Happiness-A Positive Emotional Life

Happiness-A Positive Emotional life

Happiness-A Positive Emotional Life – check your emotions and make sure you are seen as having emotional intelligence…post updated

Spring and tulips are seasonal, a positive emotional life brings happiness year-round. This is especially true when you find those things to be thankful and happy for even in the midst of disappointments and pain.

When we see certain people’s emotions play out in front of us, we often step back, swallow, and wish we were somewhere else. These are usually ugly emotions of anger, frustration, and often fear.

Happiness cannot exist in these emotions. They are unhealthy for the body, mind, and soul. Happiness – A Positive Emotional Life can begin when you step back for a moment and examine your emotional life.

What The Professionals Believe- about Happiness-A Positive Emotional Life

The professionals who work in positive psychology now believe that in previous studies too much focus was on what was wrong within a person’s life, instead of focusing on what was good.

Their difficulties, misfortunes, and those things that make them less happy, without sufficient happiness, or not happy at all, were the problem.

However, valuable time should not be wasted. It has now been determined that the energy should be redirected to good things, which prevail and dwell in all situations, along with the bad.

What Are Positive Emotions?

Love – The number one positive emotion. Why is love a positive emotion? We obviously know that love brings excitement, joy, gratitude, serenity, hope, peace, cheerfulness, inspiration, and amazement.

When people feel loved, they feel like a million dollars and may have only one hundred dollars to their name. It has no price tag. They feel blissful, and all things are exciting. Even mowing the lawn is not a task. The stress of the day is gone, and all chores that must be done are mere pleasures.

Love heals all. A hug does so much for this positive emotion. If you are spiritual, you know that love is kind, is not puffed up, and bears all things. Love will heal all things, especially the love of God.

Amazement or Awe – How long has it been since you took the time to walk about the good green earth? Somewhere in the park, by the ocean, or in the back garden after dinner? What did you see, and how did it make you feel?

When you step out to the lawn at night and look into the heavens, and see the stars and the moon, does it give you this magnificent feeling of awe and wonder?

Have you taken the time to visit the ocean, and listen to the flowing waves? Look up at the crest of the mountains in the distance and hear the sound of the current whipping the rocks. Awe is the good feeling that you feel when you see the splendor of something awesomely and wonderfully made.

Inspiration – What is that feeling you suddenly have when out of nowhere, suddenly inspiration boils up and you know that you have done or will do something that had previously seemed impossible? Positive emotion gives a person happiness.

Amusement – What has made you laugh lately? Was it some commercial on television, the dog did a trick, or your child said their first word? Have you ever just sat down on the floor, take out your photo album, and started laughing? You should. Find something to laugh about and just laugh until you cry.

Pride – Pride in the right position is safe, but pride that extends to being arrogant and concerned with the status of, or over another person is not a positive form. This means there are two effects that pride can bring, one being negative and the other having positive results.

Positive pride example, a person takes pride in their work or their team; this is the form to bring extended happiness.

Hope – Hope is something that we see in the future that will help us feel good, inspired, or happy. In other words, things may not be so hot today, but tomorrow I am expecting something to lighten the dark side.

Gratitude – It is not always easy to be grateful when life is giving you some concerns that need answers. However, there is always something to be grateful for.

If a person has health, food, clothing, and shelter, that is so much more than many people have in the world. This means that focusing on the positive within your life will keep your mind afloat until your concerns are made clear.

Joy – This is the positive emotion that you see when someone has won the lottery and jumps for joy. It does not last very long, but it is bliss and comfort.

It is what we feel when we see our child happy, jumping, playing, and laughing. That is joy beyond measure. We all seek and need these spurts of joy, and we should definitely seek to find more things to be joyful about.

These are some of the positive emotions which help create our happiness.

“It ain’t easy to have happiness all the time.” Pardon, my English, please. However, it is possible to have it more often, more consistently, and without all the stress.

It is difficult to be happy at all points in life. Nevertheless,  when seeking to better your life, your dreams, your destinations, and your outlook, there must be effort.

Keeping a list on the frig about what positive emotions can do for one’s route to having happiness daily, could be a reminder of how to live the day.

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