Monday Motivation-The Awakening

Monday Motivation-The Awakening

We start Monday Motivation-The Awakening with some advice. Be The Rose That Blooms- and become awakened to your full potential.

“See yourself as the rose that just budded, but you still have to spread your leaves and get to full bloom. May be that you must get to the root of who you are and who you want to be. It may be that you need the awakening of who you really are.

Know that your destination depends upon how you see yourself, and how you manage your life, and how you overcome obstacles. Being always aware of what is most important in life.  Your life is determined by how you manage happiness, prosperity, and how you learn to live with real-life things that matter.”

Are You Awake?

Are you totally awake? Have you had the real awakening of your spirit? Are you living in each moment, taking in each sweet encounter, and giving yourself and others all the love and care you need? Probably not…life is too busy, too caught up in physical attractions, petty ideas, and life without a lot of time for making better memories.

If you are not living your moments with thought, and self-assurance that you are living your life the way you need to live it, this is for you. This does not mean you are totally out of it, or that you need to fit someone else’s description of a life well-lived.  Nor, does it mean you are totally lost. You aren’t. We know that most humans do not take the time to gather their thought for all life decisions. I hope you can get a clearer view of your life after reading the awakening of oneself.

And, so…

We get up each day with our minds made up about a few things in life. Not many of us ask permission to be who we think we are, and it is not necessary that we do. We complete our intentions for each day, right or wrong, we just go with what we believe is right for us, and there is no law against that.

We are who we are without much thought if we are right, wrong, or confused most of the time. Only those who have become enlightened, those who take each moment seriously, or those who have experienced life in another way know what it is to be awakened.

I am not sure that I have made it to the full awakening of oneself yet, however, I know more now than I did at some points in my life. I learned some things the hard way.

As Oprah would say; however, what I know for sure is that life should not be lived as I sometimes lived it. I lost a lot of what could have been great moments. With great disdain, I lost a lot by not being fully aware that something inside was pulling in directions that I did not need to go.

Only if… a mere waste of words, wasted time, and it can’t be undone, redone, or lived over.

Here Is Why I Feel The Latter Statement

This is not about judging others. This is about helping you, or someone who gets a good grip on who you are, where you want to go, and thinking about it in the best possible way. It is time to stop wasting time. Right?

Do most human creatures actually take the time to make sound decisions for all of their actions? I know that there are some people who are very mindful of their actions, reactions, habits, and think before they speak. However, I have run into many that have not.

We can see this very widely within our country of political confusion on all sides of the aisle.

Many are looking for something to make a name for themselves, see who can get the last word in, and become well known for their ability to knock someone else down. This brings them pleasure, it appears, and they do not even see they are wrong. This is not what makes life worth living.

How We Start Out In Life

Most individuals start by looking for the perfect job. The perfect relationship, the perfect love, the recognition we think we deserve. Something happens, we change courses and start a new path because the other one did not give us our desires. Yet we failed to look within to see what was actually pushing us.

We get hit a few more times with distrustful people that will do or say anything to accomplish the agenda in front of them. So, we change paths again, and again, while we keep looking, keep desiring, and the process goes on until it finally ends.

What did we accomplish in each move, and each path? Most of us will yell…” lessons about life.” That is what life is…” lessons.” We all make mistakes, we would not learn anything without them. That is a truth, however, what did we “not learn?” Sometimes we never know until…it is a little too late.

When Did I Feel The Awakening?

We often have to experience something profound, unfounded, loss, pain, or a state of despair to get a grip on how we are living. We will certainly take a more precise look at ourselves when we are experiencing something painful. I am only talking about some of my experiences so that you do not wait too late.

Was my entire life chaos? No, no it wasn’t, and I did have a lot of success, happiness, and good things happen. However, I think of how I could have changed some of the rough stuff.

When You Really Start To Analyze Your Life

I am not sure the exact moment I became more aware initially. My life changed many times, sometimes it was challenging, and other times it was like taking a deep breath of relief.

However, I know that since the death of my son, I certainly value and know more about what real life should be about than I did before any of the aforementioned. My life stopped, halted, and I lost my way for a while. I am very different. In fact, I will never be the same, although this was not my first awakening, this has been the most enlightening.

I have had plenty of time to remember, analyze, think, wonder, keep silent, and just pray. When in grief, you change as you cannot help yourself and you have no choice. It is a slow process, and unique to each individual.

I realize with lots of thought about some of the decisions I have made previously, I was self-centered sometimes. My unlearned self did not live with clarity in all things. I was busy, just like people are today. Busy living what seemed real, but not what was real. I seeking satisfaction in some of the wrong things. Life is not about acquiring; it is about giving, being thankful for what you have, and being true to your spiritual self.

Now, I am changed forever. I know better, however, I cannot go back, redo, undo, or change anything. Now, I see more clearly what could have been much different and better within my life, had I stopped and evaluated my life when younger.

I am now older, wiser, I hope, but still learning, still trying to find some way to make a difference in my life and others.

The empty feeling that is inside of me due to the loss of my son, my only child will never go away. It will not…it cannot as he was a part of me forever. Just maybe though I can lend some encouragement to another soul.

The Awakening Of Self To Full Bloom

“Know your possibilities, know your deep convictions, and always remember that integrity is always in style.”

Here Is How Life Really Is 

Life things come to everyone, and we are all seeking to have a life that is a peaceful journey. We want to be relevant to others, and spread joy, hope, kindness, and empowerment, while just being ourselves. Anyone, if they choose can awaken their inner self and make every moment count.

Here Are The Facts Of Life

We get one chance in our life to make it good. Each day when we get up, it is time to think about the consequences of our behavior. It all depends upon our actions, our thoughts, our hopes, and our dreams.  No, it does not matter how Joe down the street lives, does, feels, or acts. What matters most is how we take the reins of our life and put them in order to achieve our human goals.

Not all humans learn early that every decision they make can alter their life for better or worse. After a few blunders, they then become aware that just because they are who they are, life does not bend the rules for any one person.

Life Has Rules And to Have Happiness- Rules Must Be Followed

Life has rules, and those rules are consistent with many different angles to becoming a better you. Most of the rules are all spelled out for everyone to review, and live by. These life rules have been tested throughout the years and can be applied to any life. Changes occur when an individual decides to look within their inner being to find out who they are.


Every woman who is reading this must stand on their own two feet. Each individual must take responsibility for their strengths, weaknesses, faults, and irrational behaviors, and find their inner ability. Every person – even the men in our life have to get control of their thoughts and their life. Taking responsibility is the first step in awakening to being a better you.

“One successful way is to keep a running planner of your life, your dreams, your aspirations and just be determined to make your life happen!!! You are responsible for you: Do it for you…please- smile.”

There is not another person on earth that has your exact qualities, traits, excellence, or perfection. Yes, you have perfections and some quality that is extraordinary. Find it within you. You must explore, and refine the qualities, potential, and uniqueness. Your excellence is unique to you, and all you have to do is work on yourself.

You do not need to be like someone else, all you need to do is work on the imperfections you see within you. We all have them, some are noticeable, some aren’t. It is not about being perfect.

Explore the God-given excellence within that you do have, awaken, and start blooming. Everyone has imperfections, however, they also have many qualities and strong efficiencies that may be lying dormant. When you acknowledge that you can mend those things you do not even like about yourself, or shall we say, our worst enemy within?  You can then work on improving your strong points and will see yourself in a different light.

Life is not about being perfect anyway. Life is about having integrity, goodness, decency, kindness, and happiness from within. It is about making other people feel good about themselves. If one were to try to change to be like someone else, it is not going to happen anyway.

“Be yourself, work to be a better you. Start living your life, awaken, bloom and of course, bring someone with you to higher ground.”

Never give up on YOU!

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