Be Happy – Happiness Is A Matter Of The Mind

Be Happy-Happiness is a Matter of The Mind

Be Happy-Happiness is a Matter of The Mind updated 10-14-2023

“Happiness is inside us. It is in our minds. If we think we are happy, we are. Just by thinking, we can make ourselves happy or unhappy. Be positive, be optimistic, see the brighter side of life and you will be happier. The mind has power over matter. Just by thinking of good things, we can make good things happen and in the process, we become happier.”

Be Happy – Happiness is a matter of the mind!! Remember this famous declaration?

See the rose, not the thorns; see light, not the shadow; see half-full glass, not half-empty.

This is a cliché that no one likes; however, very often it helps us to remember that how we perceive things becomes the way we live, and feel.

Though one could be infinitely happy by just enjoying nature, family, and all the human-made things, there are still millions of people who are unhappy.  In developed countries, there are the very fortunate circumstance of having both God-given and manufactured things that bring pleasure.

Still, the majority of people are unhappy. In developing countries, where for millions there is a real scarcity of even basic needs people seem to be happy. Some people are engaged in difficult tasks, in warfare, in tragedy, and even incarcerated in prisons, yet they are still happy! Is it because they do not know the difference?

The Factors of Happiness

The factors of happiness tell us that most good things originate from how we think in our mind and heart, yet they must be brought to life through our own will. Millions of people have everything they need to be happy, yet they are unhappy. Their soul is lacking luster for some reason. Then you have people who do not have the luxuries of a good life, yet they are happy!

You see and realize that the mere availability and abundance of God-given and human-made things are not enough. There is something else, which should be right to be happy. Of course, our minds must have the right attitude towards and the capacity to be happy. This is the abundance key to fulfilled happiness. How we think and perceive all of life.

This book is about finding happiness: Ancient Wisdom of the Toltec Tradition – A Path to Happiness. It is possible, that the inner sense of peace and the ability to be happy are two of the many side benefits of learning how to connect with your own divinity.

Milton in Paradise – Lost says:

 “The mind is it’s own place, and in itself. Can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.”

We can give various examples of how the mind can influence our body:

• If we are tense, we often get headaches, backache, and spondylitis, etc.

• Heart attacks are directly linked to worry and tension.

• The right mental attitude helps in curing many bodily maladies.

• By self-talk, motivation, and positive attitude we can become happy and successful.

Through hypnosis, one can have command over another person’s mind and body.

And, through meditation, one can have a healthy body and extrasensory abilities

The mind has extraordinary powers and as far as happiness is concerned, it has the ultimate power. We should have a positive attitude towards life so that we can live it to the fullest. Instead of concentrating on bad things in life and people, we should concentrate on seeing the good, looking at the quality instead.

The Past is Past and Done-You Can’t Undo But You Can Change Going Forward

Thoughts of past failures and bad experiences bring negative feelings. Instead, we should be encouraged by our past successes and good experiences. Similarly, we should not be unduly anxious about the future as our anxiety is not going to have a positive effect, but we should plan and work hard for the future.

In whatever circumstances you are in, you can dwell on the good within your life, and be thankful for God-given blessings that you have. You cannot completely take away nature from somebody. Neither can you take away all man-made things from somebody. Even if everything is taken, one’s family and friends are there. In addition, even if you chain somebody securely in a dungeon, one’s mind is free.

The Mind is a Terrible Thing To Waste On Unhappiness

One is free to be happy in their mind! The mind is often difficult to master alone; however, it is just like mastering any project in life. With work, dedication, and changing the mindset, it can be accomplished.

There is no such things as being happy all the time for anyone. Why? Because life happens to everyone. Acceptance that you are not the only individual in the world who has to deal with life things is a thing called, maturity. If you desire to be happy you must seek for a mindset for the fact that “you are the creator of your own happiness.”

Abraham Lincoln has beautifully expressed it:

“Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”


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