Your Best Life-What Matters Most

Your Best Life-What Matters Most

Life Things Big and Small-Your Best Life-What Matters Most post updated 05-12-2023

Simply put… your life is meant to be lived in actuality, sincerity, peace, and happiness. We urge you to take stock of how you are living your life to make sure you are getting all the benefits that are yours for the taking.

“If you are not living your life “real” you are not living your best life, and if it is not about what matters most in life, you may be faking it.”

No matter how hard you try to fake the life that matters, you will become more dissatisfied. You will have less contentment without that peaceful feeling that comes when you are living life with a balance of what matters most.

Let’s Distinguish Real Life From Those Things Which Do Not Matter

You may be thinking to yourself…”what is real life?” My answer is: When you live life in reality it is, “when the heart and soul feel peace and comfort.” You then know you are doing something right.

Real Life Meaning

…life as it is lived in reality, involving unwelcome as well as welcome experiences, is distinct from a fictional world.  re:

Meaning to many in the world “Those things we think that make us look good, look rich, look important, and stand out to other people, in many cases, are fake.” What our neighbors are doing or not doing does not help or hurt us, unless we try to copy them.

Life is full of things good and bad. We survive the bad things by knowing what we have in life that is good. We spend so much time on things that really don’t matter at all. But what about the big stuff? The important things? What about the life-changing moments?

We must stop wasting our time on small, frivolous things and start spending it on what matters in life.

What Are Examples of These Small, Frivolous Things- that we should stop wasting our time on?

In the era of smartphones, we are constantly bombarded with emails, texts, and notifications. We are always on the go. All this leaves us with less time to focus on what’s important in life- family, friends, and happiness.

We should stop wasting our time on small things like checking our social media profiles or reading the news every day. It doesn’t matter if it is a few minutes or an hour- it’s still time that we could have spent more wisely.

It can be hard to resist checking our email when we get notifications from different apps. But these emails are often unimportant and can only distract us from what really matters in life.

Examples of OTHER things that do not matter, and usually are “fake” to those who want to “Live Their Best Life:”
  • the new car like the neighbors, no, actually, we need 2 of everything
  • that dress or outfit that fits like a glove and gets us noticed at work
  • the largest house on the block and the furniture to go with it
  • your kids going to the same school as the celebrities
  • a maid to do the dishes, wash the clothes and clean the house
  • breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the best restaurants
  • trying to be the best at everything even if it is impossible
  • no time for family as life is too busy and too important to take time away from job and friends

What Are Life Things That Matter– the real life?

When we start to talk about life things, we know that our conversations will never end as the journey of life moves forward.  Why, because life covers a multitude of subjects. Life is ever-evolving and it covers so much territory which means everything, and everything means all of life.  Sound crazy? Actually, it is just truth and life covers a multitude of things to talk about.

So…What “really” matters in life?

  • Family, Relationships, and Love
  • Good Health
  • Living in the freedom of life and faith
  • Opportunity to become…whatever your choosing
  • The ability to learn and grow in intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom

How Do You Live Your Best Life?

Review how you are living…how do you feel about your life?

If you do not take the time to review and think about your life, you will not know if you are living your best life or not. If you are living in auto mode most of the time, and many people do, you are simply existing in what you may feel is how your real life should be lived.

Questions you may need to explore about your life:

  • Family and family relationships with love are most important. So do you give love, do you feel loved, and if not…what are you going to do about it?
  • Are you truly happy or just accepting things as they are?
  • Do you enjoy your life, feel peaceful and look forward to going home every day after a hard day of work?
  • What shape are you in health-wise?
  • Are you pleased with your choice of work and work relationships?
  • Self-love, are you giving yourself the right amount of attention? Meaning peaceful thinking, happiness, free time, time to grow, pray, look within, and just be?

Distinguish Between What You Feel Is “Real” and What Is Not

It is important to distinguish between what you feel is “real” in your life and what is not. Whether it be a thought, feeling, or emotion, we need to be aware of how we are living our lives and what is really happening.

The world can be a place of many distractions with many things vying for our attention. We need to make sure that we are living the best life that we can for ourselves and those around us.


“No one has all the secrets to living life as it should be lived. Nor has anyone lived their entire life the way it should or, could have been lived. But, more importantly, the ones who are seeking to live life the best they can feel less regret and fear when it is about to end.”  —  Life Chats About Life Things

EndNote: We are not talking about a perfect life, we are just emphasizing that our hearts and minds must be set on what actually matters most in life.


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