Motivational Monday-Get Inspired

Motivational Monday-Get Inspired

Motivational Monday-Get Inspired- Monday is often a slow start for the week, however, if focused on making the day better-it can means being inspired while inspiring others…this post has been updated

If you are like me I often start looking outside myself to find inspiration instead of looking within. However, as I have worked on this blog for years and in this business for years, it is easy to say; “what am I doing wrong, what am I missing?” So, I started my search outside of myself.

I was skipping around the web this morning as I am always looking to find something that I might be missing. No, I am not a copycat and have never tried to do it just like someone else. However, there is still nothing wrong with trying to find the right inspiration to keep going.

Today, I found it. Not only did the website I found to give me more inspiration, but it also slapped my hands for being leery of just being myself. I tucked my head a little and said, Lord, forgive me for trying to please what may seem to be the majority of the universe.

I instead must work on doing what is right for me. I know that I must publish from the heart and soul, what I believe is true. All without being afraid of ramifications from those who do not believe as I do.

I actually believe that someone above was speaking to me and letting me know that I was about to become a hypocrite.

So for Monday’s Motivation Quotes-here, and here, we go…

Okay, the election is almost over, thank the Lord. It would seem to me that it is time to let go of hatred, disgust, misery, and criticism, and stop talking about other people’s faults. Don’t you agree?

I am not going to get into that hate, but it is time to move forward. All of those who feel they know more about how things should flow need to step back and evaluate themselves. What is in your closet? Is there something in your life you would like to forget? Have you ever hurt another soul? Probably, right? Have you always been truthful or was there a time you told half of the truth and kept your fingers crossed behind your back? Oh, well, we are all human, but…judging others so badly that you want their life ruined, needs to stop.

If You Need Change Within Your Life

If you need change, which most of us do in one method or another, read something that motivates your soul. Or, playing the guitar, singing, playing the piano, or whatever will bring inspiration.

What Does America Need Now

The first thought is peace. We all need more peace and it is not all about this past November 3rd election. Many people are suffering from illness, or losing someone they love, and some can’t pay the bills.

Those of us who are making it okay should be closing our eyes and thanking God that we have sufficient money, food, love, a place to live, and health.

Just recently, a friend of mine from the city had a stroke. She is younger than me and she is better, but her left side is not performing normally. I have found myself ashamed for feeling sorry for myself about things that are not life-threatening.

Where Do We Go From Here

We must find more common ground in our country, live with more peace, and stop hating one another.

We must go for inspiration. How do we get inspired to make the world a better place to live in? Is there a way with the pandemic threat to encourage those who are affected directly?  Is there a way to make this planet a better place to exist in?

I believe there is. We must first become inspired ourselves, look within and make a determination that our beliefs, facts, and thoughts are not the only ones.  Those of us who want our world to change must change our selfish ways first. I am speaking to myself here and know that I need to work on myself to help spread cheer to other people.

Let’s Get Inspired by Our Own Inspiration

What does the word inspiration mean? I look at the word and break it into two parts, “in” and “Spirit.” To live an inspired life, then, means to be “in Spirit” all the time – to be in tune with the magnificent presence of the Higher Self within you.

When the higher self is in effect, the mind is open to everything and attached to nothing. We are all derived from an organizing intelligence no matter what religion, nationality, or belief system. That divine spark resides within everyone even if the person is not currently aware of it, and this has been acknowledged by more than one scholar. *See this post, “What Is The Soul of Man.”

Therefore, this organizing intelligence is the place from which we all derive inspiration, (in -spirit). An inspired life is finding a way to live in harmony with the divine intelligence with every thought you have.

To live at all times in spirit and feel yourself when you are disconnected from the spirit. The key is being in touch with that divine source within which is inspiration. Living day in and day out, watching every thought, and knowing that you have left spirit when you have a thought that does not include everyone – when you become ego-centered.

When We Get Inspired It Inspires Those Around Us

Being inspired is about changing awareness within yourself, as well as how you perceive others. It is letting go of limiting beliefs. Beliefs that you are having no luck, things never working out, etc. into realizing that you are unlimited.  That you have the potential to create whatever you truly desire if it is in alignment with the divine within.

It is also about getting inspired to be the kind of person that wants to accomplish great things but also has the desire to see other individuals inspired and moving forward.

Whatever the mind of man can conceive, the mind of man can create. You are a perfect creation of the Divine. There is absolutely nothing that you cannot create. Knowing that you can always become a better you, a better human. Have a knowing that you can create and attract to yourself anything you need to create your desires.

Living An Inspired Life

Living an inspired life is realizing that you came from a divine source – you are a piece of this divinity, an expression of unlimited potential. In truth, you are like what you came from – we are pieces of the divine.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not human beings having a spiritual experience. A drop in the ocean is not the ocean, but the small drop has the same qualities and essence as the ocean.

Since the source from which we came is love, peace, abundance, and unlimited, perfect health, then we also have these qualities inherent in us as humans. It is actually an insult from which you came to think anything less.

We came into existence from divinity but somehow got separated from our source and developed an ego. We began to follow the herd and to identify with accumulating things.

A Lot Of Humanity Has Become Prone To Being Self Obsessed

Our humanity has become (it seems) lopsided. Some seem to feel their way if the only way in life, their beliefs are without erring, and their passions are more right than those around them.

Those of us who actually know differently, need to focus on the good, spread the good word, be an example, and not forget that we are only one little part of the human race. However important we are, we must allow others to feel important also.

Quiet your mind, meditate, pray, believe, and get back in touch with your Higher Self…

When you are inspired, you discover yourself to be a greater person than you ever imagined. You can also inspire others to move forward with their lives and believe that all things are possible for anyone who wants to believe in something more.

Realize that your thoughts are energy. It’s all about what kind of thoughts and feelings we offer up to achieve our desires which are aligned with the Spirit.





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