What Is Happiness and What It Isn’t

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What Is Happiness and What It Isn't

What Is Happiness and What It Isn’t –here to remind you that people get happiness mixed up with “things” that bring pleasure…and wind up being in a state of sadness…

While flipping through the news on my phone, I saw something that sounded an alarm. It reported that a singer who is widely known acknowledged that: “he needed God or he could not survive in this world.”

The above should indicate to all humans that success, money, being well-known, being beautiful, talented, or brilliant, and more, do not constitute a state of happiness.

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Happiness for many people is considered contentment, satisfaction, feeling peaceful, and self-sufficiency without needing or seeing the need for something more. Linda

Britannica: happiness, in psychology, is a state of emotional well-being that a person experiences either in a narrow sense, when good things happen in a specific moment, or more broadly, as a positive evaluation of one’s life and accomplishments overall—that is, subjective well-being. Happiness can be distinguished both from negative emotions (such as sadness, fear, and anger) and also from other positive emotions (such as affection, excitement, and interest). This emotion often co-occurs with a specific facial expression: the smile.

Humans and Life

As humans, we each add up our life experiences a little differently. It is easier for some people to have happiness than it is for others. Why? Some people are satisfied with the way God made them.

They love being themselves, just the way they are, with their own talents and successes. These people do not make excuses, they just enjoy being themselves.

They are at peace within their soul as they have learned there is a higher power who can benefit them when they need it most. No, everyone does not believe in this higher power, the God who made them.

Yes, that is a choice. However, just as the man mentioned above, there are some things in life that require a greater capacity to heal and mend, the body, mind, and soul.

The choices on earth can often give relief from the many imbalances. The doctors who give medicine for drug addiction, alcoholism, and mental illness, only do so much.

However, the people who take their total concerns and problems to the Highest Power, God, The Father can learn to survive again more successfully. It has been proven over and over and in many forms.

What Happiness Isn’t and Why Do Some People Have Less Happiness

Many people look outside of themselves as the cause of their unhappiness or frustration. After all, wouldn’t life be practically perfect if we had everything we wanted without having to work so hard for it?

Wouldn’t it be great if the significant people in our lives would simply do things the way we want them to or do what we think is best for them? Actually, this is the kind of thinking that perpetuates misery!

Happiness isn’t about having the largest house on the block, the most money in the bank, or status. No, there is nothing wrong with that; if you obtained it all ethically. However, possessions, in life will not satisfy the soul of man.

Very often possessions bring with them more sorrow than joy. Some individuals never get enough, and never become truly contented which leads to various obstructive choices and actions.

The State Of Being Content

Many people are not easily contented with who they are. They want more, they seek something that enables them to feel good, acceptable, and prominent.

Instead of trying to see their own qualities and efficiencies, they desire to try and outshine the next person. When they do not accomplish their goals, this can lead to more discontentment. Such things bring about deception, distrust, insufficiency, and often destruction.

Most of today’s problems that create unhappiness are due to choices. The choices made by the individual from the dissatisfaction with what is going on around them.

What Brings A Solution to What is Happiness and What Isn’t for More Happiness

• Start by being thankful for what you have been able to obtain.

• Learning to look within, searching your soul to make sure you are seeking what is most important while making sure your ethics match up.

• Seeking peace and joy from within and not seeking outside influences to make you happy.

• Learning to slow down to analyze the choices you make, while contemplating the consequences of your actions.

• Accepting the fact that everything in life is not acquired overnight, life things take time, if not today, maybe tomorrow.

• Good things come to those who wait.

• There is no rainbow without rain.

• You will never own the world, you will only live within it for a time. Don’t lose precious days of your life wanting, needing, or searching for something that does not exist.

Living peacefully is where Happiness is found…love yourself, love others, be contented, and just be yourself!

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