Women In Leadership Need Fortitude

Women In Leadership Need Fortitude

Women In Leadership Need Fortitude – updated 10-15-23 let us explain

Women in leadership need fortitude and are usually those who most people greatly admire, and consider as being strong. They may not discuss it aloud, but they think it and feel it, and even most men. You may find that some men are a little fearful of a powerful, strong woman if they are not sufficiently self-confident.

The known facts are that women who are leaders must be strong women, they need fortitude, which consists of courage, determination, perseverance, and endurance. A more simple term is “grit.”

Summary of what fortitude means…

Courage, bravery, strength of mine, strength of character, moral strength, toughness of spirit, firmness of purpose, strong-mindedness, resilience, backbone, spirit, nerve, fearlessness, valor, endurance…and more. RE: Dictionary

Here Are Some Concepts of Women Leaders Who Possess Fortitude

They Lift Up Other

A strong woman enjoys making someone else feel good about themselves and will let them know when they have done something well. She does not feel threatened when another person excels. If she were antagonized by the fact that someone else has done something worth noticing, she would be lacking in self-confidence.

Has Self-Confidence

The reason a strong woman has self-confidence is that she has taken the time to know who she is. She has learned what she does not know about herself and her life-long ambitions. To be strong one must educate herself to be knowledgeable in her needed skills to perform.

Has Emotional Intelligence

EI is one of the most important facets of being a strong woman in the workplace. If a woman is sensitive to what other people need, she has the ability to listen. She listens before speaking and accepts suggestions, and does not feel intimidated, she is showing that she has emotional intelligence.

When a strong woman has emotional intelligence, she can take criticism. She does not get mad, sees it as a learning experience, and steps forward to improve herself. However, if she is bullied, she will express her dissatisfaction.

Loves With Her Whole Heart

As most strong women will tell you, you can criticize me, talk about me, or berate me. However, if you chose to tackle my children, my spouse, or my friends, it is a different story. I will let you know within three seconds to put your life jacket on as you are about to wade into deep waters.

Strong women will tell you their greatest and most loved role in life is raising their children, and teaching them to be strong, courageous, and dutiful individuals.

Women With Fortitude Make Great Leaders And They Must Be Strong In The World…Life Chats Strong Women no 2

All women who do have their emotional intelligence working for them have the best ability to lead. They are not managers. Emotionally intelligent people are definitely the best leaders, and the excellent ones know what fortitude is.

A leader does not sit in the office, give orders, or drink coffee while the team is working. They listen, help, teach, have no favorites, work themselves, and give credit when due.

With their own needs conquered, they know that to be a great leader; it is essential they must keep their employees feeling useful, skillful, and happy.

Strong Women Are Resilient

These women do not give up easily. They are resistant to calling it a day because someone else has said they should give up. Failure, to them, is a life lesson, however, it does not damage their ability to keep striving for success.

Strong Women Are Not Afraid To Take Action

They usually are not afraid to try something no one else would do if they need to. Moving toward a solution, while everyone else is saying nothing is going to work makes them stand out. Their attitude is; you do not know unless you try.

Strong Women Will Take Up For Themselves and Speak Up For Others

It does not necessarily mean they will win the fight, however, they are not afraid to speak the truth as it has transpired. They will defend what is right or wrong without missing a word. They do not like to see other people taken advantage of and will defend when appropriate.

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They Take Responsibility for Their Actions And Mistakes

There is nothing more powerful than for a woman or any person to take responsibility for their actions. Taking responsibility means, they own the act, whatever it was, and the consequences, and they will clean it up, if possible.

Strong Women Have Pain

Yes, strong women hurt just like the rest of the world. However, she is not a whiner; she tries to keep it disguised behind a smile. She does not let it get the best of her self-confidence.

While pain is not comfortable, she knows that pain will help her become more compassionate, more powerful, and stronger. She keeps plugging onward and works harder. The strong woman knows that everything in life is for a season and always has an ending.

As they say, jealousy is as cruel as the grave. Jealousy will only clutter the path to success, and run rampant in the mind while causing a person to look childish and afraid. Everyone knows that jealousy can end relationships and hold a person hostage.

Strong Women Do Not Have A Need To Be Complimented For Their Beauty

Women who are genuine, sincere, and have self-confidence, do not need to be told constantly they are attractive. Their looks are not their life stance, nor does it define their worth.

How America Is Changing Toward Women Speaking Up

We have seen just recently how societies in previous times, (yet, not that long ago), made women afraid to speak up. They were fearful that speaking the truth would cause them to be ridiculed, and destroyed. With the aforementioned, they became afraid to show their courage and resolve and let those who were degrading their worth, win.

This should never have been existent within any platform, or any nation. It still is in many countries, but we are glad that this is on the mend here in America.

Summing up…

As we look back over the years, there have always been, even in the Biblical days, strong women. Sarah, who was Abraham’s wife, was a woman of fortitude.

History shows Sarah had confidence, physical and spiritual beauty, with convictions, purposefulness, and nobility. However, additionally, she was kind, compassionate, and unselfish.

She suggested to Abraham to take the handmaid as a wife to father a child. Not many women could make such an unselfish suggestion.


“A strong woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong she is, until you put her in hot water.” Eleanor Roosevelt

“A strong woman is not a two-faced woman, she will not say one thing to you face, and another thing to your back. She simply stays silent.”

“Even strong women often fall too hard when giving love away, however, that is what makes them strong, they do not play games.”

“Strong women may fall down; however, she looks at the floor, gives it a fist, gets up, and begins, again.”

“It is it often said that all people make mistakes, and fail at some point. Some will let it get the best of them, while a strong woman will always land on her feet.”

Fortitude contains a lot of positive actions, and those actions are what give a leader an advantage of standing out.



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