Teaching Children In Each Stage Of Life

Teaching Children In Each Stage of Life

Teaching Children in Each Stage of Life

Our family life, our children, our parents, and other members are the basics of a good life. Family members are more important than anything else in the world or should be. This is the most important of our relationships.

The closeness of a child to their family depends on many factors. One of the important facts is that the child feels loved, and protected, and knows how important they are as part of the family.

When we are talking about a toddler, we know that the family is his or her whole world.

Raising your children may be a bit difficult at times

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“It is important to know that whatever you say many go in one ear and out the other; however, they are watching your actions, your temperament, and your responses.”

Generally speaking, it is a wonderful experience to see our children grow up and learn about life.  The love they feel toward you may change from time to time. Their moods, their friends, and their dislike for advice they feel is unwarranted influence their attitude toward their parents.

However, once they settle into a knowing period of life, that love is still there. They have questions, but do not ask them, they assume the answers, and keep traveling, until they learn more about life.

There is unconditional love for our children and we want them to know they are loved. We often find it hard to require some things from them so they do not turn their backs on us. It is of most importance, to swallow, and give good advice anyway.

Raising children can be a very emotional relationship

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This exists between both the parents and their child, but it has a very non-emotional side to it as well. There are always the no-nos they must learn and live by. This is the time to let the emotions show that the parent means business and some things are not acceptable. Many things are not acceptable… the only way they learn this is by saying no.

There are times when we should be strict and firm in teaching them how life is best lived. They may change when they become an adult, however, it is still remembered by them even when they decide to change the way they believe.

When they become old enough to associate with others, they must respect other people. They must learn their wants or needs are not always the first concern.

When starting the education process, they must learn to respect those who are teaching them.  When it comes to learning in school, all children are not as fond of it as others.

Some children can be anxious, hard to manage with studies, and do not see the necessity of these years when they are very young. It takes some discipline from both the parents and children.

Raising children may be more difficult when they enter their teenage years


“Hugs can do a great amount of good, especially for children.” Princess Diana

At that time the children are moving towards puberty, and as a result, they experience stress and pressure on them. They are not able to understand the changes in their body which happen just because of their age.

As they are already confused, it can be difficult to deal with them. They refuse to understand many of your decisions and they may not be willing to follow your rules. At that time parents have to be very patient. Handling a teenager especially when he or she is annoyed is not easy, but by using a bit of patience you can master the process. It is done every day, day in and day out.

Raising our children the right way means that you support them materially, emotionally, and physically. We know that giving them proper education is one of the keys to their success in life.

The love and care they are given by us will give them the ability to know how life works from one generation to the next. This is one important step to having children who know how to be genuine, loving, thankful, and caring.

We also know that it is important to protect them from the good and bad of society. This is done by teaching them values, strengths, discipline, honesty, thankfulness, giving, and much more. We do this by always being there for them.

Raising our children is a wonderful experience and it makes us parents better individuals as well. Children add joy, delight, pleasure, and sometimes sadness to our lives. However, children are a very important part of any family and there is nothing that can take the place of the joy they bring to the family.

As children grow into adults they change

When children reach adulthood so does the importance of their siblings change in their eyes.

Now their spouses may be more important to them compared to their siblings. Although at different ages children behave in different ways, parenting is still a beautiful experience. Raising their children is an experience most people enjoy and they make it a priority.

However, when we are taught about family values, family importance, and how to be a family of joy, we pour some of that teaching into our children.

People love to raise their children with special emphasis on their family life, in their way. They try to spend as much time with them as possible. It begins with teaching responsibility, and how to manage sadness, pain, disgust, anger, frustrations, and everyday life.

Children must be taught that life is what it is, and it isn’t a fairy tale every day. Real life is often difficult, there are episodes that all humans must bear. Our children must learn how to take the bad with the good and be thankful for blessings.

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*A step-by-step, age-by-age plan for teaching children 


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