Do Character Flaws Come With Being Human

Do Character Flaws Come With Being Human

Do Character Flaws Come With Being Human, yes, but…

Sometimes the flaws can go too far and become major to the character of a person. Still, being human most of the time means, we all have some kind of weakness. It is also evident, that we notice character flaws in others before we look within.

No, You Are Not Totally Lost—just a little flawed

This is not totally about being a really bad person, one who is without decency, or someone who is not conscious of how to live a good life. It is about recognizing that we all have the potential to rise to a higher state of being. The main focus here is to remind us to think about minor flaws or imperfections, and how they alter our lives.

As some people age, many seem to think they are flawless and do not want anyone to even suggest self-growth or improvement. There exists no one who can prove they are currently flawless. If there were…they would be lying under the earth somewhere.

In evaluating our human existence and character, it is evident that we all “mess up,” sometimes. There is always room for human growth…at least on my lane in life.

What if We Decided To Take a Look Within Our Actions, Reactions, etcetera…

If we were to sit down with paper and pen and start to analyze ourselves honestly, more than likely we would find a need to improve. Let go of some of the flaws we recognize, and then rise to greater standards. We could then accept and learn how to improve, inspire, encourage, and grow into better humans.

Being whom we think we are, would take some analyzing of who we think we are. Just to see if we are ‘who we think we are.‘ More than likely, we would become less flawless if we took the time to review ourselves rather than others.”

How do I know this? It is very reasonable that all who live, have not died yet. Therefore, I have not run upon anyone who is perfect or without some kind of imperfection. I am sure that I have some character flaws I may not see myself. We often see what we want to see. It may simply be a mood of “you can’t tell me about this, I already know it,” instead of listening to someone who just might have a better answer.

What is The Difference between Major and Minor Character Flaws

Major character flaws are those which can stifle your image, and your character, and are noticeable weaknesses or inadequacies. They can damage your creditability and your influence in life.

  • dishonesty
  • aggressive
  • envy (wants to be above others and what they have)
  • judgemental
  • wants revenge (must try to get even when someone turns on them)
  • craves power (power hunger)
  • abusive to other people *cannot support other people
  • arrogant-high and mighty
  • greed
  • no compassion
  • hypocrisy
  • jealousy (controlled at some level)
  • know it all (you can’t tell them anything)
  • manipulative
  • sarcastic
  • impatient (now-not tomorrow)
  • must be first (jumps to the front of the line)
  • self-centered (all about what is in their lane)
  • too much pride (pride goeth before destruction)
  • pettiness (simple errors are major)
  • obsessive
  • selfishness (inability to give others praise)
  • the inability to be fair-minded (favoritism)
  • inability to be tactful with others (spouts off with unacceptable words)

Minor or more normal character flaws: there are flaws in their minor state that can be overcome, however, if not corrected they can grow to be major:

  • not sociable
  • awkward
  • high strung
  • like to spread gossip
  • tactless
  • childish
  • gullible
  • pride/lofty
  • spoiled
  • stubborn
  • unreliable
  • lazy
  • naive
  • foolishness
  • flighty
  • vain
  • perfectionist
  • and more

Here Are Some Other Examples That You Can See

  • When some people are told something that is important to know; they already knew it and try to give more details.
  • They do not like being told how to do anything in a more fashionable way.
  • These wonderful individuals hear but do not listen.
  • They can give instructions, but can’t take them.
  • Suggestions are an “I know this, leave me alone.”
  • They are positive that their mindset needs no correction.
  • They do not know how to learn from others.

All Characters Have Flaws, Imperfections, and Weaknesses

From the time the earth was created (each of us has different views on how and when). Humans have had to repent and change their views, their actions, and their way of communication from time to time in their life. We make mistakes by not reviewing our flaws, traits, and behaviors.

woman 2944070 1280There is no life without rules. Rules to live by to become your best self, a person of quality, or a person whom other people enjoy being around.

When you look around you, how many people do you see that are in step with how you do things, how you treat other people, and look up to your values?

It is true that we see ourselves differently than others see us. That said…is why we need the desire to examine ourselves to see where and what we need to change. When we get into trouble is when we do not take a look in the mirror.  We are often blindfolded and do not want to take off the blindfold.

There are many people who will tell you to just “be yourself.” That is true, however, there is another facet to that which should be analyzed. Before we have determined that being just ourselves is a good thing; we should take a good look at who we are.  If we are honest, genuine, and conscious of who we are, we will realize that we all need to improve something.

Be it our unthought-about habits, or how we perceive others, and that we just might be a little insufficient.

What Are Our Defenses…


  • We are just humans, and humans will be humans. True, but one must pursue being more conscious of how we affect other people.
  • Many of us are so rushed with life, work, and family that we do not have the time for more empathy.
  • It is usually the other person’s fault when I fail at something.
  • I see all of myself as being totally in control of my actions.
  • I just can’t see that I need to change anything about myself.

These are excuses and there is no defense when you or I think that another person is always at fault. Most people have a boiling point and it is not always kept in control. Humans who get better as life travels on, are always those who take care of being a person who is always trying to balance their actions.

Self-reflection helps us to see how others see us…

Whether it is a major or minor character flaw, change can make a human’s life happier and more successful.

There is always room for change. In me, in you, and in every person. We grow by making good changes, we become wiser, we become good examples, and we will thrive in family, work, with friends, and all those around us. Even our enemies.

“Flaws are a part of existence, and will always be, however, there is a difference between being a little self-centered and being absolutely unable to tolerate other people, their opinion, ideas, or their actions. Many flaws that exist can be corrected and changed if there is a desire to be a better human.” ?

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