When Life Feels Out of Control

When Life Feels Out of Control

When Life Feels Out of Control

Easter Sunday 2020 was obviously different for most Americans. This is one of the Holiest days of the year or should be. The day represents the rising of a Savior who died for our sins.

Let’s step back for just a second; every day should be a day to thank God for sacrificing his Son, Jesus Christ. I trust I will remember this past Easter Sunday and make a new habit of thanking Jesus for dying for my sins daily. We would be more sufficient to conquer things when life feels out of control if we put our trust in Him.

The Coronavirus and The Predicted Storms and Real-Life Things

With some further details about the day, and the day before…For me, it has been not only a little odd but scary. On Saturday, I began warning family, and friends about the storms that had been predicted over the Southeast of the US for the next day. Not just any other day, but Easter Sunday. Usually, I do not get as giddy about these things. However, when real-life things come unexpectedly we forget how strong we thought we were.

The new storm predictions and the COVID-19 threat that has gripped most of our lives in the last few weeks led us to start being cautious. We have become less assured of life. We have hopefully begun to think about what is really important in life, while we are wondering if we will be next to experience another loss.

The coronavirus has gripped the world and even if other countries will not admit it…they have become afraid, more cautious, and are praying they do not get the virus.

The virus pandemic has stopped the world as we know it. Life is stalled with many wondering what is going to happen next. Loss of employment, income to buy food, pay the bills and rent is devastating to millions.

Our focus needs to be on God who can take control of it all, help us get back to something called normal, and breathe deep again. It is easier said than done, for those who are suffering the most. Those of us who are not in the worst part of this yet; should be praying for those who have already suffered so much loss.

Why Was I Worried About The Storm This Time More Than Others

It could be because we have been on alert for weeks now about the COVID-19 virus that has taken the lives of over 40,000 innocent individuals in our just the USA. Being somewhat of age, the virus is predicted to be worse for those.

Over 22 million people have lost their jobs and have filed for unemployment benefits (USA). No one knows when this is going to end, or even slow down. Our country is headed for economic ruin and so much money has been appropriated for this virus protection for people…when and how will the USA become stable again? These are our concerns whether we admit it or not.

It is human, to be human…meaning I and everyone else is human and we are fearful of things we do not understand about life. Why? Why now? When? When is this going to change? We want our life back! Right? Yes…

Back To The Storm

The storm frightened me because we had a very large tree next to our house that would destroy us if one of the tornados that were predicted decided to come our way. We live on this little hill in the country that has had some storms before. You see the large tree was struck by lightning just last year. Scary to say the least.

No, thank God…nothing fell on our house, only a lot of limbs and tree branches all over the yard. Wonderful right? Yes, as it could have been so much worse for us. A tree hit my sister’s barn on the back of their property, which is connected to our property. Still, something to be grateful for. No family member was hurt even though we were without electricity for one night and two days.

Am I afraid of dying?

I think that most humans are afraid of death simply because they have never experienced it. We are used to living our lives pretty much the way we want to, without regard to what is most important. Some storms come and go without a lot of havoc. We live our lives out of habit.

We live our lives as if we are going to live forever. We aren’t and most of us realize that it is appointed unto man once to die. So, I cannot help but wonder if these predictions of storms and the COVID-19 virus will help us change how we live. Will it help us live more consciously?

We put the aforementioned fact out of our minds and on the back burner. When we do not have a deadly virus that has inhibited our life, or a storm threatening our safety, we skip about life carelessly. This stay-at-home policy takes the joy out of living as we are used to.

Do We Take Our Good Life For Granted?

It is human nature to allow ourselves to feel good regardless of what is going on outside of our world. We do not implement the important need of being more thankful, more obedient, and more conscious of how God has blessed our lives, and our country daily.

We are used to having it our way. We think many people are overreacting, and then there are others who think the President is being too positive about how we will prevail. We do not like to be bothered by the news of storms or viruses. Especially if our ability to function is diminished.

When Life Is Out of Control

When our life is out of control, we are more prone to call on God. Why is that? Fear of losing something of importance, especially our life. I am sure you have seen humans who have never attempted to show signs of sincerity or faith in a higher power. Yes, you have seen that when the unfathomable happens, the first words out of their mouth is, Oh, God…

Many humans do not realize that God is totally in control of what is going on around us. Does He make the storms to get our attention? Well, it seems that in the Bible, God sent reminders that He can calm the sea. He does not send us trouble. We make our troubles by not being mindful, cautious, and living as we know we should.

When Life Seems Within Our Control

When life is in good standing with our desires, we forget to call upon His name. We forget to give Him praises, honor Him, and most of all dedicate our lives to helping someone else find the “living Christ” who died and rose again. This is why we celebrate Easter, a day to be grateful and honored that a man came to earth, and bore our sins upon a cross, that we might have eternal life.

He can control any storm in our lives. He knows our heart’s desire, and He loves you and me unconditionally.

“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” John 10:10

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