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When Life Feels Out of Control

Life Faith and Truth Focus

Living a good life and living your best life cannot always be put into words for everyone. However, one of the most suitable suggestions for living a good life was from a book by Brian Luke Seaward, PhD … Stand Life Mountain Flow Like Water

Living your life real while growing personally is key to a balanced and happy life. When we say ‘real’ we mean…focusing on the life things that truly matter.

Our questions are: What Are Your Life Goals and Are You Living Your Best Life– while living it real? 

Life is a Journey

Life is a journey for everyone where our life goals can be reached while living life “real,” and living with a purpose. The journey while working toward your life goals is one of the most important steps in having a good life.

Each step and every effort you make in life must have a focus on the moment you are in. Decisions must be based on what is most important in having a good life.  

Why should you have life goals and how to reach your coveted destination? What is “real” life? How is “real” life supposed to be lived? Life is a journey from birth forward and of course, it has many paths…different for each of us. 

“In all of life’s endeavors, every individual must be inspired and determined to make their life something more than just existing. Dreams must come true.

If you lack determination and have no inspiration, your life will veer off course. Procrastination will destroy what you could have accomplished. Simple facts…”

What We Know For Sure

When Life Turns a Page

Life’s Meaning and What Is Required To Live Life Real?

We know that to live a truly real, satisfying, and peaceful life, we must have the following:

• Self Awareness

• Principles

• Courage

Attributes of Self-Awareness

• Wisdom

• Trustworthy

• Authenticity

• Meekness

• Confidence

• Knowing your value while

• Knowing the value of others

The Principles of Life…in our goals for Life Faith and Truth Focus

• Courage

• Let go of fear

• Never stop dreaming

• Believe in yourself

• Climb that mountain one step at a time

The Principle Institute by: Natasha Swerdloff  gives these direct three principles:

• Mind: “Is the source of intelligence behind all of life.”

• Consciousness: “Is that which allows all of us to be aware of Life.” and

• Thought:  The Principle of thought is the power behind a life that creates the full range of human experiences.

It is evident that our mind, consciousness, and thoughts are very important to our self-awareness, principles of life, and a good life.

“Regardless of your pursuits in life, you must find your own way. You keep seeking the methods that work, the right roadways, adventures, and paths that will bring you gratification, while overcoming the “roadblocks.”



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Most humans have their own conclusions about how they view life’s journey. The particular phrase Life Is A Journey includes those things that give us hope.

It also means that we believe that triumphs, victories, success, learning, laughter, tears of joy, and beautiful things are meant for all humans. However, there are also times of discomfort, stress, pain, misunderstanding, and failure. 

There may be detours, stop signs, and roadblocks, that must be tackled but grace, courage, determination, and adjusting our lives to the positive will bring good results. 

The Truth That We Acknowledge

There Are Life Challenges You Must Conquer

“We know that we cannot play life, it must be lived with great care.” Truth is being authentic, genuine, the “real” deal, saying what is true, and living in truth. If you vary from “truth” you will get side railed and lost.

Reality Is Truth

The truth is that we are not always happy.  As one Psychologist stated- “Life is sometimes unfair.”

However, you must spread your wings to get to where you want to be…

To live one’s best life is to face the consequences of our behaviors and change the course. We often seek the things that make us miserable.

“When we face reality and stop to take a closer look at our behavior, we know that life can be lived in harmony with the universe.”

“Life is good, you can make mistakes, you can recover, and you can live it well. It is how we live it at the end that really matters.”


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Another great source we use with permission is: Dr. Peter Shepherd – Transforming The Mind


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