The Attributes of Super Successful People

The Attributes of Super Successful People

The Attributes of Super Successful People are unique to each but with the same focus on the end results… 

What best describes a super successful person? A super successful person is someone who has accomplished a goal or a dream they have been working toward for their life. They have at some point reached what we call success in a profound way.

This could be anything from being the CEO of a Fortune 500 company, an SVP of Operations, or a manager, or to being a stay-at-home parent. As we focus on The Attributes of Super Successful People, one of the most important steps is the initiative to start your own plan and be determined to make it work.

Successful people are usually self-made. They don’t rely on anyone else but themselves to get things done. That does not mean they do not have other people assisting them.

These people do not play the victim role and they always find ways to grow and learn. Successful people are confident enough in themselves that they can take risks because they believe in their abilities at all times. 

Questions We Ask Ourselves About Successful People

When you look at the people who have made great impressions on the people of the world, you want to analyze everything about them. You want to know what they did, how they did it, and how long it took them. As we explore the attributes of super successful people, it will give us more clarity on how to move forward with your endeavors. However, remember it was their plan, and you must have yours.

Everyone wants to know if they failed in the process more than once, or if they made it on their first efforts. Most will confess that success is about trial and error, doing it again and again until it is more complete.

Most successful people will tell you that in the beginning, they did make mistakes, they made detours, made notes, and kept learning. They took those mistakes, corrected them, and noted them as lessons, and kept going with persistence, and determination.

Some Of The Most Common Traits of Successful People

• They have a clear vision of their future and their goals.

• People with the most success have high self-esteem and confidence in themselves.

• They are driven by dreams, not fear.

• It is easy for them to focus on their strongest ability and move forward.

• Most are driven by unstoppable determination.

• They have a burning ambition, if not today…tomorrow.

What Super Successful People Are Not…

• The people we admire are not whiners. They seem to take the bad with the good and do not complain about how rough it is to get to the start of feeling more successful.

• People with success do not make the mistake of following someone’s pattern, they make their own.

• Successful people do not have to have someone else’s approval. They approve of themselves.

• People who follow their hearts are not afraid of criticism, they, in fact, relish it and see where they might make changes.

• They are not boastful, they simply do their thing, speaking positive affirmations to themselves when something goes well.

What Are The Attributes of Super Successful People – the most important?

• Awareness of self – I doubt that any of the great, successful people that are widely known sat around wondering who they really were. It was probably not their main focus, but the focus was on whom or what they wanted to become known for. They knew why they were here and their goals were set in stone. 

That includes Oprah, Bill Gates, the late Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, who was a high-school dropout, J. K. Rowland, Serena Williams, and many others. With hard work, dedication, and practice, they made it happen. One step at a time.

Most individuals who are successful are not waiting for something to happen. They are making it happen with their thoughts polished and their ability to be focused on long-term goals while accomplishing the short-term. It became easier because they were motivated from within.

The people who are sincere in their efforts have a vision of where they are going and the continued results. There are no quick fixes in the process. It takes time, changed plans, and detours, and there are setbacks to conquer. They possess the ability to change what is needed to make the results greater.

• Realistic Goals, Processes, and Progress The super-successful person sets realistic goals, and steps at the beginning. They know that success is not an overnight flight, and know that to be good at the process, you must learn and keep learning.

• Patience, commitment, and practice are three parts of the successful climb to becoming better at whatever their endeavors are.

• Resilence and Plain Old Grit, courage, and perseverance are said to be some of the top qualities- elements – strong points of super successful individuals. They pick up the pieces of whatever falls apart, put them back together, or make something new, and keep going.

People who stand out as being super successful know that their passion and practice must be for the long haul or their productivity will fail. They have a certain curiosity level that keeps them exploring new and different concepts. The desire is for productive solutions and approaches that will increase their ability to move forward in a concise method.

“Super successful individuals do not wait for someone to tell them it is time to move forward.”

Oprah Winfrey – Her name is a household name…

Oprah would probably tell you that nothing about her success came immediately or without some struggles. Her life started in pure poverty in rural Mississippi, born to a single mom. 

In Oprah’s own words; she suffered a very disturbing childhood while being switched from one home to another, and being abused by those who were family.  

Her grandmother was her source of personal worth, strength, character, and courage to believe in herself.  After she graduated from high school where she was an honor student, she attended Tennessee State University.

Oprah’s Success Breakthrough

Her break in life was more than likely when she was sent to live with the gentleman she identifies as her father in Tennessee. The man she recognized as a father figure made her education a priority, with discipline, but with support and stimulation for excellence.

Her career began in Tennessee while still in high school; anchoring the local radio evening news. After she graduated from high school as an honor student, she attended Tennessee State University; studying communication.

With her exceptional ability to give effusive commentary by ad-libbing; she gained access to the day-time-show arena, and you know the rest of the story.  She is one of the most powerful people on the planet, not to mention she has billions to prove her hard work and courage to Succeed.

If we were to ask Oprah what her struggles taught her; she would probably tell us, that they helped her not make the same mistake more than once, most assuredly, not more than twice.

No One Is Without Some Struggle

Those things that zap our strength and almost derail our plans are free lessons for going forward. If we look around us, we know that we must let go of the anger or resentment, and remember that“no one is without struggle.”  Everything that occurs in our life is for a reason and our attitude toward the bad influences the future well.

People who start something cannot wait for the right time and place to begin, therefore, they begin and then begin again, if necessary. They know that at times one must take risks to see if something takes root for the next step.


You notice that most of the people mentioned above as super successful people who have great communication skills. Their confidence is very apparent, in full view, and they inherently show their ability to converse. They do not lack words to express their thoughts and what or how they accomplished their successes. These individuals are not ashamed of where they began.

Successful people with this great ability to get what they desire are caring, generous, and helpful to others. Furthermore, they are not greedy, however, they are usually conservative.

Success must start in the mind, venture to the heart/soul of a man or woman, and then actions must proceed. No action, no success, and the most successful people know that no one gives you anything of value. All souls must earn their success with hard work and following the plan.

You earn it, you work for it, and you stay with your plan until you get to that higher ground from where you started.

Just a personal note:  I started in the same location Oprah did and is where I live since moving back home after retirement. Having worked and traveled over the US in my career with a final title of SVP. All without a degree. Not too bad for a country girl. It doesn’t matter where you start; it matters how much hard work you put into the task of reaching higher.  *Another story…



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