God Will Not Leave You or Forsake You

God Will Not Leave You or Forsake You

If you are struggling and need a touch from the God who made you, He is there waiting in line. Do not be afraid to find a place for prayer, tell Him where you are, where you have been, and where you are at this very moment. He is listening, when you sincerely come to Him. He knows your heart, He doesn’t have to guess about your sincerity, He knows all about it.

There is so much truth, love, and hope in the title. If you are trying your very best to serve God, he is not going to leave you. In fact, he states so in James 4:8 by saying;

“Draw nigh to God, and he will draw nigh to you.”


When you are a Child of God, He will not forsake you or leave you.  When you have confessed your sins, and put your trust in Him, He is always there to guide you.

However, if you can’t make a connection with Him, it is not something God has done; it is literally something within your life that has possibly changed. If this is something that has happened, then you know that you should kneel before Him again, and seek His reached-out hand for mercy again.

People Leave But God Doesn’tunless you have disconnected from Him…

People leave us for many reasons. It can be for something they feel is beyond forgiveness, or because they do not love us any longer. They never come back, and simply lose touch. We become the past, and they forget the relationship, the love, friendship, or whatever the relationship was. Today, please note that God will not leave you or forsake you as His mercy endures forever when you come to Him.

The Reasons That I Know This For Sure

The reason that I know this for sure is that I have been there. I have gotten lost however, I have never denied there is a God. Nothing has ever distorted my belief in the Lord, Jesus Christ. Nevertheless, I have walked the path of sin while knowing what I was doing was wrong.

What happens to someone when they ‘fail’ in their Christian walk? In the world of human nature, we are looking for something to give us excitement, and pleasure, and As Paul states in the New Testament; “When I would do good, evil is present with me.” Romans 7:21

Often when people have too much time alone, they become bored and lonely, and there is nothing to make them feel joyful. It is a fabrication of the mind. When you try to find something that compensates, it can become a habit, and it can distort one’s real-life view.

The message here is that we are drawn away by our own “needs;” the Bible states, “lust.” We let the human side of us want something we “think” is missing. It can be many facets of life. You know what those are: Greed, happiness, money, fulfillment, the need for attention, never being grateful, never having enough, and much more.

When you try to compensate and drift farther than you should from God, the enemy will definitely become present and try to entertain you.

God Will Not Leave You and He Will Never Forsake You

He Will Not Forsake You

How Does a Person Stop Over-Indulging in The Tempatory Satisfactions of Life

A person should push self-made thoughts aside, pray to the Father, and seek His will for their life. Resisting temptations of temporary pleasures will keep you grounded in God’s love. It will distance you from false happiness, (that is usually a temporary thing), and you would not grow to the state of being separated from God.

However, when we return to Him, He is waiting in line. If we are sincere, honest, and determined to change our life; He is there as His mercy endureth forever.

The Lord Is Good, and His Mercy Endureth Forever-Who is God

“O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good; for his mercy endureth forever.” 1 Chronicles 16:34

With love, I hope that I have given you something to think about. Something to restore your hope and that might renew your spirit to the God that can heal any part of your life. We came from the dust of the earth, we will return to the dust again, however, our spirit will return unto Him.


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