Awaken Your Self Confidence

Faith in Self

I can talk about self-confidence, in a confident format. The reason is that I have learned a mountain of information about how to awaken your self-confidence. I have had a struggle or two with it but just kept on reassuring myself that I had what it took to accomplish the task before me.

You must believe in yourself and sometimes take chances. However, it is not always about making large moves within your life. It is simply about letting go of the fear that you are not sufficient.

You cannot wait for someone else to tell you that everything will be okay.  I am here to get you over whatever is holding you back in the self-confidence that you deserve and need to live a full and happy life.

Let Go Of Limited Beliefs

First, do not let your mind tell you that you do not have what it takes to start, become, or complete whatever it is that you pursue. If you desire and want to do the uncommon, unforeseen, or what seems an undesirable move by your friends or family…take precautions and make a list of what you have to lose.  Then make a list of what is possible, profitable, and safe.

Of course, we are not suggesting that you take a year off and go to Europe without sufficient money. We are not speaking about doing anything that would make your life irreparable.

What we are talking about here is you need to build your self-confidence with great care and magnitude. We want you to give yourself permission to improve your life and well-being even if you are the only one who sees the necessity. It is your life and it is time to get your confidence in line for real life.

We are also suggesting that you can grow exactly where you are, within whatever state you are in by believing in yourself and making an effort to improve your self-confidence.

Where Shall We Begin?

“A state of inner confidence is only achieved through a balanced mixture of high self-esteem. This includes realistic belief in yourself, a good measure of self-respect, and an accurate positive self-image.”

The way you feel about yourself, how you see yourself and believe others see you, are a key issue in how you live your life. You build your successes and the shaky ground on which your failures occur upon this foundation.

First, you must want to feel self-confident, self-assured, and worthy. You are definitely worthy, and you need to put that in your mind right at the start. You can feel and be self-assured and self-confident.

Your Self-Confidence Must Be Expanded or Developed

It is by expanding your self-confidence and belief in your own innate abilities that you will be enabled. Enabled to recognize and take advantage of more of the opportunities that are presented to you. However, it is possible that until now these have gone unnoticed.

You will also have the strength and inner belief that is essential in overcoming the inevitable pitfalls and obstacles that life throws at you. By developing this aspect of your personality you can achieve, what may appear now to be, impossible goals.

For each time you put your newfound confidence to the test and discover that you are a winner, you will strengthen it immeasurably. You will move forward in your own personal development at a greater speed than you can imagine.

Your Belief In Self Will Grow

Your belief in yourself will grow with each new challenge. With time, you will begin to see challenges differently. It will not just be through the eyes of a person who believes in himself or herself. Also, as someone who knows they can achieve anything. This is because you begin to see yourself as a person who has confidence in their abilities to find a way to do it, whatever it is.

  • Empower Yourself for More Self-confidence

Stop berating and judging yourself harshly, that only achieves doubt. There are numerous people in the world that will jump at the chance to do that for you. Be gentle with yourself and recognize that your mistakes are merely learning opportunities.

Keep in mind that your words have power. They direct your thinking. When you speak in a certain way, you begin to formulate ideas and beliefs, which are in harmony with the words you are using. These beliefs in turn have a major impact on the action you take and the way you conduct yourself throughout your life. So choose words that uplift you, encourage you, strengthen you, and go easy on yourself when you make a mistake. Recognize what you have to learn from it and move on.

  • Seek The Right Company You Associate With

Seek out the company of people that you admire as influencers for self-growth. Look for self-confident people to learn from. Watch the way they walk and how they talk. Put yourself in positive environments as much as you can. Your environment and the people around you dramatically affect your level of confidence.

Learn to be yourself and be around the people who respect you, build you up and those that are honest and forthright with you. These types of people will allow you to be true to yourself. They will also reinforce your ability to grow, and respect your decisions. They will provide sound feedback while praising you with each step forward that you pursue.

Negative people will pull you down and it is always best to avoid them. If someone tells you often enough that you cannot do something you will begin to believe him or her. Such people are toxic and probably do not have sufficient confidence in themselves.

  • Be The Person Who’s Words Are True

Be a person who is true to their word. Take action when you vow to take action. Follow through on your plans even if it initially looks like there is no way forward. That does not mean being inflexible. Of course, there will be times when you need to compromise and alter your goals and plans but always stay true to your vision.

  • Never Give Up On You

If you lack encouragement, take a deep breath and ask yourself if you want to go back to the way you were previously. You will seriously damage your progress.

  • There Is No Failure

A key point to remember is that there is no such thing as failure – you only fail when you give up! If you keep on keeping on, trying different approaches, and staying steadfast to your ideal, you will eventually succeed.

The knock-on effect is that your confidence in yourself will grow and you will have the added knowledge of what not to do. Failure is the greatest teacher but only if you learn from it and use it!

  • Let Fear Be Gone

Feel the fear and do it anyway! If you stand up and face that thing that you are most afraid of and do it anyway very often the fear disappears. If it does not at first it will the second, third, or fourth.

Destroying the fear in your life will prove to your subconscious mind that nothing bad did occur from taking that action. For example, you will find that talking to a certain person did not make you stop breathing. Alternatively, giving a lecture did not make you die, or walking across the bridge was not life-threatening, etc.

  • Self-Care Is Important

Being confident also means that you respect yourself. Act like it, dress like it, and keep your self-care intact.

Do not listen to those little sneaky voices that tell you that you just are not enough, smart enough, or in the right clique. You are. Make the best of what God has given you. Your knowledge and wisdom are deeply learned behaviors that outlast other criteria, and there is no such thing as the “right” clique. Most cliques are those who are embodied with too much “self-righteousness”, and need a lesson in humility.

  • Keep A Diary

List all your achievements no matter how small and do not let others ridicule you for it.

Remember That You Only Knows The Entire Story

You are probably the only one who knows what all of your fear is. Many times in life we fail to acknowledge the progress, we are making. We often get in a hurry to get there. We get caught up in the big picture and don’t see the smaller gains that are actually getting us closer to our goal.

Think of a time when you met someone you had not seen in years. Do you remember noticing how much they had changed? You could see it, yet to their family, close friends, and people who see them every day the change is not evident.

Take the time to write down every little gain you make. Soon you will be able to read back over it and really see just how far you have come. Write down the fears you faced, how you faced them, and the obstacles you overcame.

Explain how you felt before and how you felt after. This will help keep you motivated in times of internal struggle and show you just how far you have come in your journey to more self-confidence.


When you go to bed at night let your mind think of all the achievements you had during the day, week, and month. No matter how small these achievements may seem, give yourself credit for all of them.

When you wake up in the morning, visualize yourself for a few minutes beaming with joy and confidence as the day unfolds. Visualizing will literally set you up for a successful day and an incredible day, and hopefully the rest of your life.


The best is yet to come, live it well!




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