Daily Inspiration In Difficult Times

Daily Inspiration in Difficult Times

Why Is Daily Inspiration In Difficult Times Important- it will give you added strength and courage…

Daily inspiration helps us to stay focused on God’s love, no matter what else is going on in our daily lives. In today’s world, there is such a high level of challenge and rapid change happening for most of us. This means that it has become even more important to find a way to stay connected with our hearts, and with our inner connection with spirit.

How Do We Go Within For Daily Inspiration In Difficult Times

There are many ways we can tap into our inner connection with God and spirit; however, it is not always simple to do so. The demands of daily life can be compelling and can cause us to forget our connection to our spirit.

The regular spiritual practice of prayer or meditation for some people can be very helpful in focusing thought, energy, and intention toward God. Even five or ten minutes a day can have a significant beneficial impact on an entire day.

Spiritual Transformation *not everyone explains spiritual transformation the same 

The process of spiritual transformation involves the release of everything within us that has been out of balance and out of harmony with God’s love and His Word. The process of spiritual awakening is realizing our soul and spirituality are what can sustain us in difficult times is essential.

The problems manifesting in our world are an expression of this imbalance and are being manifested now. The chaos is overwhelming for many people, countries, and even those who recognize the importance of God. At this time on the earth there is a great deal of negative energy surfacing and releasing into all cultures. You see it every day from earthquakes to protests, to fatal crimes, war, and much more.

Many of these negative occurrences would not happen if humanity’s consciousness evolved towards a greater connection with their spirit, and the presence of God who made this whole universe. His light would strengthen all of the earth. A spiritual awakening is needed for all of humanity and then it would illuminate within all of us everything that has been kept many separated from God’s love.

That is why each individual should take the time each and every day for inspiration that not only affects themselves but others as well. This includes searching their own spiritual being, their heart, and their soul and making sure their life is intertwined with what makes their life most peaceful.

The spirit of God will manifest Himself into a being who asks forgiveness for sins and believes in the Lord Jesus Christ.  This would release the evil that is flowing through the world today. It would bring purification that would affect all of us, especially sensitive souls who are attuned to the spiritual levels of reality.

Why Daily Inspiration In Difficult Times- Is so Important Now

Staying connected to a source of spiritual nourishment and inspiration each day helps us to avoid getting immersed in the negative energies that are present, and helps us to feel nourished and sustained during difficult times.

Some people feel these negative energies (what is going on in the world around them) physically or in their consciousness, and some people feel this energy at night in their dreams. Many people now are feeling these energies emotionally, and are not aware that what they are feeling is related to much a larger process than their own individual emotional challenges.

Our individual spiritual healing journey needs to include praying for the transformation of all of humanity. It is not always possible to discern what is needed for our own personal healing. We pray and wonder why we are not healed of what bothers us most. However, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” Psalms 46:1

The Bible states that: “Heaven and Earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.” Matthew 24: 35

How To Help Conquer Your Emotions and Fears

When you become aware of difficult emotions or fear, there are three things that can help to move toward a different outlook:

  1. Be aware of what you are feeling at any given moment.
  2. Release any judgment or fear associated with the emotions or fear you are experiencing
  3. Ask God to transform and transmute your fear and emotions that are contrary to salvation and His Spirit.

During the process of seeking a greater understanding of your spiritual self, salvation, and spirituality; it is essential to stay connected with God. Seek daily inspiration by reading the Word of God, and with others of like mind and like heart who can share the journey with you.

This will help you to strengthen love and faith. It is not easy to overcome old habits that created unconsciousness and a disconnection from our hearts, souls, and the spirit of God. Support is needed, and daily spiritual practices and inspiration are the nourishment that sustains all those who seek to know The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.

Summary for Daily Inspiration In Difficult Times

Your willingness and commitment to stay connected with God’s love bring many rewards such as greater inner peace, more equanimity during times of challenge, and a growing sense of confidence in your ability to feel God’s love.

You are also helping other people around you because they can see the reflection in you of being a better person, one who has spiritual peacefulness. When you are radiating love and light, and focusing your attention on God’s love, then your presence has a beneficial impact on those around you.

In reaching out to God each day, focusing our hearts on receiving more of God’s love, we are able to find a pathway through the challenges of life today. Even during times of difficulty, a new doorway begins to open, toward a new possibility for ourselves and for humanity.

Keep connected to your spiritual self and daily inspiration.


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