Success Facts and No It Doesn’t Come In A Bottle

Success Facts and No It Doesn't Come In a Bottle

Success Facts and No It Doesn’t Come In A Bottle- if it did, would you follow the directions? This post has been updated…5-12-23

Someone mentioned that they wished that success tools came in a bottle with guided steps- a message in a bottle. To our disappointment, success does not come in a bottle any more than anything else in life. Oh, yes it would be great, but then how would we grow with our experiences?

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We create our success one step, one day at a time, and most of our life accomplishments come the same way. Our thoughts carry us one way or the other.  Success usually comes in bits and pieces, one or two failures may come first, but the cure is to keep working until you get there.

Steps to Begin a Success Journey

Does it come without effort?  Not in the world that I live in.  Most who have accomplished some type of success will tell you their journey was sometimes difficult. It was often misguided, filled with disappointment, and there were a few headaches.

The next question might be something like- “what is the easiest way to achieve this success that Doesn’t Come in a Bottle? We need explicit instructions to be successful.” “Since it doesn’t come in a bottle, how do we make our dreams come true?  Where exactly do we start?”

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You may find some little ship that a skilled person made to fit in the bottle, but not life success.

Not anyone has it all outlined for what works for everyone. It varies according to the individual, their lifestyle, their life circumstances, and their way of thinking. There is no explicit set of rules for all.

Desire:  If you are thinking about this, it is evident that the desire is already existent, therefore the first requirement is met…good for us, right?  It takes more than just a desire, as a desire without work is literally dead.

Action:  If we say we want some ice cream for a snack and there is none in the house; we will not get it without putting ourselves into action to go to the grocery to obtain it.  Success is no different.

Taking baby steps:  With that said; the next part of achieving anything important is the ability to look at your life at its current stage and determine which steps should be taken next.  Why?

It is imperative to take baby steps first and then get into the big gait.  If you can’t make the baby steps; why would you think you could play with the big boys, right off the bat, if you aren’t prepared?

One step at a time:  One step at a time is more effective.  If you get too many projects started without any accomplishment; you get discouraged.

Not all people have the same goals or plans. Actually, when you put it in writing it will give you a focus and a boundary line for obtaining a good foundation.  The first steps of any short-term or long-term goal are the most important steps. They prepare you for the inconvenient obstacles that often pop up.  You can’t take away the obstacles as these are pertinent for growth and learning what works best.

Starting at the bottom:  The farther one travels the easier it gets and the better the results when we start at the bottom and work up.  You just can’t do it backward, we have to learn from the bottom up.  If we do not, we will likely fail and stumble for not keeping on track one step at a time.  You just can’t get ahead of yourself; it is just not practical thinking. That does not mean you should not have the desire to excel quickly; it just means to keep your perspective and know your limits.

Trying to start at the top of what someone has told you has worked for them, will lead one to despair. You have to start and go from the beginning – the bottom, not from the top. Especially true because if you do not take the steps that were made previously, it will not turn out the same as what someone has told you.

Motive and motivation: This is important when thinking about success.  What is your motive for getting a better life? Just how motivated are you to see it through?  If you are all talk and no action, your results will not come.  You must be motivated to not only start but to finish or at least keep on the journey.  After all, success is a journey.

What Is Your Motive For Your Actions?

  • To become better than others?  Is it so that you can buy more things?
  • It is so that you can be the king of the family because you are successful?  Is it because you have a need to outshine everyone else?
  • Do you love being in the spotlight?
  • Exactly what is your motive?

Of course, everyone has a different motive for success.  Some individuals do not even have to think about it.  They just live it day to day, (making it look like the prescription came in a bottle).

From this perspective, not all of the above questions are valid. You cannot be successful by having the wrong motives. If one does, it means they will be looking side to side, trying to match the people who are already in the spotlight.

You can take a look at your life and say that I am missing something but I don’t know what it is…

Questions To Think About

What have I accomplished already?  It could be that you are more successful than you think.  This is where the goal setting and questions come into the equation.  If you are not productive where you are, you more than likely will not be productive until you feel you are up to date on what you have already accomplished.

Your list of contemplation could look something like this:

1)  desire, action, vision, and attributes 
2)  focus on where you are, and where you want to go
3)  are you committed or do you need to change some thoughts
4)  why do you feel unsuccessful now, or what is the purpose of     being more successful
5)  what are your goals
6)  are your desire to be more successful for all the right reasons
7)  do you have your priorities in order meaning family first
8)  you do realize that money does not necessarily mean that you are successful
9)  where do you want to be in 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, etc., and are you happy within or are you trying to make yourself happy?


Trying to make one’s self happy by becoming more successful is probably not going to happen. More than likely you have already accomplished more than you think. One must be peaceful within to truly have the right perspective of why one wants more success. Or, why they feel they are not successful already.

Success doesn’t come in a bottle, and you can’t do it like someone else. It should be your plan, your actions, and your desires with legitimate actions. However, with a plan and sincere efforts that are constructive, one can reap results one step at a time.

You’ve got this I am sure…

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