Facing Your Fears of Failure

Facing Your Fears Of Failure
Facing Your Fears of Failure…

Moving forward by taking one step at a time… post updated 01-26-2024

Remember you are human, and humans as well as other species have fears, even the lion. Some more than others. You are born to overcome, not accept what makes you feel like a weak individual. You are not, and you can face your fears of failure, and any fear by moving forward by looking them in the eye, and succeeding with your endeavors.

“Never let the fear of striking out-get in your way.” Babe Ruth

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery to fear, not absense of fear.”  Mark Twain

“Extreme fear can neither fight, nor fly.” William Shakespear

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” Elearnor Roosevelt

The vast majority believe fear is an emotion or feeling to be kept at bay. Life Chats believes it can be viewed as a sign of progress and development. How do we separate this proclamation and check whether it is valid?

How We React to FEAR

All humans, and all life forms, have their reactions to fear. A natural inclination and one that has permitted people to live through, survive, and be sustained by moving away from danger.

Fear does not give us a good feeling, and we can become afraid to make sound judgments. Yet it very well may be good in that it can keep us from being hurt and away from something that would be bad for us.

There are physiological and mental parts to fear however, there are healthy methods by which to face them.

As Humans One of Our Most Experienced Fears is…Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is common for obvious reasons. People want success and only those who are brave enough to confront this type of fear will rise above it. They are the ones who must be able to meet their fears head-on and achieve whatever goals they have set for themselves. For those who are overcome with this fear, then they are prevented from realizing their potential.

The most destructive element entailed by the fear of failure is one’s inability to take criticism or feedback well. Instead, they tend to magnify the mistakes they have created along the way until it overtakes their mind such that it is difficult to get rid of them.

There are also instances wherein the fear of failure is so immense that people tend to limit themselves to the point of not trying for fear of failing.

We often play the worst situation imaginable in our minds with an initial attempt to do something we are afraid of. Then if we proceed, we look back and give ourselves a thumbs up, and say, well, that wasn’t as bad as I thought.

Steps to Facing Your Fears Of Failure-to move forward with your life

Faith Over FearWhy must fear of failure be given attention, you might ask. Unless you let go of the fear of failure, then you are unable to achieve your desired result. Oftentimes, fear of failure produces negative thoughts that reduce your actual potential. You think you are incapable of achieving something when in fact you can.

Once you are brave enough to do something about this fear, then you can provide yourself more freedom to do what you need to do and succeed at it.

When you are afraid of your own decisions in life, you will be stuck in the mud, so to speak, and you will not be able to move forward with anything. You must have faith that you are not alone in the world, everyone makes bad decisions now and then.

Do Something About the Fear -limited beliefs will stop you in your tracts… *see this post

Fear of failure immobilizes you. You become so wrapped up in the fear that you will eventually fail that you rather not try. But when you don’t try, you neither fail nor succeed.

Therefore, take that decisive action towards conquering your fear. If you should fail, then you will create awareness of the factors that will contribute to your success. You will learn and grow from the experience which is a part of life. We live, learn, and grow.

When you succeed, then you can reward yourself with the results of pushing forward regardless of the outcome.

Find Alternatives

Several factors contribute to why you fail or succeed at doing something. Be it a job change, progressing in your knowledge for a higher position to make more money, or simply fulfilling all of your overall responsibilities in life.

Whichever it is, you need to look at your behavior towards something and the result achieved. But the most important step you can take is never to associate your failure with yourself.

You can always get back up and try other alternative methods to achieve your goals. You can try doing things differently as the methods you use could be the reason why you failed in your attempt.

Learning From Failure

Life Chats Facing Your Fears Graphic 1

Learning from failure is the way as mentioned above that you can take out from any experience. This is also one of the more effective ways to get rid of fear.

Instead of putting all the blame on yourself as to why you failed in your endeavors, take it as a learning experience instead. This will enable you to prevent failure in the future by trying the same things over and over. Convert to new methods of doing things.

Summing things up…in Facing Your Fears of Failure

Consider the following questions as they can provide the answers to your need to conquer facing your fears of failure and moving forward:

  • Where did you commit mistakes?
  • How could you prevent the mistake from happening?
  • Where can I make improvements?

Failures must always be translated into a learning experience. That way, you have more opportunities to learn and do better. After all, if you have not experienced any type of failure, then you would not have the means to change for the better.

In terms of conquering this type of fear and all fears, you must learn how to confront and overcome them.

If you do not face your fears you could end up repeating the same mistake, or worse. Your fears could prevent you from following your goals.

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