Confidence In Women

Confidence In Women

Confidence In Women- you must be confident in what your knowledge is – post updated -01-16-23

It does not matter who we are, where we are from, how much money we have or do not have, or what we look like. Confidence in women is the key to standing out in the business world, our private world, with our family and friends.

It does not matter what age we are, if we work, are retired, or are stay-at-home moms. All of us need confidence, and self-sufficiency, and to feel good about ourselves, and this will keep us productive, and successful wherever we are in life.

Confidence is needed in most of life, at home, and within the world as a whole. Confidence leads to the fulfillment of dreams, fear will derail them. Confidence in all women is what keeps fear away.

No Arrogance – Just Confidence

We are not talking about arrogance as confident individuals also have humility. We are discussing believing in who you are, your dreams, and what you have to offer the world.

Confidence must be the leading force and the power within you to make it happen. Strong women cannot survive without confidence.

Just what is confidence:

a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities. (Dictionary)

Successful Individuals Have A Clear Understanding of Confidence

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If you watch successful individuals, men, or women, when they are speaking, there is a deliberately fixed presence of “I know what I am talking about.”

They do not have to say that statement, (and would not) their ability to articulate their message and knowledge confirms it. Their gestures, their persona, their calm, and even their tone of voice will tell you.

They are confident and feel secure talking about their subjects. These confident people present themselves in a way that you know they know what they speak.

Everyone listens to every word and wishes there were more, and the words are never boring.

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The Attributes Of Women With Confidence

  • They are fully aware of their ability to get what they want by being a structured, knowledgeable, and confident woman.
  • They do not find that having the approval of any other person is necessary.
  • They will often go it alone if necessary to prove their insights, abilities, and what they have learned.
  • They do not shy away from making mistakes and own them without sinking into doubt.
  • They take on projects no one else will.
  • They know when to ask for help.
  • They do not allow themselves to flaunt their success and degrade other humans; they are modest but self-confident.
  • They do not panic.
  • They find solutions, if the solutions do not work, they keep at it still.
  • They practice authenticity.

What You Should Never Do

  • Never think that your knowledge is less than another’s. If you know your matter, have studied, have worked hard, and spent years in your line of work; your knowledge is just as important as the next. You too have something to offer.
  • Never be afraid of criticism – it does not matter what you do in your life, there will be criticism. Learn from it, relish it, let it help you perfect what needs perfecting, and grow. Speak up for yourself and your knowledge.
  • Do not let your mistakes take you off the radar. This is a regular occurrence in every life. Mistakes are inevitable. Learn, from them, and grow.
  • Do not try to prove yourself. If you have the knowledge, it will show and become evident.
  • Do not compete with any other person. Be yourself, show your knowledge, and work hard. That is all it takes.

What You Can Do To Help You Become More Confidence


  • Practice makes perfect. If you are lacking even the confidence to begin sharing your knowledge, take it slow. Start out small with your comments, or suggestions, and move on up the ladder one step at a time.
  • Fake it in the beginning. Stand tall, stand straight, and speak with force. This is hard to do if you are really lacking self-confidence, and get nervous. However, once you get through that first step, it will be easier next time.
  • Be a positive person with no negative self-language. Your voice is the only voice you know, and others may need your opinion and your knowledge more than you know.
  • Fear is a barrier to productiveness. Fear is the devil in disguise, and it will debilitate your life if you allow it. Slap fear in the face, and become the person you are meant to be.
  • Demand more from yourself than you do anyone else and that includes believing in yourself. Believe in your ideas, believe in your abilities, see the good, the quality, and set your mind to succeed.

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You have an enemy, that voice within you that sometimes whispers a fragment of doubt. Remember, that enemy is not your friend, and do not listen to that part of you that is trying to limit your success.

If you are an individual who has never heard the voice of praise; then you need to start praising yourself. Think positive words repeatedly until you believe in yourself.

Those words can be:

“I am excellent at what I do.”

“I work hard, and I deserve to be acknowledged as a successful person.”

“I am fully capable of speaking to a group of people who need the encouragement I can give them.”

“I am a confident middle-ages mother who loves staying at home to benefit my children.”

“I feel comfortable just being myself and have the confidence I need within my life for whatever I choose to do.

“I am confident, I am efficient, and I know the art of what I do.”

“No one can do this exactly as I do. I will from this moment on, let the fear go.”

Take it away, live your dreams, and let your C O N F I D E N C E shine!

“Confidence is the part of your life that does not hide behind you. It is that force that goes before, shines through you, and guides you.”

Laugh, Live & Love

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