Life Balance Tips To Improve Your Life

Life Balance Tips To Improve Your Life

Life Balance Tips To Improve Your Life -live your life well

updated on 8-11-23

When we are young it is hard to think about how we should live a balanced life. Without hesitation, when young, I went with the flow from day to day, and without contemplation, consciousness, or planning.

My work was my number one priority at times. I worked hard and wanted my performance to be noticed. Not because I thought I was great, but because I wanted to have a good recommendation should I need one.  The end of the month was a killer as deadlines were adamant. I worked late, traveled at one point, and was always willing to do whatever was needed to comply with my job.

This is not a bragging session, (believe me), and if you are doing the same, listen up. Life balance-along with work-live balance needs your attention. Your work life is not your whole life’s plan.

The confession above is where I needed to step back and think about my Life Balance. This is why I wanted to share this post about Life Balance Tips To Improve Your Life.

Learn what is most important, to live a good balanced, and enjoyable life. Learn how to balance everything in your life by taking each moment and making it count and worthwhile.

Women and Men Are Often Ignoring Living a Balanced Life – Especially within the Work-Life

It is not just the men who need to live a more balanced life in many cases. Some women concentrate on their work-life more than their home or family life. This can be dangerous for marriage, and family. Either or is not a good place to be within a family or a single life.

Living a balanced life takes thought, consciousness, clarity, and knowledge of true life balance. It takes you seeing the need to become more balanced – the awakening of yourself.  This means that one’s spirit becomes aware of your emotions, dreams, daily routine, work, family life, and all of life.

From research, we find that balance is not always something we are born with. We learn…we grow, and we often must accept things as they are, probably too often. We get busy in life and start living without mindfulness, and are happy just to get through the day with our minds intact.

When you get into the automatic mode of living, you find yourself with less happiness, satisfaction, and purpose, and you begin to wonder why. It is easy to do with family, work, and everything else that goes into daily life. The word itself becomes a word we do not even think about often. We just do what we always do, as there are not enough hours in the day to think much less think about what needs to change.

“We should take nothing for granted in life. Each moment is precious.”

“Life is short, live it well.”

What We Can Learn From The Professionals

Some time ago, I ran across the book: Transforming the Mind. I loved the exceptional way that Dr. Peter Shepherd, a Psychologist explained the human in all people. He called it the animal instinct in all of us. Dr. Shepherd also stated that man does not know himself, his limitations, or his possibilities. His writings on this became fascinating and relative to everyday life. I learned a great deal about myself. However, to this day, I am not sure I understand all of my prior actions, and the inability to be accountable to myself.

“Strive not to be a success; but rather to be of value.” Albert Einstein

Awareness -is important when taking steps toward life balance

Dr. Shepherd’s conclusions came to be that most of the time, people live life in automatic mode, or without consciousness. He stated that the normal consciousness in our everyday reality, internally and externally is our physical feelings, images, thinking, reactions, aspirations, and inspirations. Those things that we perceive, scrutinize, and judge.

The things we should pay more attention to, and try to develop a more conscious life. He often called it getting into our “Higher Self.”

Example:  Our daily actions start with awakening at a certain time, getting breakfast, kids ready for school, getting dressed, and getting to work. More than likely, this is all done subconsciously. You do not need anyone to tell you the steps in your morning process. It is automatic….unless something pops up like a sick child. Then the mind starts to process and arrange things differently for the day.

Dr. Peter Shephred- Transforming the Mind

*The website is one of true guidance for anyone who is seeking an honest, and transparent concept for living life well in almost any part of life.

You drive to your work location, thinking totally about something else, you pull into the parking lot and do not have one thought about the route you took to work. It was all without conscious thought, and it was all in automatic mode.

Very often, you can converse with someone at a dinner party. They are speaking and your mind is wandering off into something totally out of concept with the discussion.

So…How do we live with more stability, if we are not aware of our every move, thoughts, feelings, aspiration, and inspiration?

With the above stated, it is believed that living in automatic mode means that we are living unconsciously. This is related to not living more in harmony and stability within one’s life. We are not living each moment thinking about what we are doing, saying, or acting. It is just what we do.

  • Firstly, you are smart- it is wise to act like it!
  • Who are you? Do you know, or care to know? You really should know yourself. Take the time to know yourself. Are you who you think you are? Do you believe you are genuine? Are you happy with who you are?
  • Practice awareness – think about your actions, projects, daily routine, work habits, your family, friends, and foes. What are you doing at work, is it satisfying, is it pleasant, and is everything you are doing making you a better person?
  • You may need to find a book, an article, a Life Coach, more meditation, or prayer. Study yourself, your thoughts, actions, feelings, beliefs, needs, and soul needs. Look into your SOUL.

Yes, Dr. Shepherd states that even way back during the time of Freud, we all have a soul. You have a personality and a soul. It is up to you, however, making a commitment to your soul is a very important step. Transforming the Mind – Page 11

  • Begin paying attention to your morning ritual. Take the time to be thankful, and positive, but also adventurous. Remind yourself that you have more inside of you that needs to shine. You love your family; however, you are not their slave. State your importance, and that your emotional self needs attention. Take a minute to search your soul, and find a peace that can make your task more exciting and easier. You may have to get up 10 minutes earlier, but you will be glad you did.
  • Start a plan to challenge yourself with something you have never done. You need to change your schedule so that you can learn something new, and something to give you new momentum.
  • Write in your journal all your dreams, fears, anxieties, and your potential.
  • Ask yourself why you are becoming frustrated in your life. Balance is about peace, satisfaction, believing in yourself, and becoming who you are meant to be.

Give yourself time to re-organize your daily rituals, your entire life. Not any of us can change overnight unless we are born again. It takes time to get into the habit of just a life with balance, consciousness, and forethought.

You Must Be Good To Yourself

This is one of the most important aspects of Life Balance Tips To Improve Your Life…

Every individual must know that they deserve a life that is consciously lived. One, that makes you happy, fulfilled, and blessed. You do not have to stop doing the old things; you simply put them into a different perspective, a role of importance, and a different attitude.

What To Remember About Living A Balanced Life

  • You are not queen or king, but you are important
  • Respect everyone and you will be respected
  • Be kind, gentle, and thoughtful to others
  • Listen with your heart
  • Remember that everyone has bad days
  • Control your emotions
  • Do not let your mistakes control you
  • Never give up – there is nothing to give up to
  • Smile more often
  • Be happy
  • Never let the sun go down on your wrath
  • All people fail, you included, that is how you learn
  • You do not have to be first – just so you try
  • Do not expect more out of others, than you do yourself
  • You do not have to be the best at everything, no one is, we all have our specialties
  • Do not get so intelligent that you will not listen to recommendations from others, even the beggar on the street can teach you something
  • When in doubt about something, remember to look within your heart

Here is to living more balanced (if applicable) within your life to Live It Well!

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