A Happy Healthy Relationship

A Happy Healthy Relationship

A Happy Healthy Relationship Takes Two…updated 01-14-24

To receive anything you want in life, you have to put in the work to get it.  A happy, healthy relationship is no exception to that rule.

Not any human can go through life just hoping that the best happens, without putting forth any effort. Then why a relationship be any different?

Just a question for someone who might be saying, I do not want to spend time making someone happy who is never going to be happy.

A Relationship Needs Commitment

A relationship is a commitment just like everything else in life. You have to want to be together and stay together for that relationship to work and both partners have to want it just as bad as the other. 

A relationship cannot be one-sided and be pleasant to be in. It has to always be a two-way street or it will be doomed from the start unless there is a conviction by both who feel that love and marriage are until death do us part. Not all people feel this way any longer, however, more are staying together for whatever reason in recent years.

One observation is that from most standpoints, love does not conquer all things. Sadly, recently we received this observation from a professional who states women sometimes leave the men they love.

Divorce Rates Have Changed for The Better-and this is good news for A Happy Healthy Relationship…

When you get into a relationship, a certain responsibility comes with that relationship. Even though the divorce rates are lower than in the ’70s and ’80s, some people still feel that they can simply decide the relationship is not working.  Some do not honor the “death do us part.” They just go their separate ways.

Leaving and divorce is an easy fix to a problem that a couple does not want to work on together to resolve in many cases. This also depends on your spiritual concept of what marriage and a happy, healthy relationship mean in the first place.

The New York Times reported in 2014 that the prior statistics of 50 percent of marriages failing is no longer normal. It concluded that individuals married in the ’90s have resulted in staying married until their 15th anniversary. This report stated that these statistics rose to an increase of 70 percent staying married.

The results were stated as being changed somewhat for those with a college education. However, it was stated also that those with less education still were at the peak years of divorce in the ’70s and ’80s.

Millennials’ Attitude Toward Marriage 

Some time ago studies indicated that millennials’ attitudes toward marriage and commitment have decreased substantially. It is stated that they are getting married later in life – in the late ’20s and waiting until their education is complete. The new research re: The WE Forum reported that Americans in this age group have a less than 50% chance of getting divorced.

Communication Skills Are Mandatory 

Any couple must have communication skills. There must be a clear understanding of a person’s needs, desires, and the ability to LISTEN. True love and appreciation with communication will give each person the ability to voice concerns. If you can voice your concerns, and someone is listening, those concerns can be focused on and eliminated.

These traits can affect how well marriages stay happy. Both people must realize that there are specific needs that require attention.

Having Stress in Careers, Family Issues, and General Life

 Having a bad day at work, coming home and immediately start taking it out on the other person, simply leads to more marital issues. That is the culprit of not remembering that those issues might need to stay where they were created.

One should remember that home is where the heart is. Therein resides the one who understands (or should) and will help you through the issues of the day, if presented in the right format.

Everyone today seems so much more stressed than they used to and that stress carries over into their life at home rather than letting home be the best place that is peaceful and happy.

There Are Written Examples and Encouragement, However, One Book Does Not Fit All…

We do not have a book that fits everyone at the same time. Simply because all individuals are different and there are different concepts for all. It does take time within any relationship to learn what is needed from each person.

There are many examples to follow, and taking a clear-cut, determined, and dedicated attitude to make the relationships work, and become strong must be part of the equation.

What Are Your Character Traits?

Being kind to one another is a great place to start. Are you kind, considerate, and gentle? Giving each other compliments and keeping them coming as often as possible will help.

Women love hugs. Learning to say, please and thank you when asking for help or when help is provided is so important with no demands and no criticism. Not just on the days when you think it is important to do it, or just feel like you should. Do all things because you mean it.

Forgiveness and Apologizing…

Be quick to forgive and even quicker to apologize.  Both will go a long way in helping you maintain happiness and blissfulness in your relationship. I’m sorry, will not kill you, even though sometimes it is hard to spit out.

You will both be more willing to compromise and realize that your relationship is 50/50. It has to work both ways for the relationship to be successful.


Life is short, be happy with the life you have while you are young, let go of the distractions, and stop sweating the small stuff. Age changes a marriage..it just does.

Treat your spouse with respect, love them with all you have, and give them the attention they deserve and need. 

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