Older Women Face Rejection In Job Search

How unfair is it that Older Women Face Rejection In Job Search

Post updated 06-02-23

This update today, one year after the initial post was written-it appears per The Center of American Progress that things have changed somewhat for older women in the labor force. It states that older women’s efforts to become a part of the workforce have changed since the pandemic. However, they are still below the gender wage gap.

Why has this changed? Many employers have realized that many older workers/women are dedicated to being more proficient and committed to excelling. Their work habits are geared toward dedication to being present in the moment and getting the job done proficiently They are prone to be conscious of making their hours at the job worthwhile and want to succeed. If they do not know something, they take the time to research, learn and gain knowledge.

There are smart women of all lifestyles and all ages and it is evident that all women truly have value. We are not about to downgrade any woman, for any reason, as there is always the need to grow at any age. It is known, however, that the Federal Reserve has acknowledged that older women face rejection in job search, those 45- 50, and older. My questions are why is this allowed to happen?

The Corporate World needs to take a look…

In our goal to make the world look at older women differently, it seems we need more than just words. Why is it that Corporate America seems to think that the older woman in her 50-plus years needs to step aside for someone who is younger, and less experienced? No pun intended, however, this is occurring in our world as we write this.

However, we will also mention that it is hard for the younger man or woman who has just finished college to step into a job when they have no experience. How do they gain experience without a job? Good question, we think.

Older Women Have a Hard Time Getting A Job –but it is never too late to Rise…

It has become necessary in America to question the new rules for some companies. They indicate they do not discriminate against age, however, when the older woman walks in, they can tell from the interview, that they will not get the callback.

It is harder for the 50 plus aged women to get a job, for any reason. Is it because she is less knowledgeable? Does she not have the experience of the younger generation? We think this is not how the corporate world or any employer should be thinking.

When the interviewer begins to fumble around in his or her office, look at their watch, answer the phone, and then ask if you have any more questions. You do not get the job. The interviewer decided they did not like your looks, your hair, the way you talk, or something, and most of the time it is your age. How, do I know this, it happened to me.

Platinum Wisdom

It remains evident that usually the older employees, especially those who have worked in one organization for a period, have larger salaries. The thought here is that you pay more for the experienced worker and their knowledge.

The corporate world or any organization needs to know that “platinum wisdom” comes only with age, and grey hair is not what we are talking about. It is the force that makes an older woman’s critical and analytical thinking more substantiated.

The women who have waged a few important years, have been tested already, and are aware of their line of expertise. Women, who have mastered difficult jobs, know that being a wimp is not in their interest. They usually have the ability; if they have been given, the opportunity previously, to run the ship when the big people are playing golf. Leave the throttle in her hands, and you need not worry.

With the world as it stands today, since the 2008 financial crisis, most women of any age need a job. It has become harder than normal. It is especially harder for those who are 45-50 years old or older to get the job they need. The same does not always occur for men in some situations.

While they research the job markets, those who are 45 and older are included in the hard-to-fit job criteria standards. They have a hard time getting that perfect job to flow with the one they just lost.

Most successful smart older women rolled up their sleeves and worked as a pioneer to gain knowledge, wisdom, and the trust of their leaders. They did not sit back and wait for someone to ring their bell, they just kept working and getting better.

Another Post By Forbes – Age Discrimination

Women Who Are The Soul Financial Providers

Women, who are living alone like many today, know there is no good reason for any company to consider them too old for a job. It is age discrimination and yes, it happens, and it is something that should stop.

These kinds of decisions by corporations and other employers are making it harder for these women to take care of their families. What are they supposed to do when they are the only individual who takes care of the family and the household? If they cannot find a job that is comparable to their last employment, should they work two or three jobs? That would impossible when they have children at home; though some try.

The Statistics of The Federal Reserve Study

In all actuality, according to a Federal Reserve Study back in 2016, no one is blind to the fact that women are truly discriminated against when applying for jobs. This study indicated that women over the age of 50 have a much lower chance of getting a job, than a man.

The Federal Reserve study indicated that wages stop going higher at about the age of 45. Within the study, it indicated that from 45 to 55, wages decreased by 9%. It also gave the statistic that from 55 to 65 it is another 9%.

“What is shocking is the report indicated that the labor market views all people in their mid-40s as old because when we start to work, we plan on an increase in wages.” They show that wages start to decrease at 45.

The report also stated that most of the time if a woman of age lost a job, she will be unemployed for a longer time.

Personal Experience Per The Above

The above is not always a fact. I personally drew my highest salary after the ages mentioned above, excluding the age of 65. This was also in the period before the 2008 financial crisis and during the time of the bum of Subprime lending. In fact, when I contracted only, my salary was often higher, which is normal when employee benefits are not a benefit.

The Significance of Older Women In The Work Place

With time in the workforce, most women have learned after a few jobs that it is an important necessity to be highly employable. We might ask if this matters in this day and time, or it is just an unrealistic image of the mind. Employers must not think so, per the Federal report.

Most people know someone who is a survivor, and has worked for 25 or 30 years but climbed up the success ladder, all by themselves.  If you are older, you certainly agree with that statement and it was not easy.

Usually, these individuals are middle-aged or older ones who often struggle in the corporate world of making it to the top. They were not without knowledge, or unfit, but for other reasons like being ignored and not begin aggressive enough.

As women mature, they are not out to impress their colleagues or steal someone else fame. They are out to live a life they carved for themselves, and make it to retirement. They are liberated and knowledgeable about how to get a job done, and it is called hard work.

Some women have mentors and role models that inspired them. Others have to learn on their own and have to put into place the proper mechanisms to deal with the fiery unknown. They often have to take chances in trying to get a job with more potential, without as much knowledge, and study/learn like crazy to perform it.

Leaders Who Promote Other

Not all managers are equal, and they may or may not inspire you to be more than someone who just gets through the day. Many times you find rejection in the workplace by the managers. Every now and then, you run upon one who is not out to take all the credit themselves and lend some to another who is fully capable. They are happy to give them a push toward success. These are genuine leaders.

Downsizing or Closing of Companies

All of this bias is disheartening for some older women who have worked for a company for years and lost their job because of downsizing. It is near impossible to step into a position that is equal or comparable. Companies need to think about letting their experienced people go by making sure they are not trading brains for something less important.

What happens often is that companies bring in younger managers. These younger managers often think they know the best way to handle all situations, while the older employee has actually mastered the plan long ago.

Reference: The above description and findings were voiced by a labor economist and nationally recognized expert in retirement security. Published here

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