Positive Mindset-Monday Motivation

Positive Mindset-Monday Motivation

Positive Mindset-Monday Motivation-you will be surprised at your success when you practice these steps going forward: how do I know…I have to do this myself! Post updated 05-17-23

Why is Positive Thinking so powerful…

You are probably aware of the individual who always sees the worst-case scenario when something out of the ordinary happens in their life. It is always the worst outcome they can imagine and it brings doubt, fear, anxiety, and confusion to their life. They find nothing to resolve the issues because they are thinking with a negative mindset, not a positive mindset.

The power of a positive thinker has a different outlook with calmness and starts the process of analyzing different alternatives to approach the issue and resolve it. Individuals who are positive thinkers have the confidence to know things will work to their advantage. One way or the other there will be a solution that is doable, and they know, “if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you strong.”

What are the benefits of a positive mindset and thinking on mental health…

Per MayoClinic-

  • A longer lifespan
  • Less depression
  • Lower levels of distress and pain
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Greater resistance to illness and more

Additionally, positive thinking will help your work performance in a manner that is influential to others while building your leadership skills. There is nothing more important to employers than to have a leader who is positive and has the ability to motivate the team while growing the company. Sometimes call the leader who demonstrates emotional intelligence.

Monday Motivation tips…

Mondays can be tough, but with the right mindset and a little motivation, you can start your week off on the right foot. Whether you need a pep talk, some inspiration, or a few practical tips, we’ve got you covered with these Monday motivation ideas. Get ready to tackle the week ahead with confidence and positivity!

Start your day with gratitude…

Today I am Grateful bookOne of the most powerful ways to start your day on a positive note is to practice gratitude. Take a few moments each morning to reflect on the things in your life that you are thankful for. This could be anything from your health and your loved ones to the simple pleasures in life like a warm cup of coffee or a beautiful sunrise.

Another important thought here is to remember those people who are suffering from a war zone that has caused pain, suffering, famine, and homelessness. When you can go to bed at night without having to worry about the attributes that are caused by war, it is time to be more thankful.

By focusing on the good in your life, you’ll be more likely to approach the day with a positive mindset and a sense of appreciation for all that you have.

Oprah states the following which is on our front page:

 “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on having more, you will never have enough.”

Set achievable goals for the day-how to…

goal, attitude, keyboardAnother way to start your day with a positive mindset is to set achievable goals for the day. This could be as simple as making your bed, completing a work project, or going for a walk. By setting goals and accomplishing them, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and motivation to tackle the rest of your day.

Daily goals or even monthly goals do not necessarily have to be something major that takes up a lot of time and thought. Simple steps are always adequate especially if you are unsure of a certain direction you need to take in your life.

Remember to make your goals realistic and manageable, so you don’t feel overwhelmed or discouraged. With a positive mindset and achievable goals, you’ll be ready to take on the week ahead.

Surround yourself with positivity…

be positive scrabble piecesOne of the best ways to maintain a positive mindset is to surround yourself with positivity. Oh, yes I know that is not always easy in our world today with all of the hype that is going on. Higher interest rates, war, prior presidents about to get indicted, etc. Life can get full and very often complicated with work, family, and the additional life things that touch us.

This could mean spending time with supportive friends and family, listening to uplifting music or podcasts, or reading inspiring books or quotes. Avoid negative influences, such as toxic relationships or negative news sources, that can bring you down and drain your energy.

By surrounding yourself with positivity, you’ll be more likely to maintain a positive outlook and approach challenges with a can-do attitude.

One important thing to remember for a “positive attitude,” is: a negative mind brings on unwarranted, unneeded, and useless thoughts of defeat. Those things can make you start to wonder if you are truly living a life of value.

You must put your mind to rest if these thoughts start to bloom. You cannot let the negative flow and you must keep the clutter away. A positive mind is a stable mind and a positive life.

Take breaks and practice self-care…

It’s important to remember that maintaining a positive mindset also means taking care of yourself. Wow, I need a break! Say it, do it, and relax.

Make sure to take breaks throughout the day to recharge and practice self-care activities that make you feel good, such as exercise, meditation/prayer, or a relaxing bath. When you prioritize your own well-being, you’ll be better equipped to handle any challenges that come your way with a positive attitude.

Reflect on your accomplishments at the end of the day…

One way to maintain a positive mindset is to reflect on your accomplishments at the end of each day. There is nothing wrong with giving yourself a slap on the back with the positives that you have accomplished. As they say about some other things in life; if you do not see the good within, no one else will.

Take a few minutes to think about what you achieved, no matter how small it may seem. Celebrate your successes and use them as motivation for the next day. This practice can help shift your focus from what you didn’t accomplish to what you did, and help you feel more positive and confident about your abilities.


Power Positive Thinking-Monday Motivation is to help you start your week with the belief that you are in control of what is in your mind. You are grateful for the good, working on the not-so-good, and know what makes your life flow in the right direction.

You may face something you are not comfortable with, that is life. However, when that happens-you can shift your mindset to what you have that brings joy, peace, and happiness even when things get messy.

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