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The Power of Inspiration to Transform Your Life

Inspiration To Lift You Up -Today and Everyday!!!

Inspiration never grows old. It is something that we all need daily with all of the world’s issues, our country’s issues, and the day-to-day challenges of life. To be point blank-there is too much criticism, judgment, and a lack of tolerance of our fellow man.

This should not be in a free country such as ours. However, it is…so let’s start today with something more positive while being inspired ourselves and think about how we can inspire those around us.

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When You Can’t Think Straight

“If you are bogged down…take a walk alone, just you, nature and God. Let your spirit dwell on all the things that God has made. He makes no mistakes. He made you, and you are strong, gifted and loved. You will be surprised how you will feel after you walk in the stillness of His presence and perfection.”

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“Children learn by listening to those around them and their teachers. Adults would greatly beneift by listening to those who have something to say, or even by observing where they are. You can learn something of value from the beggar on the street, and the lowest man on the corporate ladder.” 

Be calm and pause

Be Calm

“If someone insults you and disrespects you…pause and be calm. If necessary walk away. If not then speak with the calmest voice you have and say the least expected. Thank them for their input and tell them how knowledgable they are. Then with poise and calm continue what you were doing. This will flatten their high opinion of themself.”

Be an inspiration to others

Remember the Following



No One Can Whistle A Symphony

“No one can whistle a symphoy, It takes an orchestra to play it.” Halfor E. Luccock

Trust Yourself...


Life is not a game. It is not about competing for the highest prize. Nor, is it about being beautiful, the most intelligent, or the billionnaire. Life is serious, every decision you make is importnat and can detter your life experience in a positive or negative manner. If you get too busy, too smart, too arrogrant, too mindful of those things in life that actually do not matter much…you can miss the best life you could have had.

Life is not a playhouse. You can’t fake it, do it halfway, live without respecting others, yourself and God. It is important to make sure you are authentic, realistic, sincere, and care about how your life affects other people. You do not live alone in this world.”

“What you do with your life is your business, However, how it affects your presence in the world is how you will be remembered.”

Take time each day to reflect on your actions, re-actions and re-think what you might have done differently. However, don’t be afraid to uplift yourself if you do not find any dangers in those things.”

Humans will be human, they often speak without thinking. It is wise to note that words are powerful, they can hurt another soul, cause hard feelings and destroy confidence. Make sure you pay attention to your words.”

It is okay to make mistakes; we all do, however make sure you seek redemption where needed.

See Yourself 

Look in the mirror

“Look in the mirror, see yourself before judging others.”


See Your Own Qualities 

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“You must believe in your own capabilities and not let anyone tear you down. You have God-given qualities that no one else has. If you are keeping them hidden, you are not being fair to yourself. Let them shine, let yourself be the person you are meant to be. Don’t be Afraid!”


“While signing off on Inspiration To Lift You Up…we will be back later to continue our endeavors to inspire you.” Please join us.

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