How To Deal With Loneliness

How to Deal With Loneliness

How to Deal With Loneliness

We know that Loneliness is not just for Granny and we have probably all experienced it at some point. What is loneliness? How do we deal with it, and what are the effects of progressed loneliness?

Per Psychology, it is defined as the distressing experience that occurs when one’s social relationships are perceived to be less in quantity and especially in quality than desired. People can be alone without feeling lonely and can feel lonely even with other people.

Loneliness is also having an unpleasant emotional status from being alone, without much contact with others on a personal level, or isolation. Re: Wikipedia

“Don’t let loneliness vex your soul. Remember to be grateful and use the periods of loneliness to reflect on what is good within your life. You are probably so much better off than the person who is sitting on the ground somewhere wondering where their next bite of food is coming from.”

Find Someone to Have a “Life” Chat 

It is always soothing to the soul to have a “life chat” with a friend and sometimes it is because we are lonely and do not realize it.  Often it makes us feel better and releases those pent-up feelings of loneliness because we are holding things in. Loneliness is not just for granny or someone else, it can happen to anyone. Try talking to someone at the park, grocery store, or even the mailman. 

We often do not realize we need to talk, reminisce, and laugh about yesterday sometimes. It is only after we feel the freedom of letting it all out to someone we trust that we feel more alive again. We walk away feeling revived, refreshed, and empowered.

Who me, you might ask?  I don’t have time to be lonely or anything else, for that matter, you might add.  Surprisingly, you might find that you actually might be more lonely than you know.  Even with people around you, you could be depriving yourself of much-needed time to have a life chat with a friend.

The Statistics About Loneliness

It was printed some time ago in AARP that there are millions of older American people, who have in-depth conversations only with their co-workers. They go home and have conversations with their dogs or cats, and the people at the grocery store.

This isn’t history my friends, this is current events. The article stated that another 35 percent of 3,012 people surveyed who were 45 and up were chronically lonely, as rated on the UCLA Loneliness Scale.

These findings AARP also reported that loneliness was the same in all races, genders, and education levels.  Age does make a difference, but those that were said to be suffering the most are not the oldest among us. It was the adults in their 40s and 50s.

What Can We Learn About What We Do Not Recognize

So..what does this tell us about loneliness and ourselves?  The article reported that experts say that chronic loneliness is a boundless condition. It pushes individuals away from the relationships which comfort them and makes them happy.

Did you ever stop to think about this?  Maybe it is time to start thinking about these kinds of life things so that we can be more energetic and happier.

The loneliness which could someday be a part of our life, if it isn’t now could be one of the reasons we find ourselves unhappy.   One can be lonely even in a crowd and even with a companion, children, and extended family. 

There comes a time when one must search their day-to-day life to see if they are getting enough time for themselves to have conversations with friends (or family).  Sharing important thoughts and life perspectives of the day-to-day plan that keeps us all so busy, must in some way have a balance.  This is important to be able to vent, think, listen, and learn about ourselves and the people we call friends and family.

To Make More Friends, One Must Be Friendly

Another question is why do people who have become very lonely push away companionship.  Sometimes, it may not be that they mean to or do it intentionally.

Often people get into habits and do not know how to break them and become unresponsive to other individuals.  When people have chronic loneliness they then need a professional who can help them sort out what their true feelings are. They need to recognize why they might be pushing friendship away.  There may be a need to learn how to improve their behaviors and learn how to be more people-friendly.  To make friends one must be friendly.

When There Are No Children, Dogs, or Cats 

For those who do not have companions, children, or even a dog or cat; this could mean that it is high time you got one or all of them if needed. If you have no close friends, it may be time to try to form a connection with someone who also may be friendless. 

We know that relationships add dimension to our life and give us more to think about, someone to be with, trade ideas, thoughts with, and someone to share our inner feelings.

Everyone gets lonely every now and then and life would not be life if we did not.  We want to express that normal loneliness does not stay with us for long periods of time usually. There are things that come our way. Sooner or later we gain our ability to rise above the lonely feeling of losing a friend, a family member, a spouse, etc.  Time can help to heal these kinds of loneliness and we all know this from the life we have lived.

It May Be Time To Grow Some Flowers and Get That Loving Pet

Some people do not even have a green plant to feed and water which could give them a sense of caring for something to make it grow and flourish.  

Animals are live things, which are cute, lovable, friendly, do not talk back, do not hate (usually) always happy to see ya….and the list goes on.  These lovable creatures can keep an individual from going completely mad with loneliness. They can bring a spark of excitement when they arrive home and yea, every now and then some mess to clean up. But, hey….sometimes humans make worse messes than our adopted hairy friends.

Last But Not Least

black tablet computer on brown wooden table

One of the most comforting aspects of having a friendship with someone important is having the ability to talk to Him any time you choose. He is always there, you do not have to make an appointment with Him. 

He is waiting and you do not even have to tell Him your name. He is ever-present, always listening, always aware, and always there. He will comfort your lonely soul, bring hope if you have none, and give you the joy to continue your life in peace and rest. 

His Name is Jesus…

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