Why Is Contentment Important In Life

Why Is Contentment Important in Life – if you are not contented you will be miserable and the simple importance is that you have peace of mind, and you will have joy and happiness.

Contentment is important in life because you will be peaceful, and at rest mentally- body, mind, and soul; without worry about the “what ifs” in life. You will relax each day knowing you have enough. You have learned to be satisfied with the small things and know that contentment brings happiness.

If you miss contentment within your life; you are more than likely miserable, and unhappy, while possibly seeking the unrealistic pleasures of life. Take time to be content with what you have!

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This Is What Contentment Looks Like!

How Do You Define Contentment

What Contentment Is Not:

Ask the man in a hurry to get back to the office because he is late and has a client waiting, that will pay him lots of money; if he is contented with his life. His answer might be; “I don’t have time to answer your question my life is just too busy for anything except to work and make money to retire early.”

You actually would be able to look at him and see by his actions that he was not an individual who had contentment in his life. He is rushed and afraid he is going to miss the high-paying client and thinks that if he misses this deal, he is a failure or worse- he might lose his job.

Our Definition of Contentment

So here is our definition of contentment- being contented means you are calm, and at ease…you are peaceful and without any significant need as you feel you have enough. You are satisfied and happy with where you are, at the moment, what you are accomplishing, with what you have, and all is well. 

The Daily Guardian states thatContentment is also defined as a virtue…

Dictionary: a state of happiness and satisfaction

How Do We Find Contentment That Will Last

So How Does One Attain Such a Defined Way of Life

Attaining contentment might seem impossible. Yet it is something we as humans all have in common and have the capability of doing. What makes us contented and happy might differ. However, one thing that remains the same in all humans is that most want contentment. Very often many people do not know how to achieve being content rather than always feeling empty.

Why Is Contentment Important In Life

Here Are Suggestions To Help You Re-arrange Your Life For More Contentment post updated 06-29-23

Accept your emotions…Read this- The Power of Positive Emotions. Anger, sadness, and fear are all normal emotions we all experience and must experience. You cannot ignore the negative feelings or just sleep them away. In order to attain happiness you have to understand what makes you angry, sad, and fearful.

You have to accept that these are all a part of life and human emotions that you cannot completely avoid. They don’t have to control you, but accepting that these are just as viable of emotions as being happy and the content will help you reach contentment faster and easier.

Stop dwelling on the past. You cannot change the outcome of things that happened already. You have to look toward your future while learning from past mistakes. This is so that you do not continue to fall into the same old upsetting outcomes.

Laughter is the best medicine…Have you ever wondered why you do not see children on depression medications? Studies show that children laugh 200 times a day. Adults only laugh 15 times per day. Laugh more; you will be much more content.

Play to your strengths…If you are a terrible basketball player, then you have to accept that you are just not going to go pro. However, everyone has his or her own strengths. Figure out what yours are and use them. Yeah, we tell our kids they can be or do whatever they dream and this is fine, but we need to be realistic in our dreams.

Always be grateful… Your overall outlook on life will improve if you can form your perspective on life into one of gratitude. Make a list of three things you are grateful for every morning, this will set the tone for your entire day.

Start out your day with something that makes you happy. Life has a way of working on autopilot. We get up, take a shower, get dressed, have breakfast, and run out the door for work. Then we come home, make dinner, and clean up, then go to bed.

If you add an enjoyable activity to your routine first thing in the morning then you will set your tone for the entire day. It can be reading a book for enjoyment, going for a swim, take a bike ride. Whatever makes you happy, do it, first thing in the morning.

Find your passion…We have responsibilities in life that do have to be taken care of first. In addition, we cannot all always do our passions and pay the bills. That does not mean we have to stop pursuing our passions. You will be far more content in life if you can paint, play an instrument, or write for fun. Take the time to do that every day.

Re-evaluate the negativity in your life... Whether it is that negative friend always dragging you down or just watching the news that makes you depressed, figure out what it is and do your best to remove it from your life. You do not need these rotten eggs dragging you down.

Be inspired…Read uplifting quotes every day, listen to spiritually uplifting audio, or watch videos. If you find the things that inspire you and watch or listen to them instead of the things that make you feel bad you will find more contentment and satisfaction with where you are, what you have, and who you are.

Taking time out of your day to focus on all of the good that is in your life. It will do wonders for your contentment. You will see such a difference in your mood and your entire outlook on life will change.

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