devotional-Forgiving Our Fellowman

Daily Devotional-Forgiving Our Fellowman

Daily Devotional-Forgiving Our Fellowman is essential for living a life that is constantly seeking how to live by The Word of God…

We humans often get bombarded with hurt from other people. Someone says something that isn’t true. Another person speaks to us as if they think they are better than we are. Humans err and they will continue to do so. That is just the truth that we admit.

However, our feelings get trapped in despair and we begin to need retribution, we think. If we are living a life that is mandated by the Bible…we must pray and let the Lord take care of the situation.

As hard as it is sometimes, it is necessary to forgive and remember what this verse says about forgiveness…

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Daily Devotional Prayer

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“Lord, you know my heart and soul and you know how I am hurting. I want to abide by your commandments so please give me a quiet, humble spirit, and let me forgive as you have forgiven me. Amen “

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Daily Wisdom

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“You cannot be free from a given situtation unless you forgive and forget.”

“You will not always get an apology for a wrong that occurred, you will be free when you say to yourself, I don’t need an apology, I forgive.”

“Love covers a multitude of sin, regardless of who sinned. If Jesus forgives, you must forgive or you won’t be forgiven.”

“If you do not forgive, you are wasting precious time. You are miserable, you are unhappy, and you are not peaceful. But, when you let it go, and accept that all things work to the good of those who trust in God, everythings changes.”

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