25 Truths About Life You Need

25 Truths About Life You Need

25 Truths About Life You Need – Some things in life you have no control over regardless of how you try…and you cannot get through life without facing reality… however, there are some truths that you should try to change if you want a better life…

Life, Faith & Truth does not want you to think that we are set on being negative…however, there are times when the truth and facts of life should be spoken in plain English. Some people try to overlook the things which can cause people more harm by not talking about them. We believe that you must accept the not-so-good, to be capable of seeing and accepting the good things in life…Tell us what you think!

It is often problematic for most individuals to accept the things they have no control over. Real Life -has some of those you must accept or you will only be miserable trying to correct them. Then there are those things that most people could change and do not simply because they do not see how their actions are detaining their happiness and peaceful living.

Trust Yourself...

  • Life has no promises. It is up to you to make your life worthwhile. You cannot wait for anything to come to you, you must put forth the effort to find the path you want to travel.
  • Every day of your life is NOT going to be a happy, blissful, or positive one. There will be sadness, grief, pain, rejection, anger, hostility, and frustration.  The key facts are; you cannot always change these disadvantages but you can change how you allow yourself to react to them.
  • There are no set rules that will automatically make you rich and famous. In fact, if you are searching for wealth and fame instead of peace and happiness, you had probably better change your mindset to the latter.
  • If you do become rich and famous; you cannot take it with you. What you give way is far more important than if you hoard it for the future which is an uncertain destiny anyway.
  • The truth you speak may set you free, however, it does not always set you free in other people’s minds. Especially if it involves them or their actions. It can cause friendships to turn sour.
  • You cannot control another person’s mind or actions. It is only yours that you have control over.
  • Seeking to be the most knowledgeable person in the crowd, is not always favorable. Why? The crowd is going to throw you under the bus if you make one simple mistake.
  • You must not let another individual destroy your confidence. Only you know how much you have studied, worked, and fought to build your strengths and know what you know.
  • If you do not have compassion; one day you will fall flat on your face and no one will be there to lend you a hand.

⇒     Being humble … is very important in these 25 Truths About Life You Need

no matter how big your house is...

  • You cannot follow the crowd, even if they are your best friends. Some people lose their cool and go into unchartered waters.  Keeping your own sense of values, perspective, and what is most important is for your better good. Getting off the ship is far more important than standing with the crowd trying to make sense of where you lost your judgment when the ship crashes.
  • Just because something looks beautiful doesn’t mean it is something lasting. You cannot make choices based on how something or someone looks. There must be an inward connection that tells you more than what you see outwardly.
  • Being a whining person makes other people despise you.

Don’t Compete…be yourself and be confident is another important factor of these 25 Truths About Life You Need

A flower does not compete; it just blooms

  • Always trying to be positive will make other people envy you; that’s okay, it will help them to try to improve themselves.
  • Stop being a martyr -enrolling in a self-help course is probably the best solution if this is a prolonged journey. You will get people’s attention more by being strong than you can by being weak.
  • You cannot be an influence on other people if you are not an authentic person. You must care about other people’s feelings, and never make anyone feel less than you, without knowledge or understanding. Respect for other people will enhance their ability to listen to your knowledge.
  • It is best not to overrate yourself in knowledge about any subject. Why? You never know who reads the latest books on the subjects you talk about.
  • Humans make mistakes and that is not a character flaw. It becomes a flaw when mistakes are done over and over again and hurt someone else.
  • Love is not about always being right, love is when you allow someone else to be right when they are actually wrong.
  • You have a God-given talent. It may be to simply make other people laugh. People need laughter in their life. It doesn’t matter what it is, it is yours. Put it to use, cherish it, and believe that even a small sprout in the earth can bloom into something big with the right nourishment.

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⇒ One More Thing…

Quote Something to Remember

We create our life by the choices we make…

There is much more to be said about life truths, and inspiration for life, but we will wait until another time…join us and let us know what your truths are and how you master them. Linda 

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