Happiness Challenge To Become Happier

Happiness Challenge To Become Happier – by Looking Inside

Just for the record, you may be the happiest person on the planet. I certainly hope that you are. Happiness is different for each person. However, if you are hiding behind the excuse that your life is too busy to be completely happy.  The Happiness Challenge To Become Happier is beginning here.

There are a lot of questions today, and one is: Do you need a self-awareness course? Maybe? Search your heart and find out if you are missing something “really relevant” to your happiness level.

If you are not enjoying your life, your family, your friends, your career, or any part of your life, you may need to find out what is missing. Taking a look inside can help you get to the bottom of that empty feeling so that you can move forward. If you want to challenge yourself to become happier – think about where you are now.

What We Know About Challenge In The Happiness Challenge To Become Happier

We know that challenges can bring new dimensions into our life. Challenging yourself to become happier could also add more comfort to your life, more freedom, and more personal satisfaction.

Very often when we are not challenging ourselves to accomplish our most coveted desires, we feel defeated because there is just not enough time even to think about change or challenge.

Are you happy where you are in your life and with how you are facing each day?

  • Are you energized each morning when you start to face the day?
  • Do you ever take the time to pamper yourself before you start the day for everyone else?
  • Have you ever thought about or asked yourself if you are completely happy?
  • Is your outside career what you love doing?
  • Are you too busy, and you are exhausted every day before bedtime?
  • Do you remember the last time you read a book?
  • When is the last time you decided to take a weekend off and do nothing?
  • Do you just accept the fact that you are first a wife, a parent, and have a career and you do whatever is needed to get it all done before you collapse at bedtime?

I hope that you are thinking about this as you read it, and chances are that you know the importance of challenging yourself to be better to become happier if that is what is needed within your life. If you need more time for yourself, now is the time to re-arrange your life in some ways to at least have the time to think about yourself. No, that is not being selfish.

Challenge:  Thesaurus states that it actually means: question, dispute, arouse, confront, assert, inquire, investigate, etc…

More questions – for you to think seriously about within The Happiness Challenge To Become Happier:

  • Are you actually happy in a way that makes you feel contentment, joy, excitement, free, and confident?
  • When is the last time you took a break and challenged your thoughts about yourself in general, and who you really are?
  • Are you truly going about life with zest, wonderment, and feeling good about each day?
  • Ask yourself if you are already as happy as you want to be. Maybe?
  • What exactly does being happy or happier mean to you?
  • Are you completely satisfied with your family life, social life, and work?
  • Have you ever taken the time to think about your own happiness? Do you just make do?
  • Is your health in a healthy status?
  • Are you pushing yourself too hard?
  • Do you get enough time to meditate, pray or exercise?
  • What is your greatest priority?

We know that the first step to being happier, feeling complete, or being content for anyone is being in touch with ourselves. We must understand who we are and know what priorities will lead us in the right direction.

Okay, sit up straight, and listen up a minute, please…

The best way to be more satisfied with your life, and become happier, is to be real with yourself, and about what makes you happy. Ask yourself even more questions:

  • Do you need to stop being the person who puts everyone else first?
  • Are you mindful of the emotional needs of others, yet forget about your own?
  • Would you love for someone to just say: “thank you or please?”
  • Are you non-judgmental about others, but place judgment upon yourself?
  • When have been on the receiving end, or are you always the giver?
  • Do you want to be everything to everyone?
  • Are you dragging out of bed in the morning at 4 a. m. so that you can get it all done?
  • When are you going to stop being too modest about asking for help at home, work, or at family gatherings?
  • Do you think that no one else can do it as you can?
  • Would you love a day when you had to do nothing?

If you answered yes to the above and feel incapable of challenging yourself to become happier, is it possible that you may need to take another look at who you have become? This means you may not know how to slow down long enough to consider what would even make you happier.

The Happiness Challenge to Become Happier Suggests You Think About Your Needs

If you are just beginning to think about your own needs, and are afraid of trying to step out of your comfort zone- think about this:

  • Let go of trying to be a savior to everyone, especially for the little things that we all have to face.
  • Asks for help. Let your husband wash the dishes and clean the table off on occasion. Mine does it all the time, and I just let him. He also sweeps and washes clothes. It does not hurt him and in fact, I do not even have to ask. No, this is not something that everyone can pull off, but if you can, do not feel guilty.
  • Get up each day and Challenge Yourself to do something you have never done before because it made you feel guilty.
  • Take the time to read a book, or have coffee with your neighbor or friends.
  • Stop telling yourself, that you have a trillion things to do before you find more happiness and relaxation for yourself. Give yourself credit for being human with human needs just like everyone else.
  • If you take the time to take a long evening bath, read some, and think in silence, you will feel more energetic to do other things. This will relax your mind, body, and soul while calming you down.
  • Tell yourself, that YOU deserve to be happier, feel more contented, and relaxed. You are pushing too hard.
  • Stop telling yourself that thinking about your needs, will cause you to be a self-centered person. If you do not ever challenge yourself to do something different at some point and just about yourself; you will become apathetic.
  • Starting with little things like strolling in the park for half an hour before hitting the normal stuff, and gradually making room here and there, and soon it will all come together.
  • Be non-critical of yourself, if you slip up and miss something the kids needed. It will not be the end of the world, for them or you, and this is how they learn.
  • Be good to yourself, but know that any Challenge takes time.


We all have a need at some point to think about a happiness challenge to become happier. Life is short, it is passing faster than you realize. Yes, you can be a wonderful mother, wife, friend, daughter, and career person all in one and still have some happiness for yourself. You deserve to feel abundantly happy, but you cannot if you never stop to think about it.

Take the Challenge…you will be glad you did. Read this about challenging yourself to smile more, forgiveness, and more…

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