Positive Changes For An Inspirational Life

Positive Changes For An Inspirational Life

 Positive Changes For An Inspirational Life –When we center ourselves in life and start to see the significance -we decide upon-Positive Changes For An Inspirational Life

Too often we become enmeshed in competition, or our ego screams for attention when really all our spirit wants is for us to unleash our brilliant gifts into the world. You can’t take it with you so aim high and bring that brilliance forth. What is not given is lost forever. We proceed to say…don’t let it happen.

If you have visited our site often, you realize that we speak a lot about inspiration for the mind, body, and soul. Why? Because these are the most important assets we have in life and that is what needs the most attention. With these, we operate in society, and we must be functional with the mind, and healthy in the body, and our soul must be filled with the right purposes for a good life.

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We Are Not Talking About Being Evil

Not evil

We are not declaring that you are evil, out to only serve yourself or malfunction. We all need change, in all areas of our life, and even in one’s spiritual journeys. (Another post, another time).

If you can’t find the inspiration for change within your life, your life will go forward as it is. Possibly destructively and without purpose. You do not want that and that is why we are speaking today about Inspiration to Change.

Change Is Not Always Easy…but often necessary…

Be the Change

Change is difficult for many people. Often our whole identity is wrapped up in what we’ve learned as children. Will it work for us in adulthood, when dealing with different people, and allow us to survive, thrive and fit in?

While some people have had to learn to thrive during change and learned to be adaptable by being open to new ideas and embracing change. Many others have had to fight for survival and every table scrap that came their way. Behavior is learned and it takes work to unlearn and dismantle these old beliefs.

The truth of the matter is that winning is always possible. When you can see beyond the ego and recognize the abundance that is available; people, minds, and ideas come together. This can create amazing changes that improve the current scenarios for many, many people.

When you work with people who have an abundant and generous attitude, you are uplifted, the team soars, and amazing energy and creativity is unleashed. This is much harder to do, to sustain, and to elevate within others when you encounter individuals driven by the thought of scarcity and competition.

When People Are Inspired to Bring Changes

Positive Change

People like Steve Jobs are visionaries that have sought to bring about such shifts in society and in business. One thing I’ve learned along the way is that it is often better to take the high road. This isn’t about judging others as wrong or seeing yourself as better than others.

It is about recognizing your truth as to how you wish to be in the world. Don’t compromise your integrity. Nor should you get caught up in the competition.

See the vision, see the outcome, feel the purpose and passion you’re driven to offer the world, and give it freely. We all die. You can’t take anything from this life with you. So give what you have to offer the world. What is not given is lost forever.

Positive Changes For An Inspirational Life– What is your vision?

If your a vision to truly bring about positive changes and serve others, how it is accomplished becomes less important, and seeing it accomplished becomes more important.


While it may be a blow to your ego when others criticize your inspiration, or someone takes the credit for something you’ve introduced, holding fast to the benefits for everyone will often soften the sting.

You do need to pick and choose those places where you’ll offer yourself, the key is to evaluate whether it is serving a common good. When you’re getting compensated for your contributions, gratitude would serve your spirit of peace. If you continually feel abused and stomped on, maybe it is time to move on to a more collaborative team, as well as a more receptive and appreciative audience.

Knowing that you are accomplishing your purpose and living your passion will be rewarded. In time, it will be recognized. Imposters will eventually be seen and heart and soul will always outlast the mind and ego.

Along the way, through the journey that is your life and career, you will need to hold fast to the true inner qualities and nature of the brilliance that are you. Don’t allow these negative experiences to become something that undermines your value. You are not the negative experience.

Often, the negativity you experience from others is more a reflection of them and less about who you are.

Summary…for Positive Changes For An Inspirational Life 

We all have different lenses, different gifts, different wiring, and different experiences. The difference is not something to be judged. It is a gift of diversity that brings the pieces of the puzzle of life together and creates a society, a solution, a technology, etc., together which benefits all humans.

Never doubt yourself when others cannot see the vision you see. Keep true, keep your intentions, and you will attract the right support, the right people, and the right opportunities. Lower the ego and aim high the vision.

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